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Police evidence and defence

Once again the hungry on a filthy mattress what is fungus gnats and Clyde in the freezer

This is the sickest thing I never could have imagined. Cuz even if I tried it would just be gas-lit. 

I find it insane police can borrow you from 16 years of your assets that you earned mostly tools that you've used to earn above minimum wage in the cast. Part prepaid contracts that had good chances of getting like 60 to $100,000 a year position but we're paid and it was my decision not tocast. Part prepaid contracts that had good chances of getting like 60 to $100,000 a year position but point is paid. Which keeping me from that was not just damage to my credibility but that was from someone I meant trying to give me a leg up if I could help him. The company he works for paid for that so one that screws him over to it limits social network that I have or anybody I can expect to turn to because I'm like Marlene and Paul I understand that friendship isn't unconditional love isn't even normally unconditional. Actually Marlene and Paul probably understand that but there's probably a lot of codependency between them and or she threatens to do to him what she did to me with the false DV.

The point is I get locked out evicted zero notice police help but on top of that for the year-and-a-half between that and the ofp nothing my parents were due even when on a criminal level Maple Grove PD won't allow anything to be done. If someone can access your bank or endorse a check already in your name from mail address to you, sign your name on other documents as in forgery like the MN care renewal packet the second-year I think now he's said something oh my God they're trying to make me go crazy. 2018 when it came I was in hotels at that point because I left for two weeks and it turned into Gilligan's Island but not just Island islands like 14 rooms three cities 5 hotels 1 mental ward off of hearsay text messages 3 months into locked out of everything mine and after I worked all day.

So I couldn't really do a forwarding address is the point I wanted. So they hold on to it then tell me I fail am I adult responsibilities and present me with the form to give them power to act as me which I ripped up and then call mn care and got it taken care of. 

An oddity there was I figured there system would indicate if anyone has requested that form for my account. The kind lady on the other side of the phone said their system would but she doesn't see any indication of that are that it's been requested by anybody so I asked you to double-check if I have requested it because I know my dad can sound like me but no no record of anyone requesting it yet Marlene and Paul seem to get it somehow and there was fax footer. This remains an unsolved mystery. They end up picking a place for me to live and Paul makes snow blow through the car. You'll see why that's relevant in a moment. Landlords do not like having to clean that in the garage and it was pretty clear right away the end of at the end of lease I'd be out. Despite asking 2 months before in 2 months after MN care should have arrived at their place they would not forward it this was nine months of every meal is in a car that is covered in mold well the landlords are chewing me out coming in without notice and I'm in an empty apartment with my pstd therapy animal in the freezer will they threaten the remains of the u.s. mail parcel bit was addressed to me at their place with Bonnie rabbit Clyde is in the freezer. Not only that 4 * now they have taken everything out of the car in the parking lot so even stuff I got back regardless of if it's needed for anything including the mold I still have to deal with despite the fact they got rid of it and paid to do so but anything I need disappears if I don't watch it like a hawk while they make sure I don't have the budget to clean the mold and keep even my bike but what I'm trying to get at here if there's no protections of Lies like mail fraud check fraud Dept of physical I did theft how can anyone be expected to mount a defense against is civil / family that can be brought on anytime and short notice? I'm transcribing this there's stuff in the mic Port it's so bad. I told them this would happen. Put on top of that I don't even have a proper desk I have for printers one of them a Ricoh LaserJet for work groups that a CPA office I had for 10 years as a client gave me can't touch it though anything I would need was taking including I noticed their claims go back to January 20 18. Well four times since then and then once from the garage at this apartment which I'm the only one on the lease so that technically breaking entering some to everything they could has been stolen including like documents from doctors well I didn't even get a chance like I didn't leave with the intent of not coming back from their house but like the mental ward happened 3 months into the hotels that packet they took they're taking my ID I didn't have it when they filed


Timeline review follows

if police frequently commit what maple Grove pd has against me I'm not sure anyone stands a chance in ofp court or dv court. I don't have a desk, I have a moldy damp cell of an apt 3 folding tables a Walmart night stand and March 2019 for about 9 mo forced to deal with Paul and Marlene toxic mold under threat to everything mine and the held mail that happens to be the remains of my pstd therapy companion animal Bonnie rabbit, Clyde is in the freezer while I get mocked over the loss. check fraud mail fraud threats to leave me on the street and by the time the ofp filed I have 20 days left to move out of the only lease my parents have ever chosen and because the landlord wasn't happy about having to clean the mold card which I predicted would happen and there's evidence that Paul knew that was coming . Ample evidence . He'd likely sabotage the car to make sure I could not attend hearing. I've had access to almost none of my stuff been forced to labor under threat to it even stuff that in front of the police was discussed and agreed is mine and I should have it back there's no follow-up I don't even have a bike ride for a coping mechanism I haven't been able to wash clothes for five months or so I don't even remember anymore Paul will taunt me say no so you're spending your dad's money I'm close when I told him every three weeks if not more I buy a new pair of clothes because you stole tools I need to fix it I cannot call the landlord in here because as soon as carpet over I'm probably going to be out but I want it to be not be eviction that I thought was coming which was terrifying. Well I'm wondering what the heck happened with the ofp I can covid-19 I'm getting even more registered mail saying hey I got to be out well Paul and Marlene still sit on everything of mine from a year-and-a-half before when they decided to just change the lock 8 months after I move back in.

their house 

The story actually starts in 2017 or 2014 depending on what look. I have been on a volunteering trip and cleaned a house hit by Hurricane Sandy in New York. I was intending to move to Virginia didn't get a job relationship ended and I wanted I change from Fargo North Dakota. What was supposed to be one month in Maple Grove turned into parents wouldn't let me leave I'm too crazy to leave there's no mold all the stringy stuff that's probably aspergillus was blamed on wack my mom started threatening to put me in a mental ward then and by the time I finally got out I forgot about all of it. Until Cosmos got sick in 2016. Which was a bad year I had a hell of a concussion was working at first probably 30 then 60 to 100 a week I had a side job of IT consulting and I happened to be yet small working the night of St Cloud attack

Cosmos died in my lap about May 2017 shortly after at my apartment bleeding nose bleeds pinprick Wellness corners of the eyes bleeding bad time. A baby tooth that I have had since it fell out as an adolescent pic December 2017 to come out during Lent so what the hell is going on and I know I have to move and I'm starting to move back into my parents January 2017 is when it would be confirmed that there was a mold problem. It wouldn't be acted on until . November 2018 Which is  actually not the whole truth. I started following the mold guys advice the mold Pro. I don't include this in the lower estimate services rendered that's just it support but I was ripping trim out of the basement on his advice and by his suggested procedure peroxide and everything I could which sheetrock normally has to come out I have a feeling he had a feeling no one was going to do anything so he's giving me advice he didn't think would get me shot. Meanwhile my parents both two-on-one gaslighting there's no mold there or there's very little it's all dead it's inactive that's what the mold guy said which was usually from my mom which was kind of funny because she was in the master bedroom likely drunk. I stepped out to smoke a cigarette for 10 minutes of the maybe hour and a half he was there I don't even think it was 10 minutes. Like with the vet for my rabbits later on which I know she wasn't at she pretended the entire time like she can quote what he said directly like she was at a side the whole time I was she wasn't. My dad was calling him by the wrong name and bragging about his solid wood doors in what was his multi house

jully 2018 ish: my mom with in a week or two threatens to push me down the stairs for pointing out she was throwing out a part for a project /construction of a tool I needed for a paid project and was going to sell as a pcb and parts list. 

then week or two later my back is two the railing and she keeps pushing. bare foot wet tile floor. 

during the 8mo there clothes I laundered and put in my room end up garage floor, moldy basement carpet. 

devices other people entrusted, parts other people paid for seem to grow legs to the rain snow trash or hiding 

every time i set my car keys down they disappeared. added tile key finder, would eventually be given keyring with out tile. this was happening even if left in ny bedroom. 

sometimes battery disconnected as well as at 30 have to beg for keys from someone who entered my room to steal them 

believed it was a lease. 6.3k services at min rendered in 8m my mom said she's my landlord when moving in. Average rate in Plymouth is a dollar 32 or Square for the month. I believe landlord tenant law is a superset of contract law. I'm not a judge or lawyer but I seem to remember that in contract law without a value stated the market average is assumed. It was about a 10 by 10 room. But that amount of services covers up to around 790 dollars for 8 months ( I did the math earlier I recall it was closer to 8 but that's not the point.)

no legal president what so ever or attempt to provide any I end up locked out of the house. Two animals that were technically pstd therapy companion animals and both sick in Paul and Marlene care. 

all my valuable under lock and key 

year and a half of invited or drive to said house only to get "you don't live here anymore", "can't. file theft you gave them your things moving out" 

total refusal to acknowledge my assets are being destroyed

forced to drive away from said house in a moldy car I don't have title to. 

command my time for a year and a half under threat to 16 years of tools/assets,, life of keepsakes, and projects/parts for contracted projects. 

first 6mo hotels, 

savings bonds for gas and food 

Bonnie rabbit died 4ish months in 

officers one night told me I could press mail and check fraud charges but come down because they don't have the paperwork. 

drive down 45min in moldy car only to be told they won't even put unreliable witness on file because they might be liable. I had called state bar hotline. I have recordings indicating the dv report and in general are falsified as weapons. dv was my mom trying repeatedly to push me over a railing (12 ft drop) 


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