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sicko paul ouidick

 consent or otherwise.. yes you are getting it

both Paul and Marlene have told me they get what they want when they want. 

Which extends to telling police what ever they want to get what they want. 

if in my death you find yourself browsing this or the recorded calls, at some point he admits.. and more than once that he knows the place he picked is too small to fit my things, not a good place to have to treat their mold/clean my things/ not conditions he would chose for himself. then count how many times u hear either pale or Marlene say we will fill your garage /bring all of it tomorrow or not at all. 

Marlene Wuethrich (CNP/CNNP) is also recorded on an already posted call saying she knows the conditions they force are a hazard to life and I deserve this and court because I'm a man. 

Maple Grove police and Hennepin County 4th district, helping parents torture and destroy adult offspring due to their choice to be born male 

possibly some sarcasm in the choice bit. in one of the calls where she indicates the dv report was false she not only acknowledges what she said but adds on to it " you bastard I brought you into this world I can take you out of it" and after acknowledging that she says but I still hope I don't have to. I brought that to the police in Maple Grove August 2019. I think the report of domestic went down July 2018. It was causal in the decision to do what was likely an illegal emergency medical hold. Which was three months into the zero notice lock change. Who is in a bit paranoid at that point? How can a doctor that's never met me before decide that? How can a police officer that says I've decided before I met you that you're going in tonight do this with nothing but hearsay as probable cause?

If you live in the u.s. don't come to this state. I'm not so sure I'd advise anyone moves to the US either. Whatever you do don't do it alone don't do it with even close to what you think is only sufficient in funds

If you're white and intending on coming here end alone don't dare do it without money. You'll be at the mercy of this bullshit just like I am there's no human rights protections here you might be slightly less likely to get the shit kicked out of You by police but I kind of think the quick execution would be preferable to malnutrition and starvation over 2 years forced exposure to poison or homelessness while you watch your pets die

When I pulled the tape off of this that made the makeshift cover for the now patched hole mold had began to grow under the fucking tape. This place regularly hits over 60% relative humidity even if I don't run any water some days and that's with the bathroom fan running pretty much continuously since I first entered with Clyde like March 2019 that's with two dehumidifiers running in a 600 square-foot one-bedroom apartment the moment one kicks out we're inching back to 60 plus. There's a garage under this apartment that's not mine. My garage is under my neighbor. I have a lot better control of the humidity in here if my garage was under my unit because then the dehumidifier in the garage would be a stopgap between everything coming up through the floor. The EPA notes that rapid growth start close to 60 and above 60 is no bueno Zone

Actually when I moved in the garage already had black mold growing up the wall on the day that the apartment maintenance guy ignored me yelling stop cuz zero notice enter the garage that I rent both halves to with a lock on the door and the other side requiring the garage door opener that I have so pretty fair expectation of privacy I'm pretty sure what he actually smelled was the chromium mold control killing the black mold on the wall. That formula is no odor but if you read the reviews many report that one it's actually killing mold there's a funky smell in the air that lingers for a day or two. I'm going through intermittent periods where I can't smell anything. I'm days that I do smell every time I go down the stairwell I'm sure but that stairwell has a moisture issue as well or maybe it's the base plate on the ground level door then I'm smelling but something is moldy in it's only smelled there. Overall I'm not covered in wounds like I was for 16 months so it's still better than that but this is still fucking torture this is about the worst thing you could do to someone's health
I had finally set the garage up with enough shelving to take apart the mold car and spent all the 2k I made from seo and webs server work on things like air mover fan, cold foger, dehumidifier shelving 30 a gal mold solution hepa certified varcum.. they 9mo of danger in take the red 09 give me 07 escape but with the 09 take even the garage door opener. aka I couldn't even pull it into the garage and use the space plus vac with out parking in fire lane pulling keys unlocking apt building door then garage door, back to car etc. They like to cause problems and then point out how incompetent I am for what they'd force or make most likely to happen because I'm not allowed to have do or be anything. None of my things matters but the smallest scratch to even there you go and even if it's perceived rather than intended well they both tell me they get what they want when they want and they repeatedly through they will break criminal lot to do it and or lie to police with fraudulent reports. I'm relatively sure that when the old 7 died Paul had sabotaged it. At first I wondered if I really did go to long before an oil change. But I calculated A-MAX for how much I would have driven it and I haven't exceeded extreme service life. What was really Telltale was the mechanic's report. Paul just to show he will blow money on anything if he gets to hurt me while he's doing it and it looks good for that end Paul knew the car was shot he had the Ford garage change the battery change the oil put in a new alternator and make a key. Because he had the oil changed the mechanic had indicated that the oil service light indicator was reset it also indicated that there was metal in the oil and car needs an engine. The car died just random sputter knock knock knock clank off in an intersection. may 6th 2020. It would be two days later I'd see the oil light if the car has oil service life indicator it would have notified me to change the oil it's even more odd that the engine was about to seize the first time and still no oil light on the dashboard. May 13th on a Friday knock knock who's there no it's not a bad joke about parents with dramatic disorders it's a terrible Nightmare and happened to be the sheriff to serve me the summons 4 order for protection filed by Paul and Marlene Wuethrich. I've read since they very well could have chosen to do it in sterns. I could have walked to court or cabbed. instead having forced this lease under threat in homeless with nothing... and knowing I had gotten notice to vaycate at end.. which was 19 days and counting when they filed... they picked court an hr and a half away with out traffic and dated claims back to Jan 2018 aka when I moved back in. 8 months later with zero notice they changed block code on the garage door I haven't had access to my things since. They have even before they move here taking everything out of the car from the hotel lot I couldn't have held onto the documents I would need to dispute some of their claims and there's no way in hell even if I could have got down there I could have come up with them having them mailed in 4 days specially when two of them are the weekend Court was on Tuesday the 18th in the morning in Minneapolis. If I even showed up for the year and a half in between police would tell me in Maple Grove I have to leave public property outside their house and I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out knowing I did no such thing. What kind of racket is it when you can do this to somebody when police will keep them from having anything let alone preserving any evidence then the definition of human trafficking is pretty much Matt from everything I can see forced labor on top of it attempt to poison before that attempted murder that the police won't put on record but no let's just let him work himself to death for nothing with his friend dead in the freezer and going into the greatest pandemic since the Spanish played hey hey here you go son don't come to this country avoid it like it's the plague or more like it's Camp during World War II. Some days I wonder if that's the joke the land of opportunity has actually been made into opportunity to reduce the human count opportunity then your family line. Watch still try to lock me up for this even though I said I wonder and objectively speaking it's known that the population growth rate is 0.6. I was under the impression that one was the replacement I still haven't been able to look it up but somebody on a form indicated replacement might actually be 1.2 because not everybody reproduces before they die. If that's the case then the u.s. population is being cut by half. 
every cycle

 maybe World War 3 with China doesn't happen. If it does we are up shit creek the brown River and the paddles on fire. Their population is 1.75 billion if I recall correctly. I don't know if they allow women or not as far as I know they're still not front lines in the US Armed Forces so the old rule of divide the population in half to rule out too old then again to rule out females and you're left with fighting age males. Without typing it in in my head I can see that Chinese number is roughly the American population before you divide it for the same rules. The news mentions this but they're a little more subtle about it we talked about how for the US armed forces the last of a single life is a major catastrophe I see the rest of the countries are all at 1 or below 4 population growth rate Maybe fate or whomever is in charge we'll decide we don't need World War 3 I would really be happy being able to put my mind on anything other than this and pain not even a or because the other thing that comes up is there's a really good chance the economy goes to ship and I'm being viewed as incompetent or violent by people that are just playing both but lie to the police and the courts to gain a position of power and keep stealing harming and poisoning

Ofp Syndicate and especially what they filed for indicate they immediately or eminently fear domestic violence. It really shouldn't take any action afterwards do you have that nullified when two days after the trial the ensure they made sure I couldn't make it to they drive 45 minutes out of their way to this apartment well I get more calls in one day from my mom cell phone then I have it all since 2006 and then over the next two weeks they're here a total of 7 times. Sorry six times over those two weeks and again to steal in April. You mean to tell me you can file court documents get a trial blocking someone from attendance claiming that you're scared of their violence will in reality you've been poisoning them for a year-and-a-half since you actually attempted to push them over railing well you're so scared of them supposedly that after it passes your then driving 45 minutes to call in a welfare check then four more times to sit in their parking lot and intimidate them then another welfare check? how all that while poisoning them?  how about all that while you have their driver's licence? Could I ever even entered Court without photo ID?

We'd established the system we're because context is selective if it's acknowledged at all and the person making the claim doesn't have to talk about it at all. It's not hard to have use this to tell somebody to put the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again and then modify it to or you will get the courts again

The next two are of my current apartment

 my mom sends this newspaper clipping as I know what I took from you but I don't think you would have liked it anyway. Nasty nasty person

Eventually as predicted and having to clean the car for 9 months it spread to the apartment this is the air conditioner Grill

Note this is well after he agreed to finance repair shop. He also knew that the same person that paid for this specific project had offered to get me a job if I would get a 3 Grand certification that only cost that much because I don't have a degree and if you don't qualify for the test you have to take a week-long course. Well my dad told me that was too expensive but if he had been honest there were mature ee savings bonds in my name that his mom left me that was selling a few of my things I could have afforded that class and got that search. Meanwhile my dad's telling for the shop I'm going to have to pay him back. So I figured you know it's not about whether the shop succeeds or not here's somebody who can get me 60 to a hundred grand I have another friend who's talking a hundred grand if I don't like that offer but use the project as proof to do that. This text message is coming a year after they locked me out keeping the working project and the parts for the final working project that was supposed to be sent for and was paid for the friend in California so this is Paul re deciding the terms of my agreements with other people and the value of the work I did keeping me from experiencing the value of the work well sabotaging adult friendships this is isolate your prey and fucking raped every bit of him. If I'm found dead put Shane ahlers (president of seiu local 284 ar untill he retired slightly before my dad) or John youngdall (my dad's boss when working for the seiu heros campaign trying to get John Kerry elected) Under oath maybe they'll lie for him anyway I have a feeling it would be interesting. under one he was accused of sexual misconduct and I know a story about some fakatka tactics during contract negotiation involving coyote urin in the isd281 bus garage. 

from what I've heard my dad tell me about his past. he has a history of socieopathic behavior and I have a feeling I only have heard fragments. 

Right before it was time to move into the forest lease snow blows through the vent system in this car. Not quite coyote urine in the head of transportation's office but sure if it's Paul's MO.dead son deas language deaad therapy companion friends, modus operandi

Paul tried 2 Strand me at the last Hotel on check out with no money and with Clyde on a day where it was negative 11. He had claimed he was getting this car professionally remediated in reality all he did was have the sunroof cover reinstalled. If you scroll back in chronological order of my blog posts there's the call with the female Maple Grove officer who talks about how they don't get involved it's not a police matter and they can't anyway with the ofp which I'm not even sure if it's valid because it was served after past it took two months that actually serve it to me because maybe the fact that Paul and Marlene were telling me it was already active and call my phone more times in one day than 2006 to 2020 total do you want to say they're aware of the gender play they can make in the Public Image and or to the court? I digress but that officer tells me they don't get involved in these issues well the day that Paul was trying to strand me he wanted the rental key back well I was down to almost no money supposed to move into an empty apartment and didn't have the other car and I did have Clyde and his threat to take even more not give anything if the hotel up charged for finding Clyde that means Clyde had to be locked in his travel cage Paul takes 3 hours but in between to force me to give Rental Key back I told him to fuck off through the hotel room door and then I have like four or five Maple Grove officers outside the door the next time I hear a knock. 

I have a feeling this isn't the first or the last time ofps will be used as a multi-part approach where police figured well we screwed up but well they might die on the street and or what are the odds they get back to afford a lawyer from bankruptcy under the statue of limits even if they don't die on the street. hey let's throw in an ofp for good measure then we can arrest them for anything anytime for 2 years. And in truth yes my parents initiated that action but that's not to say that they weren't guided I can't know that I don't know that I wouldn't believe an officer from Maple Grove if they told me. Actually there's three of them I might. But at the same time they didn't want to put on record that what Marlene claimed was DV was her trying to kill me attempted murder there's been one physical assault by Paul and another by her I'm not sure where battery becomes the thing but from what I understand you don't even have to make contact you just have to intend it.  so after the railing incident by about a year and a handful of months or less I've been sitting in their driveway after being invited down I haven't set foot on their property I did park on the driveway if you want to be technical about it maybe I was slightly past the public right away but I hadn't left the car I had open the door to let more air in because I was in the mostly disassembled Hazard To Life mold car and it was hot out. That she's talking she goes behind my dad's back to the other side of the door and starts again approaching closer and closer to me and when I tell her to back off because what I'm seeing that as is a power move and or so she slammed the door on me. I had removed the trim on the bottom panel and the only reason I wasn't injured was the sole of my shoe happened just against a metal Ridge and the rubber reflected the door we have been talking about 10 minutes it was pretty clear my life was in the door. She then I don't know what she says to them but she didn't cause Maple Grove PD. The officer that shows up there was two of them but the one who did the lead starts demanding to know what I'm doing there and then when I described I just had a door slammed on me that's not assault there's a no way that's battery. There's no way any justice will be served here even if they were to come up here and I'll try texted you with me is how I feel. This system is fucked beyond belief the system is slavery


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