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Thursday, September 24, 2020

pulled this from my head

 Also Marlene in a call I'll post just told me she thinks she's justified in taking my stuff because it was on my credit card that she did not pay so I didn't pay for it was her reason. Maple Grove Police allowing moms to try to murder their adult children after exploiting 6.3 Grand of Labor having their house save and fucking over 25 Grand of credit earned not missing a payment since 2006

The reason it was pretty much maxed was the agreement made with Paul. She has no idea though what was paid for cash what was paid for credit with my money from working. They did hold my 2017 tax return at their house which is the first payment I have a fucking mess oh no not my language Minnesota might have to protect people like them from having too much fun while they kill their kid. Maple Grove Keith who has to have some police officer hanson

I really don't see the point in being alive anymore 

Maple Grove Police as a whole I like ins on payday Bordertown. They will participate in separating you from everything you own after 8 months and the homeowner saying that she was your landlord when you try to get them to acknowledge that police reports are being falsified they tell you if we put that on record we might be liable yeah assholes you are letting them starve me is a state execution without a fucking conviction let alone a charge I hope your kids know what you are if you participate in this cuz you ain't no hero

I've never known Terror until I've met Maple Grove PD other than my parents but they're pretty good at 2 on 1 covering for each other I'm likely to be dead soon I want you to know you helped make sure the last woman that touched me where's my mom trying to push me over a railing and then I had and still have to sleep on a bed next to where Clyde rabbit died fuck you fuck you fuck you

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