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splitting applied to forced dependance

 my mom and dad do this in slightly different ways

my mom will layer on what she will spend if attention is given to her esp on things like family vaycation in the past.

Which from the vantage point of a only child is pretty gross. what am I going to do otherwise? play with my imaginary same age peer?

my dad is more like, after 3mo of you insisting your pet rabbits you have cared for from 2007 to moving back in 2018 are sick....i finally paid for the vet, who confirmed they do have bacterial infections.. 

now I need you to do this this and this for me while I point out everything I think might possibly be your problem

never mind some of what I demand is a service wirh a market value of 150 am hr and if I paid you let alone let you leave the house with out first coming to me for the keys I took from your bedroom... 

its not just a service with that market average rate its one I've preformed for pay for businesses and homes and then a college as well( other than Paul and Marlenes since 2004) with infrequent jobs before even that

my dad especially will claim he's supported me and given me everything even when he knows but won't admit how much I earned from external sources and how hard I worked.

St Cloud State University Business Law taught mainly by telling stories. One such story was the little old lady who live down the street from a personal protection agency. One day she walk down the street to inquire about their services. No agreements were made nothing signed. One of the employees noticed it was getting dark and offered to walk her home at the end of the meeting. A few weeks later she found an invoice in the mail for the service of walking her home. The moral was she is obligated to pay because she accepted services from someone known to perform them professionally

Maple Grove Police have refuse to acknowledge the existence of an oral lease or services for rent which are Concepts that Minnesota holds to be true and valid.

So during the eight months I live there Not only was I not paid for the frequent drop everything you're doing come help me on the computer which would be an on-site it support call but it didn't even secure my rights to access the property I learned from doing this since 2004. I'm not sure that Paul and Marlene gave me anything if even the education they paid for is invalid and they can continuously steal everything from me

Then there's the fact that I first suspected their house had a mold problem in 2014. I had gone on a volunteering trip we're one of the stops we cleaned up a moldy house hit by Hurricane Sandy we were in New York outside of New York City. I bumped my respirator at one point and smelled things I had never smelled before. A year later I smelled them again in their basement. I was moving between Fargo and at first I thought Virginia but I didn't get a job there in a relationship ended I intended to use their house for 1 month to scope out an apartment in St Cloud Minnesota it turned into six months of he's too crazy to leave. When the mold Pro was hired in 2018 you determine the problem dated back to at least 2001

As far as I know their house is paid off and valued at $430,000. 50 feet by 8 feet tall of Wall came off the back basement wall of the house the deck from the other side on ground level. 1500 square feet of carpet and Pad came out of the basement. This was no minor problem. I still deal with it everyday will they have paid to be rid of it and taking everything mine soon I fear they will take my life maybe they have already

I am not adverse to nor ever have been adverse to hard work. They make sure I have a problem they paid to get rid of.

They steal and hold things like ID anytime I earn externally they cut what they give they first made me make an estimate of what it would take to overcome this and have used that to ensure I cannot. I'm not averse to hard work I'm adverse to working myself to death the things they decided when I was in elementary school. I'm adverse to the same work monthly repetitively because I'm not allowed to overcome it and it's work on something that will literally grow back if half done. I'm adverse to legal consequences for my words over their deadly actions

Well police overlooked felony-level theft in 2018 my mom also tried to kill me by pushing me over a railing in late 2018 and 2019 I managed to get it recorded call multiple actually where it was admitted that false police reports are used as a weapon against me and that the DV report was falsified with her actually trying to kill me but reporting that I got aggressive and shoved her across the room

The state is enforcing a form of slavery.

I don't have so much as a printer and Paul and Marlene use the family court system to start legal battles while they're still making sure I starve cleaning up the mold they malt they caused while I was in elementary school

I have a filthy mattress that Clyde died on pass it on has the air conditioner in the living room is growing their mold

I can tell you all about the ergonomic issues about how it's going to destroy my eyesight about how the fact that police help them hold even my bike is likely to contribute to if not outright cause type 2 diabetes heart disease and a whole list of other possibilities. What is it the pancreas that creates insulin? That would be interesting with Hammurabi's code

I'd much rather just have a fair chance then even a payout from the city I know my health I know my body and I have never been in this bad of shape. Paul and Marlene cheap ensuring that I have more work to do you even just have a minimum wage early death existence

Family Court as far as I can see is designed to create the need for another breed of lawyer. Functions much like quartz and Salem Massachusetts in the 1600 because the standard of evidence for the accusation is almost non-existent in the burden of proof is on the accused. Prove you're not a witch. They said they feel you are. Well since you can't do that here's a mandatory social worker and you're sentenced to mandatory Psychological Services counselor meeting. With the apparent intent to be to re-educate or the stated purpose or goal. But even in the assumption that I didn't know the things that I have never succeeded at all if you're not stopping the theft even having a roof over your head is based on the ability to financially support it if anything can be stolen at any moment this is Impractical to Impossible coping mechanisms unless I'm sitting there meditating also require assets. I'd love to finish the painting I started of my rabbit Clyde and add Bonnie to it.

in 2k9 I did 3 websites for business during the summer months. bought Adobe cs4 master collection and a Wacom tablet. 

Not only have they kept me from that but April 2020 that came and stole the computer which the file was on. Maple Grove Police literally help parents steal their children's bike I really can't think of a better analogy for playground bullies than that but this one has guns and a badge. And there's no children involved so it comes down to life or death. We've allowed police to become the judge jury and executioner with Selective enforcement or non enforcement

Part of what this country was based on for the concept of Justice was separation of powers none of this is right

Family Court ignores even the possibility someone might lie unless it's the accused then they're probably lying

At one point it was somewhat common knowledge that to be an adult involved realizing that things like your feelings will lie to you unless you can trace them back to why it is dangerous to immature to act on them. Family court on the other hand says if you feel threatened but Supply punishments and strip rights from whoever you accused. Meanwhile the accuser might be committing felony level theft against the accused and or have tried out right to push them over a railing to severe brain damage and or death but if the police won't allow that reported no harm no foul right?

We have allowed personality disorders to rule. Now they have usurped basic concepts of Justice from the minds of the average citizen I won't find it any surprise if we crumble into a rune soon. Feelings lie. This doesn't need to be top down conspiracy. The switch to emotional advertising in the realization that you could sell and or earn based on playing them is all it took because slippery slope isn't always a fallacy. Psychological industry and healthcare industry that they are part of is a set of Corporations. Before I realized I probably have mathematic dyslexia I switched from CS to mis  and with it have a lot of classes that otherwise I would have had no interest in one of the most business ethics which is like Orwell inkarnate. But the basic just of that class was anything to benefit stakeholders and profit is an ethical Act of business.

Within that framework we can already described a danger to the population. Corporate psychology has no ethical interest and preventing or outright curing any psychological disease. They have even less incentive to prevent them.

Which is why I think you end up getting sites like Psychology today that try to attribute everything to genetics. Yeah it's incurable it's in your genes it was determined before birth it's not the interactions from your childhood as the APA would suggest.

The simple logic is if it's set in stone in your Stone in your genes then what the fuck is some pill going to do or what the fuck is talking to anyone going to do? It does not follow that it can be pre-programmed set for life yet paying someone monthly can do anything about it. At least until those pills would contain some sort of crispr like technology but that's not what's going on. In fact many psychological medications we aren't even aware of their direct method of action. I think it only works because the chances of causing actual death are pretty low. And if the medicine that were not fully verse on how it's doing anyting makes things worse than hey that is great because you think you're going to have less psychological appointments or more while on it? How about when the court is going to start ordering them?

And back to the concept of splitting All or Nothing it's genetic is right up that alley. It works for the best interest of the stakeholders of the corporation to tell you that. It doesn't work with the oath doctors are supposed to take two hearts and to take. Also science is way further in the understanding of genetics then is communicated to the public it's not hitting either but you just won't hear about it on corporate news. Look up the concept of epigenetics genes aren't set for life changes can even come from ridiculous levels of stress. Even in the more traditional View as far as I know jeans don't work to determine complex behaviors they might play a role in them but to say that it's primarily genetic describe a complex behavioral trait is an outright lie

I fear for this world whether I'm a part of it going forward or not

Be kind to your children. You as a parent are the biggest Factor in their success or failure. They don't need every expensive Gadget TV tells them to want or that their friends have. I've heard parents talk about all of my little brat once and I have had lava block always want to steal mine. Especially if it's an actual child pre-adolescence they don't want your iPad they're doing as children are supposed to they're looking at their caregivers and wanting to emulate them they want the iPad because you're playing on the fucking iPad instead of giving them the attention and support they need to become a fully functional human.

I'd say the most dangerous belief is that parents are only responsible for 18 years of feeding

Because even in the framework of genetics as it's miscommunicated well who determines that for the child? Who determined that the child lived at all? Being able to have Ikea directions dial reproduction to fuck because it feels good by inserting rod p into hole v does not a good parent make you it would and does determine the genetics of your child

The complex behavioral traits that they express in life I'm far more determined by their experience in childhood, adolescence and early teen

Which is also where it's been in my view some pretty fucked up skewing of issues. Doesn't matter if it's two moms Two Dads a man and a woman a kid needs two parents. Because that support encouragement and attention that they need to grow it's impossible for one person to be on it everyday. Because the parent is a person too and no person can be perfect the child needs it either way point of more than one caregiver what's supposed to be more than one possibility for the child to go to when the child needs it. The child didn't need to exist at all you decided that if you can accept the responsibility don't have them this world that we now put all the responsibility on the child blame them tell them that they can't blame their parents for anything even when their parents are outright trying to kill them this is the closest thing to Hell on Earth there has ever been


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