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Wednesday, September 16, 2020


 I don't have any intrinsic desire or need to make them.

I do have the capacity to care for myself but not in conditions where someone else is poisoning me and giving me problems it takes time and effort to solve while taking even my ability to stay fed. 

or using purgery / lies to court and false police reports to mask esentualy u free labor, attempted murder both by physical assult and continuing with poision and human traficing

cdc will tell you mold is not toxic. correct. but the chemicals it generates can be some of the most toxic things known to human kind. some molds can also be invasive or pathologic.

conventional medical wizdom is that it's generally not the primary pathology and or any claim is of a zebra. 

I think this is dated and saying every jocky is white and the same level of susceptibility to type two brown horses.

aka we have recently Learned a lot more about genetics and epigenetics and as it may apply to mold there is some evidence that something like 1 in 3 might not have the same ability to deal with it.

on top of that we have the ignore ce of some doctors like my dad's dermatologist who had him and probably still does.. on rx steroidal eye drops and rx anti fungle topical cream. maybe it's not ignorance but insurance of repeat visit? I'd like to think the first

conventional wisdom also says things like scabies can't be spread by sitting in a desk chair but the next dr or possibly the same will tell you if the medicine didn't work you probably arnt cleaning the environment throughly 

conventional folk wizdom seems to be far superior when it comes to things like  no see ems. some cultures probably through critical thought and observation realized with out knowlege of genetics

 "some things afflict some people more than others" 

weve aparently reached a level of ignorance or greed where everything bad about you is genetic, take this pill for life, if you assume something is preffrencing you or making you sick and medicine has a horse fetish but it might be mold.. here's again another medication for life.. for your head. 

and sometimes it is. that said, even in those cases orgs who take it on themselves to dig deeper have found most of these people do have some sort of underlying affliction be it auto imune or infestation and a lot of mites and similar thought not to bug humans mace verified cases of doing just that 

I mean the doctor told the mite his horse and zebra text book said her rx kick backs don't work for its evolution... but 

the mite didn't speak English and the Dr adimetely rejected the notion he or she should be on the other end of the psych eval for the statement. 

we seem to accept it happened with lice but everything else stood still? 

in my case I had relevant expert testimony from exterminator at apt!/documents/proof he sprayed, email with mold guy and vet who only got the legions on my rabbits to go away with flea tick and mite. I forgot about the last bit but told him the first two were on my phone. his responce was patients arnt allowed phones on the ward. 

if we allow police to force you into medical care... probably shouldn't be on hearsay with an otherwise calm and collected person then justified by "I already got the a bulence out" after "I decided before I met you" and then "step out of the vehicle or I can remove you by force" is used to compel. only to hear turn and face the vehicle hands on... 

there are no rights here but the wrongs are extensive and I'm trying to get to:

we now have Dr's able to detain people but no hard criteria oversight or otherwise usualy pertaining to that usualy police/gov power. 

the as far as I know dsm in any verson wasn't writen with that in mind and who's even enforcing a differential vs profitable diagnosis? or detainment for juste cause or just cause? 

call the mn bar hotline as I did and "no one wants to touch these cases" 

seems to me this mostly hurts those with the lowest incomes least time and or lost abused 

I don't want to make waves and I probably won't at this rate. I do have this set to remain up for years if I die though. 

the dead rarely have a voice. this is mine. 

I'd way prefer police in maple Grove would have maybe.. Stern "hey knock it off"  to my parents instead of telling me "if we put that on record we might be liable" 

while ignoring multiple criminal acts that endanger my life by people who claim to own me 

if the 14th amendment section one isn't interpreted as everyone.. maybe that's valid. I dobt have a robe, I've heard orange is the new black but struggle to see how badge is the new gavel or how that interpretation can be a valid conclusion with out the associated belife that some people are entitled to hurt others. 

un like the suggestion officer Hanson makes, I don't find this probable impeding death anything like the life. 

I also don't see much potential to escape. the two doing these things compared to me middle class income and one is retired the other part time with as far as I know a paid off house. 

aka they have the resources to stalk sabotage harase and poision and it takes resources to get away from that situation. 

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