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tactics and barriers

 I will probably merge this with a page on left side if I'm not dead, on the street, dead in the street...


Selective reality. what ever I say is your experiance. doesn't matter u recorded last weeks version. it's nastier than gaslighting generally conceptualized. I started recording things and it's

 so what

fuck your recording 

show me right now (this is new and has only happened at the empty apt multiple days hungry)

my dad will deny in hungry while they hold my id and set fluctuating monthly budgets desteoy 16 years of earning and have taken all my kitchen things. my mom is extra crule . go to food shelf.. yeah and cook ingredients WI 5th u what?

a neighbor gave me a pot and noodles.. 

link on right side is how I taught myself to cook over last 12 years. 

Maple Grove police basicly have 0 desire to change how they act even upon hearing that the falsely accused has recorded calls indicating they are basicly used as tools and the dv report was attempted murder not me getting agressive.. her trying to shove me over a railing 

I can't control them. 

if someone can show me where in law it says what officer Hanson told me "if you accept anything from your parents they will always have some control"

other than selective enforcement to the point of playing slave enforcer where in law does it say

tell police you gave someone everything or anything and now you can put them on street after trying to kill them police will stand between them and everything they earned 

is this just a Minnesota thing? at what point did we reason that anyone stands a chance if laws regarding endorsing checks from mail are disregarded forging signatures on other contracts is OK police will help you take everything from them and overlook subiqent theft of ID and more assetd

police will help u force labor on hazard to life vehicles and basicly allow you to ooizon with bio weapons.. as long as it's your adult offspring? 

thing is, if I can't even verbally spout off.. 

but they can kill me

steal from me 

steal what's needed to have even mi. wage

this isn't a problem I'm likely to escape. it's not me doing it. I can't cobtrol them. 

breaking the law with intent to harm isn't suposed to be ok. the people who can control them with regards to what's legal or otherwise seem content to let them continue violating me

family court seems to want a in on that kick him after he's been beaten down action 

there's fucking fungus gnatts buzzing my head 

parents took the computer with all my memories since 2003from my garage April 2020. I had built 30 by age22 for other leople/biz for pay. both their computers I built.. 

but hey we tell him and police it's all ours.. let's one up how we own him file ofps then steal from his garage

. Clyde is in the freezer, Bonnies remains are usps addressed to me being helps. 

they pretended to lose her

they will do anything until I'm starving and spinning in circles and comply or not they come hit me again 

3x they've 

1x mom trying to shove me over railing.. repeayedly

1x my dad shoves me across the room. he first tells me he stopped giving my rabbits vet perscribed antibiotics 

then when that doesn't get a rise "know why I'm better than you John? I don't lose my cool" 

I picked up a wicked hand broom slapped it against the table he closes the space and shove me shoves me again yelling GET OUT. 

Just like my body, mind possessions, animals are of 0 concern but his ego dinged is enough to destroy all

the slightest nick to something his is reason tho physically assult. 

right after saying hes better than his son

you arnt suposed to be competing u fucking life rapist 

and if u wanted to compete.. u arnt suposed to be telling me to trust you as your son u fucking incest weirdo


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