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threats and false plans used to discredit and triangulate

 They Drained Me & Continue to Poision 

Paul and Marlene Wuethrich try to paint this as the story of an incompetent son. 

police at one point plank blank refused to put evidence of attempted murder on file 

and now while in infested shit hole cell with little to nothing but Clyde in freezer.. 

I'm not sure it's worth being alive anymore. 

I am sure what happened was they made a mistake with their house in 2001. I detected this in 2014. they wouldn't end up acting on it till Nov 2018.

where Paul and Marlene differ from many parents, what they give is designed to look good but ultimately harm. I have enough calls and text where if onr was looking for this they could see it via where they double on their own message, play lie dujour or sit silent hang up. say they own me. 

whats sick is mgpd basicly enabling them to own me. 

2015 are the pics bellow. I need to boot my laptop but s water spill took out battery and though I revived the computer with isopropyl alcohol and then drying in the oven the failing power jack makes the to a very bad combination because slightest wiggle and screen goes dark/laptop off. if only my desktop wasn't stolen April 2020. 

trying to say I will put pics by corisponding bullets as soon as I have a mouse and keyboard. blogger is clunky on a phone 


  • was cooking multiple times a week, usualy batches. had started while Geting attacked at the end of 2014 blocked terror. cooked a lot in Fargo up to moving out in 2014 but knew I needed the habbit so I started when it looked like I might fgr get away from sick house 

  • (Cosmos worm video) I was in tears after this. I had a pretty good idea the house was toxic and not just Marlene and Paul. I had volunteered after hurricane sandy. cleaned a fuzzy fuzzy house in NYC and bumping respirator was a world of smells. then same smell in their basement later. I wanted to get Cosmos out of there. I also knew 2001 to 06...i had taken him on a leash and harnes outside. as of 2014 I wouldn't dare have parted him with his yard as much as I hate how ruthless and needlessly destructive.. how worthless Paul and Marlene have made 16 years of income and decisions in the last 6 esp... Cosmos wouldn't have liked an apt. I did want him to see where I went just once. but he was ultimately a pawn in the give me attention game played by the so called mature adults. Cosmos unlike most cats didn't mind cars. the night we brought him home in 01 he was maybe 7mo old. he had lit up when girl holding him rounded the corner and we made eye contact. we had a paper box for a carrier and partway theoufh the truck ride my unnamed friend was sticking a paw with claws retracted out the hand hold to bat at my finger. he slept on my legs that night in my new basement room. may 2017 while waiting for the vet to come and put him down I told him I loved him, it was OK, he can let go. we didn't need the shot. I should have insisted rather than the vet I lay by him outside. I would have been overruled anyway. 
  • what really disturbed me is. he was about to die anyway and my dad stands up comes over to me seated grabs him by the scruff and gives him this evil (description is all that implies) look half hanging him. idk if it was meant to be murcy or payback. at the time I didn't realize both my parents are very good at simulating emotional responses. the only one I'm sure is ever valid is anger. but with that event as deep as it was.. I long ago absorbed (probably making the power points Marlene used to teach at st Kate's.. med community knows not to diagnose family due to emotional attachment equaling cloudy judgment. abstracted it's hard to trust your read on anything in that situation. I would have rather had him go with out the shock. the last way I would want to go is seeing someone I loved give me an evil face.  he had kidney failure and was twitching.. my mom wouldn't stop with the careful John he might not.. Cosmos should have been outside in his yard. I had such a tight schedule I had to drive back to my apt and work... what a joke Marlene and Paul took the work I had designed to contract someone else paid for.. thus destroying the last of my adult friendships and making the time worthless. not the only way. more sickening to me is my dad directly challange that he could have possibly taken anything of value and while he was holding my if several days hungey.. but now I'm skipping. 


  • picked up a business to do it and web work for
  • picked up office supply print center job and moonlit the normaly outsourced IT. If a laptop wouldn't connect for remote service or remote said they didn't know (I'd wager I had enough experiance to be a manager of that gig based on what I saw stumping them) was also onr of the most requested print center employees. about 1 in 3 hires works out in that postion because it's a mix of arts and crafts for binding, then full color xerox laser printers, large format printer and knowing Adobe creative suite. which is another investment of mine rotting. I bought cs 4 master collection with profits from websites in 2009. I made more than my one year younger that summer getting screamed at by Marlene and Paul to get a real job. when mgpd allows it all held and trashed I might have well not worked ever. Bonnie and Clyde are the biggest loss but now my parents stole the computer with all my photos. 
  • caught the next semester or scsu 
  • free time spent with my rabbits or working on product ideas. very little and I'm sorry Bonnie and Clyde, Cosmos cat missed out too. I wanted him to see my apt once but my parents were playing could shoulder after 6mo or so of there's no mold you're to crazy to leave in 2014. I had only intended to stay a month. 
  • upgraded to phone plan and phone sales at the mall. then that store had 2 people walk and me, nate plus the dm had to cover all the shifts. I was working this job the night of the st cloud mall attack too. so to the mgpd officers who have echoed why don't I work.. is it easy to assist emotional incest and total destruction of life if you forget the word allegedly? my foot was probably on threshold to mall exit around the time the off dubt officer shot the guy. I had read the faces of the crowd. there's play running then there's terror running. I kept thinking I was seeing the later. way out of Mall lot I hooked a left and looking at the oncoming right into mall lane; was like a diehard movie of squad cars burning the turn into the mall lot. 


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