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protecting those who torture

should be noted. my mom is recorded indicating i deserve even false police reports and attempted murder because im a man. 

i am so hungry... i had a kitchen 2007 to 2018... haven't since, i have clyde in freezer. bascily mgpd enforced human trafficking hazordus

three links that shed some terrifying light on how myself and Minnesota ended up where we are today. note the time article is a highly sanitized but not contrary story as compared to the mpd150. what i still haven't found is when say a suburb is formed, is their policy cloned or... who and where do the specific directives come from? if the mpd150 page is to be believed it would be likely to suspect the union sets more policy than any official attempt. 

I know my favorite (sarcasm) mgpd officer and a few seemingly decent and intelligent human beings with badges of power we vest in them (that display restraint and respect when exercising it)... have mentioned they aren't from anywhere near maple grove. mmbop is from somewhere in southern WI. why is that relevant? the mpd150 page talks about "

The next year, Minnesota State Representative Rich Stanek led an effort to repeal residency requirements for police officers and other public employees around the state. The bill passed, making it illegal for local governments to require that police officers live in the city limits.43 That law is still in force in 2017, and Representative Stanek has since become Hennepin County Sheriff Stanek

I read this a few days ago, forgot it was a State Rep now H. County Sheriff but that makes it as obscure as to where the basic policies come from. full confession i thought it was Bob Knoll from memory of the other days reading. id still say thats most likely 

though my intent here isnt actually to judge mpd ive had very few actually 0 encounters with them. not sure who im actually talking to when i call h county non emergency dispatch but there are recorded calls posted here that show even they are markedly more wiling to help and sans implied hostility via tone through out. 

aug 2019 - 2 mgpd officers "if we put that on record we might be liable" i had told them i have recorded calls indicating my parents use falsified reports as weapons and my moms dv report was her trying to kill me I told them what i wanted was along the lines of a slap on the wrist or "unreliable witness" on file... i needed the false reports and being barred from all my things to end. 

for a year and a half or so...up to the ofps 0 notice lock change 8 months after i had moved back in. plymouth has residential rent prices posted. about 1.32 a sq ft. mn homeline has this document intended for mn police

mentions services for rent and oral leases, 10 x10 room at parents house my mom states shes my landlord as i move back in. 6.3k of IT services performed in 8 mo. 0 notice lock change with my sick rabbits also forced under parents control. thats not even counting the remediation work and cleaning i did on their perfessonaly confirmed mold problem. if none is taken for rent and no rights of any kind of tendency exist it would seem it still reaches mns criminal theft of services law. i admit i am no lawyer or judge.

the pipe access in said room. 

I also see a huge problem with the claim mn protects anyones rights if someone can force another to relocate 5 hotels about 14 rooms, 2 cities 1 mental ward 6 mo after changing the lock and while threatening their animals and things. 

ie if police help 0 u out and put you on the street, especially with statues of limits considered, what are the odds you build back to the ability to attempt court? Slim to none would be my guess. 

what if said party is also violating mail protection laws opening your mail and forging your signature? thinks nothing of taking your physical ID or endorsing a check in your name? (from your mail)

now what if even after filing a one sided restraining order they drive 45 min to steal $1000 plus from your garage.

if someone can set someone starting over back 1k at a time ...its a joke to say i have any rights or even expectation of life. 

its cruel and unusual to hold someone frequently made to go hungry to every word another alleges they say. the mn starvation experiment is wicked ironic. we did the research indicating that diet or lack there of has sever cognaive and emotional inhibition consiquenses and now our family courts consider none of the circumstances, at best assume police wouldnt allow this to happen. but can and will allow someone starved to then at best end up forced to psychactric care for furthering what? job creation and doctor enrichment by ignorance of the medical theories mn itself furthered? or is this about me? doesnt seem like its about helping me. 

does seem a bit like a racket and not the kind for tennis. 

here is today's call. ive been lied to stole from physically abused and murder was attempted. they stole post ofp and if i read right it might not even be valid because it wasnt served until 2 months after it passed.

also if i read correctly (and again not a lawyer) the concept of ex party as applies to the court means his claims (not the first time) that basically he will have the judge exerpt his control ... one of the state pdfs used this word in the context of court proceedings not the order. ie no side channel contact with the judge

its disturbing as all hell this court gives 0 consideration to maybe police would allow someone bared fvrom everything and  basically human traficced while poisoned


the above was what i showed him in jan 2020. was told it was illegal to have driven down there with out my license eventually made to leave public  property outside the house where most of my valuables are still being held and destroyed. then paul and marlene take my id likely sabotage car pre ofp file knowing ive been stranded 6 days. during start of covid and court doesnt even care that I call

so now i get to starve and have terror doubled cause apparently anything can be done to me at any time

time not spent laboring under threat to all my things on their car was spent dealing with the landlords trying to evict the garage over cleaning the moldy car. i have folding tables for furniture the only thing in the kitchen is clydes body. they pretended to lose bonnies ashes and march 4th my mom recreated it to a T . they not only play npd games , they show full awareness they are attempting to traumatize then when they get a threat response... there are some calls where my dad positively lights up and goes singsong. 
aka hes realized he just gained the ability to exploit his ruthless terrorization and criminal acts translated to fight or flight and a verbal threat

in the call he talks sheet rock. I do not hit people. I do not shove people. everyone has a limit and while 2 on one being gaslit while my cnp mom threatened to have me declared crazy for professionally confirmed mold. often while standing in the door blocking the exit and or indicating bonnie and clyde stayed if i left... eventually i picked the cheapest thing to let my anger out on, the wall. 

during this if i do leave for an hr a week im up to no good. come back find clothes i laundered and set on the bed in room she said she was landlord over... garage floor basement floor, parts other people paid for for massive hardware design projects in the trash, hidden , they had legs

one night before the falsified attempted murder as dv report..maybe a week maybe 2 . she explicitly says shes done moving my things, im looking for a part i had got maybe the day before it grew legs. 10 min later i find it in a pile she is about to bring to the trash. standing 10ft away, she was by the stove i was at the top step to the basement "what the hell you just said you dont touch my stuff you are done touching my stuff...youre about to throw away what i was looking for?" 

"are you going down stairs"
no why?
"id consider it before i push you down" 

all in all though 1500 sq of carpet and pad, 50x8 of wall on back of house in basement and deck from the other side were professionally removed from that house for mold remediation. if you add my fist marks in sheetrock while under extream terror, 5x8? black mold and aspergilis also pose health threats and for life. dents or holes in sheetrock can not. 

here is where they picked and forced lease under sign this or be homeless on the street. making my attempts to look and ee bonds spent on gas worthless. 

eventually as predictided with out budget to remediate the mold car they put snow in the vents before lease started... with out budget to tyvec, it spread to apt living space. 
this was yesterday. 

they keep raising the amount of effort while time malnurished stretches and if i look like im going to overcome, steal something or lie to police again. 

this isnt a me problem. i cant control them committing criminal acts and terror. 

the court has a serious catch 22 if words by them alleging i said things require stripping my rights because no one has to feel traumatized but my words about even attempted murder and their words even saying they own me... mean nothing. I had 0 record of violence. can prove the mold was a paid remediation job 11 months after it was confirmed. 

2016 apt.  the friend in the front is clyde, my workstation computer is visible in the back. aka the one they stole in April 2020 from my garage. also mig welder and compound miter saw. 

2016 apt - lifx bulbes also something they took. here i was playing, i also used them set red to do uv photo litography and pattern transfer CAD designs i made then etch pcbs. when I bought them I had 2 jobs working till i dropped. im not sure why i ever worked at all. someone can not only take everything but do so after forcing labor continuing to commit crimes to harm in malice. 

repaired the wall last week... part of reason im starving right now. budget accounts for eating fast food, not driving anywhere  but fast food, not cleaning supplies to have clean space to recalucalte ever 2 seconds and if it did they would steal and change it. washing machine is broke and keep that in mind with holes in wall.. he threatens to tell landlord to come in i need it fixed. ie forcing the starving situation... but if i clean my orbital sander of the mold and could afford paint... one of many demonstrations im half handy or could have fixed the minor wall damage at their house (that i punched) mean while 16 years of stuff earned by work and everything ever given is still held and threatened.

some stuff other people looking to pay me for completed work paid for and entrusted me with. aka holding it accomplishes poisoning my ability to have anywhere to turn. 

uv litography exposure box. vacuum pulldown and of my design and construction. 

if the court is denying psychological conditioning or that unchecked crime could leave someone unable to eat.

or that crime to leave someone hungry in reponce to adaptive behavior wouldnt be terror or allowing the need for psych services to be mfged...

i might as well be dead 

they have taken the value of 16 years i worked for . so far 4 years directly suffering from a problem they caused by decisions finishing their house when i was 5th to 7th grade. they played general contractor and put down the wrong carpet pad in their basement. it spread when cosmos cat got sick for the last time and died in my lap 2017.

they ensure since a few months after im trapped because they decided the storage that took most of my stuff, i didn thave the address. mold proven jan 2018. symptoms stoped for 6mo at hotels then they force lease at place i cant deal with it, leave me in empty apt with out budget to even try. good faith and only option i do anyway 2x hungry 4 days at a time 2x 3 days. 1-2 days and total in 2019 30 days idk this year.

every dime made went to stuff to combat the mold they use as a bio weapon. it puts the lotion on its skin or mgpd and Hennepin county teach it to be human property and job creation till death again


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