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statefulness of law

 I think if we want law to be about protecting anyone we need some law to govern laws

one concept I see often played /gamed/used to abuse and terrorize by parents betting my life for me that they are npd or aspd and increasingly notice in law.. 

absence of the concept of state as its used in the CS sense not political.

let's define that first:

Program state

Similarly, a computer program stores data in variables, which represent storage locations in the computer's memory. The contents of these memory locations, at any given point in the program's execution, is called the program's state.

the math concept of order of operations adored to oder of application for law, enforcement of law and or actions of enforcers on how to go about protecting and serving.. 

all kinda integral if we want to be a society where citizens freedoms and heartbeats have any protection let alone equal protection under law 

but back to stateful law. I'll see if I can get out what's turning in my head 

or in other words if cash on hand is a variable you are the program  then someone illegaly accessing cash on hand in bank or already in your name resulting in hunger later.. 

on a time line and in the world where we know time is an arrow. ie it always marches forward. 

a led to b. 

but further down this road.. 

there seems to be a somewhat comon but wofuly u communicated thread that to be entitled to justice one must be able to endure anything and have the means to reach the court. 

with the concept of state applied or maybe the we term historise or just simple logic by law enforcement on the spot of.. 

citizen a claims nothing at all is citizen b

citizen b claims he had done services for rent and worked often more than one job at same time and non family for 16 years. 

justice is probably best obtained if we enforce letting citizen a put b on steer right? 

not like the concept of statue of limits then turns this into a race. or like how age and years with out adiquit nutrition caused by accusing party.. would start to further limit.. 

actually yes it does and I turn that effort most likely starts to slash life expectancy. even just the extra effort to get anywhere stable after being set back to 0 or negative and with out later repeat criminal acts done to set back

the land of the free seems to me to have created perfectly legal slavery and or endentured servitude.. possibly murder via no one watching enforcement bias and discrimination 

maybe that could be ok. I can't swallow it unless we start using compulsory edu k to 12 to underline these realities. 

I guess consent still wouldn't matter. but the informed soon to be an adult party may then have the awareness to opt out by leaving 

I made enough by 18 and was making enough that I might have afforded non section 8 in maple Grove. it's hard to say because 165 days of the year like 7am to 2pm were bound to school.  if applied imedietely after to work I had an abundance of and energy to do.. I think what I just said is pretty likely to have been the result. 

but the other quasi legal social excuse I hear is.. you obviously can't support yourself so you get what you get for being dependant. 

but it's at best a sad way to mask rubbing in the fact someone is being harmed. 

because to make that close true on would need to consider has there been any time when the accused incompetent has demonstrated otherwise? 

illegal or Imoral with or with out malice as intent, is the party which one ends up dependent on doing anything known to impare another's ability to earn? or support themselves? 

seems to me we are still pushing to have all these things codidified for women while increasingly playing dumb or feigning ignorence with men. 

u caught an mnpr interview wirh two women, it was almost two perfect for it not to have been intentional.. gender wasn't explicitly stated and they stuck to parents as a pronoun but the examples were like "he all the sudden ain't provide child care before an exam" , "he gives her money but tightens up before an exam or repeatedly demans to know how every dime is spent" 

meanwhile while I listened to this I have police forcing me to drive away from tools and assets I have my parents recorded admiting I've earned with in the past. Police ignoring they are being desteoyed. 

police ignoring I'm esentualy being poised by forced labor under threat of distruction on a moldy car I don't have title to.. 

police telling me my parents give me enough while enforcing exactly what I have at any moment and ignoring budget projected.. then sometimes 4 days hungey they demand to for the second time have me resend my bank statements and receipts to once again determine oh yeah we made sure u went hungey. several months of this was while at first allowing me seperated from Id via enforcing 0 notice lock out.  then I'd was later taken from a vehicle in apt cell parking lot agai. for months 

if you need two forms for even min wage hire. and need money to get I'd to get min wage

i guess nothing follows or needs to unless you are the ruler of locality in the land of the free? 

natural justice has occurred as long as they die after starvation.. 

where were going we don't need logic. 

if someone can show me compelling or even half decent evidence that feelings arnt easily mislead and demographics have neorlogical differences that lend to diserving absolute trust of statements and ability to ensure their feels don't lie.. 

I'd love to not think about any of this anymore. 

I'd love to be using my mind for my own gain and maybe using that to have a space to encourage others with their ideas. 

I was designing hardware for a Corp security aduitor(pen tester) had it working when my parents house spread mold to my apt and resulted In 8mo bleeding and moving back in there. it was around the same time confirmed by pro to be the source. it was confirmed it came from decisions they made while I was maybe 13 years old. (2001)

the pen testers employer paid for the parts Marlene and Paul still destroy. him and another gainfully employed friend were going to use that to give me a above random applicant chance at start of middle class and career type positions. the fall back was to have a shop which is where I figured I have a space like that and all these tools might as well use it in the off hrs to do some edu or talks myself or find others that need or want to use tools or give talks to educate on technical topics they are informed. 

the conclusion I must draw is despite the excuse given that it's because I accepted something offered by parents 

there is no explicitly defined metric and its against what we are taught for the police to judge anything is excusable for personal bias or even unstated orgizational policy. 

seperstion of powers 

but why did I work at all ever when police  listen to a hear say claim and allow everything I worked for taken and desteoyed 

the lives of my pet rabbits  were cut short by this as well. 

nothing aparently can be mine. nothing done to me should mater. but if they claim to have felt something now we can seal up the injustice with an ofp after a year and a half of police enforced 0 notice lock out eviction 

psych as the silver bullett to the wearwolf of justice 

public acceptance is suposed to given even rulers as a posed to elected leaders. 

the rule of law mentions this. 

pr plus law is something I see as a dangrous bipass and incorporating medicines image to create acceptance that someone was unwell so everything was for the best.. 

we again get into justifications where the best hope someone has might be meaningless but is probably learning all one can 

similar ethics questions though.. how does one decide with little to no knolwge and of a stranger.. what paranoid is? 

the human brain pretty much loops with an always present directive. take sensory input, search previous hisitory for similar and or look for patterns. 

if theoufh edu u instill none of these things can happen to a cituze. of land if the free.. someone might have every reason to apear paranoid by the lowest applied to stranger definition. 

context is what's suposed to seperate paranoid from adaptive comoensentory and or justified behavior. 

context would require just like law should and or at some leveks does... establishing what proof is or is not and that it must be considered if offered. Dr on my hold rejected me informing him I have two relevant hired professionals testimonies.. I said I had them on my phone he said patients arnt allowed phones on the ward. 

wanna post injustice talk justified reasons to be paranoid? nah that's not profitable is it? 

seems to me kirr

but from the 

with no acknowledgement of causal relation.. things studied and known like factors of economic Mobility or determinate factors in Geting or keeping employment.. 

it seems we are on a road that says, find yourself jobless or take an agreement someone else wirh more means denies? 

we won't even stop them from holding and or stealing your ID (docs required for seeking employment) and will allow them to 0 notice lock u out of every asset u had with out trial.. 

I'm not kidding when I say I not only told mgpd that my parents were holding and opening my mail, had endorsed my name on a check, were using false police reports and a false dv report where my mom tried to kill me as tools to create power.. but I have recorded calls to back thst and my dad claims to own me. 

this was like a year into 0 notice lock out eviction forced repeatedly to drive away from even public property.. outside the house all my tangible assets had been moved into 8mo before lock change. drive away in a car I don't have title to from enough of what I worked for that even pawned I could have bought that fucking car. 

one officer wirh another watching:

it's not illegal to say you own someone 

no concept of stateful law or order of application of laws. 

and esp in MN where civil commitment, emergency medical holds and legal gaurdianship/costodialship of other adults may result... 

with out considering who or what lead to this happenstance (the context in which any claim or parent actuality occurred) (even if we want to selectively not enforce the fedral and local criminal law violations) are we actually creating justice or possibly imprisoning or enslaving a victim?

this first crossed my mind as.. well from what I know about humans being imperfect and there for even the best systems we create are usually as well.. 

then the litmus to what this medical hold is or isn't would probably be, has anyone been brought in, listened to, given the number for a lawyer and released? 

the system is way beyond assuming no one would lie, have personal gain from finding something to justify afterwords, or orgizational gain from the agreement. 

the most basic tenants it took humans hundreds of generations to establish are just poof gone while we still teach and or law officers preach be greatful this is the best there ever has been. 

or at some point after standing to recite a dogmatic mantra, the geology teacher might bring up how u free and brainwashed north Korea is. 

I pledge alegence to the flag of the United States of America. to the republic for which it stands, indivisible, under God with liberty and justice for all. 

if you can change the definitions of terms on the fly or just insist that hey you said it, you are standing in it, this must be it. 

I guess there's no harm no fowl. 

at least until you start letting doctors with 0 oversight or apeals start deciding someone they don't see regularly or have never met before is delusional and worthy of detainment after an officer forces one to an ambulence and ambulence to... 

did he have reason? it wasn't anything I did driving or at the hotel. nearly his first words (I don't recall if he introduced himself and I was in the phone so it took a moment to get the audio recording rolling) 

"I have the power to decide but I decided before I met you, you're going in tonight" 

later he justified it by how he already had the ambulence here so he didn't want to waste their time. 

finally despite remaining calm and collected in told I can get out of the vehicle or he can remove me by force. 

maybe he used will... pretty technical technicality considering I didn't know what a medical hold was and figured, I worked all day online, I haven't caused a commotion at this hotel I wasn't even playing laptop  speakers music.. he just wants to see I'm not what my parents told him and as long as I remain as calm as I've been.. 

so a few min into the convo I tried to wrap it and ventured "sir you say it's at your discretion" 

and more was intended but I was cut off with "NO I DECIDE(D)" 

sticking though just hit me.. if churned over and over why he aparenrly had trouble with the tense on prenouncing that word. it just occurred to me Thera a small chance that was also intentional because all the sudden if the judge at a hypothetical trial over this wants to toss tone and tempo/ non exact wording characteristics of a communicated command or idea.. 

having kept decide from decided the second time. 

he told me at the start he had already decided. I would hope this new line of thought wouldn't be the level of sick barked down but.. at this point of violated.. you start to seriously consider all the little how am I fucked next.. 

which is interesting because growing up I caught adults teachers and edu TV programs mentioning how it's known that the criminal justice system has a bit of a snare or trap effect. ie statistics show if you get caught up in it, it's less and less likely you escape it 

it's against any reason that submitting to an officer might end up equaling non violation or misconduct, might equal imprisonment or detainment for several days, the officer can lie to you, the officer can use physical force which usually relates to pain to force compliance. 

all that implies you better know every law to a T. but back to statefulness, with conplserg edu covering years six to.. well variable with some exceptions but for most part 18 years old and 165 days of the year

how possible is this? 

if time is money and money is required to stay alive and or out of mental ward medical hold or committed. if money is required to ever take a moment not working... 

Yet not having the money to access school or a lawyers time and some definitions of what the officers are looking for to determine a violation being highly esoteric in nature.. 

seems you wither have money from birth or tour freedom is a bit of an illusion. 

it's further limited by the fact that at 18 you can be 0 notice booted in MN from parents house. 

so if you spend that time learning the law not working and don't have a trust fund non revokable.. 

all roads point to high probability of little to no actual security for the common citizen but Hella effort to create an image that say otherwise 

medical holds and commitment might be called something other than prision but police will bring you back to it should u flee, and u can't walk out the door.

ill come back to this if I can and try to flesh out the idea in the first paragraph 


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