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Monday, September 21, 2020

pondering the 14th

 If I had a printer a proper dust without a moldy chair or moldy folding table I might look up case history to further support this

but here's something that crossed my mind as I was thinking about the 14th Amendment Section 1 of the United States Constitution. I first concluded it'll probably be General consensus that it's never been interpreted to apply to a white person and especially vs. Criminal law enforced against their parents.

but then it dawned on me: 

the fact is most laws are written without regard to race and I believe there's other law more specific to making or enforcing law against any demographic but logically speaking it wouldn't necessarily say that dependent clause to my argument or that it would break it if there isn't.

Put simply that interpretation is a cop out. But furthermore and further into logic I'm not sure applies legally speaking:

words in law especially constitutional level g are enerally chosen carefully. even if the intent is vague add adapt to the times in the fourteenth they chose to use the verbage protection. Which a bit of wiggle room here but that would imply from harm if they were not enforced?

In particular to my case  the implied argument is I have not been harmed and it's state right to decide any law need not be enforced.

 When what's happening is upper party faces discrimination and not just once. Logically or even just common sense wise if someone can continuously steal from you and it takes time to work to get that back you're being harmed unless food is free and and a roof over your head grows itself.

But what's equally disturbing is Minnesota's ofp law is now being applied and the parties are sodded have both physically assaulted me three times one was attempted murder. I can't so much as get unreliable witness on the record having told the local police department that I have recordings indicating they use police reports As Weapons they falsify them as weapons and that the DV report was false and my mom trying to kill me. I was told the department might be liable if we put that on record. But now I'm having Right Strips because the parties that have carte blanche have gone to court and decided they feel threatened.

The other thing I realized was absent from public school education is what in the bloody hell the judge and justices of any Court do. And you can say most people figure it out or have some idea but that doesn't mean they'll realize the importance. As far as I can see at the moment the judge is the logic behind the application and the ruling that creates. 

He or she is the interface between balancing logic and contempt with the feeling of justice and equality or potentially there's no concern for that depending on who ends up in the position. The other way around it is what is the courts purpose and family court coming last to the block there's some rumors of that not being like other courts. I haven't had the experience yet I kind of hope I don't have to. Mom's been telling me they own me the other party telling me they're going to make me suffer she has two times physically assaulted me one trying to push me over a railing another slamming the car door on my leg police show up and tell me that's in no way of salt no way battery even though by all likelihood because of the length of the preceding conversation she was aware of where my leg was when she slammed the door I had asked her to stop getting closer to back off because as she's talking to me that she's telling me I'm crazy she is walking towards me which is a non-verbal indication of I want to show Power. Especially when the other is in the sitting position already had never left the car. Both of those events were well after I'm going to make you suffer for taking my time with my husband and before the trying to push me over the railing a week maybe two she threatened to push me down the same stairs. Court can decide that's not relevant at all to the current affair. And legally speaking they might be right because they decide.

 Morally ethically rationally logically speaking that's fucking nuts

But it seems to be the game of the day. 4p was originally violence against women law. PDFs from official agencies are there to confirm that sits origin even if the state denies it or if the State website says it's for everybody

And even if it is it would seem Family Court is based on pretty much the concept people never lie

The party entitled to Justice better get there first and it doesn't matter if you can block the other person from attending by actual crimes or malicious Act. This is the end of justice as far as I'm concerned

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