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when law is lawless and bias

 the 14th amendment would seem to suggest selective enforcement with per party bias/discrimination is not legal. 

maybe it was Jefferson.. someone is noted for the idea that trading liberty for security you end up with neither.

I'm not sure I'm ready to decide that to be blanket truth. what I can see is that if one party can continuously violate criminal law, threaten life through acts and words, act maliciously more times than I have digits by maybe 3 per year or daily for the last 3 if u count unresolved passive acts.. ie taking needed things and or taking again with gaps Inbetween.. 

I'm now arrestable 0 notice 0 warent required and have no second amendment rights because they went to civil court and essentially yelled witch via typing a petition then driving there to initiate a hearing thst passes in my absence and even if I had been able to show the burden is on me to disprove what ever they accuse of. 

with 4 days notice from sherif serving me on Friday the 13th March 2020. the sherif of the county they force relocated me to 6 no after 0 notice lock change eviction.

they filed in a court an hr and a half from where they decided I still sit in an empty cell like apt. they filed knowing the car had been broken down for 6 days. 

at least 4 times they have taken everything from a vehicle I had permission to use or they insist is mine but won't transfer title to. this is of note cause that's 4x after the 8mo after my mom says she's my land lord they change the lock code. the claims on the ofps date back to Jan 1st 2018..aka the start of those 8mo.

so in other words, police non enforcing have made sure labor is forced under threat to myself everything ever mine, my animals while alive.. made sure anything mine can be taken by party that files and all the sudden sherif is knocking on my door on a friday

surprise u have 4 days to maybe find a lawyer and collect a year and a half of evidence to disprove their claims. by the way two of them are weekend days and court is an hr and a half away wirh out traffic and in the morning when there surely will be traffic.

during the largest pandemic since the Spanish flu 

I've read what I can between hunger and continuing threats via crimes to terrorize... 

read what I can with out a printer mostly on a phone screen

read what I can of state provided docs on ofp in the form of pdfs

one thing that imedietly stood out before finding the documents indicating this now non gendered law was all about vawl (and I'd assume I'd one saw what was granted and resulting arrests would indicate it still is) is that they could have filed in sterns... the county I was in my oppinion human trafficked to.

instead they decided to file in hennepin knowing I was in sterns and possibly even sabotaged the vehicle. I've discussed that elsewhere but as a breif recap

the car had an oil life indicator, it didn't indicate it was due for an oil change. 

I've calculated miles driven on my own and wasn't outside of what should have been acceptable range between oil change

the engine began to seize with out any lights on the dash about a mile from my apt as I pulled to a stoplight it began knocking hard and died. I restarted it and limped to a parking lot.. still not a single indicator light on the dash.

I walked a mile to Walmart thinking maybe oil, added a quart and limped it back to apt. 

meanwhile my dad was letting the answering machine on their desk in the basement pick up then hanging it up before a message could even be left. 

this was like may 6th. I'm texting him at same time saying I do not want this car trashed. I limped it back to apt it would be best if it was towed not driven to be looked at. 

with out indicating or responding he puts 100usd in my bank account the next day. he has told me I need cobtrol because I want control. he seems to get off on all forms. what he did there is something he can point to... but the reality is.. I'm suposed to sit there hitting refresh on my bank app on the hopes? for his car? the next day he hasn't mentioned the hundred but wants to transfer the title.

he knew at this point I had to be out of apt by end of the month/lease.  aka hey let's make it your liability.I'm saying I despretaly need supplies and can not in good consince drive it..

had I known about the hundred it maybe covered the cabs or the tow.. it didn't cover the tow and the service. 

all he will talk about is transferring the title. 

I drive it trying to get to Walmart and dies on side of highway.

everything about this is in line with what I don't want to conclude is true. 

I have parents so sick they will make me watch nice things destroyed, while destroying and stealing things I earned. lieing to police and then courts to create positions of power

when u start not just stealing and gaslighting but involving police and courts.. it's not just making me watch things I can't aford destroyed 

it's trying to ensure records aid in decreasing odds I ever have the income for what they destroy or make me watch destroyed.

Paul has 2x told me "I own you"

mgpd "it's not illegal to say you own someone"

while also non enforcing check and mail fraud

while ignoring I have evidence a false report of DV was her trying to murder me

while ignoring theft of labor

while enforcing 0 notice lock change eviction and helping them hold all my tangible assets 

ignoring they are being desteoyed

the homeline guide for police in MN makes it clear oral leases are a thing. 

I'm really not sure what's left in owning someone if u can try to kill them, repeatedly take things from them including docs required for employment or snap. starve them while signing their name to endorse a check from mail addressed to them, on health care forms form mail addressed to them

with out court ordered gaurdenship. 

scream witch in family court and now it's official. 

u can make them a criminal after telling them to put the lotion on their skin

2 days after the March 18th hearing.. they are in my apt parking lot calling in a welfare check. 

April 3 things go missing from my apt garage. 

my dad insicates 2x since he has them. law states as far as I can see that even with a key(or garage door opener taken from car) its breaking and entering with out permission to be there.

police how ever, well if you think your dad did it how do we know he didn't pay for them?

after a year and a half of mgpd telling me I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out

one of the things also taken from car was my driver's liscense.

this system via incompetence or otherwise and in my experiance... 

enforces risk to life and distruction of person more than it protects 

what does an ofp do to police responce time?

if the abuse is that sever... how likely is it the victim has unimpeded access to a printer and transportation to court to file?

how likely is it someone that wants to hurt or abuses thst bad would try to limit that?

I don't see this as capable of being effective at its stated purpose. 

the one sided nature is even further indication(to me) it's only effective at generating arrests which may produce vawl grant funding.

it's well known in the context of advertising that emotions (feels) lie and can be manipulated. it's why emotional advertising has been the standard since Sigmund Freuds nephew came along. he's known as father of modern PR and propoganda. I'd say if we take the theme of edu... calculus vs applied Calc. he was very much applied psychoanalyst. applied to manipulation and spin. 

med sci know a that diet governs many things about a life. how long one lives what they die of and even emotional inhabition are strongly influenced by diet choices. ability to make those choices is a factor of economics and or taggible assets. ie taking and keeping 10 years worth of my kitchen utensils, pots pans etc.. 

not helping emotional inhabition or watching language to a t. or cognition in general. 

but we shouldn't even have to go here because.. several violations if criminal law also including theft of services to the tune of 6300 and then the 14th amendment.

but no the threat to life is words said about it? words they claim i said and aparently  with out regard to context if they were? 

this excuses all un enforced criminal violations before and after by the accuser? that directly threaten life with actions? that they admit to but law enforcement seems un interested? 

land of the what? 

legal post term coat hanger abortions? 

the other thing I wonder is if Bob knoll is in my dad's contact list. or how the police union is structured.. I'm not sure the mpls local serves the subarbs. I am sure he was a regular at labor console meetings. 

I can't say that would prove anything, or mean anything legally...

as sick as it is, that would be easier to swallow than the system being this warped for everyone 

if one graphed police encounters over time. it would look like steps probably under under 30 in 29 years and mostly speeding tickets. then in 2018 after moving back in with my parents we have an exponential function on the graph. or an up hill wild thing roller coaster main drop for those less math aware.

2017 with Bonnie Rabbit (mirror) 

2019 working on moldy car under threat all things held are gone donated recycled sold... 

control freak looking to become murderer. 2019 2x Infront of police he says it's my bike I can have it back. still no bike, shoes, bike rack.. not only my favorite form of exercise, also a way to control time and cost associated with moving a mile. 

right before lease forced under threat above snow blows through car. this convo was a few days after. 

the sheet rock was done in Maybe 1998, carpet in 2001. 
I remember this because the room two photos above became my room that year. before it had carpet. not to be disingenuous I should note that the carpet in that room was gone in 2018 but basement living room still had it. the two photos are the same wall.. the back of the house. the deck came off the other side I'd guess the grating under it was wrong and the proximity to the retaining wall made that next to impossible to fix with out removing it. my dad wouldn't give a straight answer. I was present in Jan 2018 when the mold pro determined main issue was the gray cement with vapor barrier carpet pad. ie sealed slab and sealed pad created a place moisture just sat between them. 

they played general contractor finishing their basement. I don't recall who did the framing as I was in elementary school. I know two guys from the isd 281 bus garage did the sheer rock, another company hired to do the gas fireplace, I got to pick the color of its mantel. In all honesty and as a minor I was such a bad kid I helped dad paint the floor. maybe this is a dangrous admission my life is already desteoyed by their lies to police and ultimately over decisions they made with their house while I was in elementy school or Jr high. Cosmos getting sick in 2017 and me a few nights squeezing in a drive to maple Grove to sleep next to my friend (in the basement sometimes on that carpet) inedietly proceeded the start of the bleeding at the apt in st cloud. it persisted through 8 mo at their house and 3 mo into hotels after lock change the only signs left were gi issues and joint pain. some mornings I'd wake up and have trouble not screaming when I tried to move my legs. 

2001 was also it was the year we got Cosmos cat. I named him after the heavens not the magazine. I didn't yet understand what light pollution robs us of. I did understand that my new friend was as captivating as space was to me and wanted to give him a fitting name. 

my parents wanted him to be an inside cat. he had been a stray the first 8 or so mo of his life. I saw how he looked at the yard from the windows. actually I also noted how he looked at me the first time. his eyes positively lit up. 

I took him on a leash for years. 

I left their house in 2006 for ndsu. around the same time they installed a cat door. 

 the pics above where he is squinting and then leaning against my leg were his last full day alive.  cats say I love you by squinting and or double eyed blink. 

I wasn't very present for the majority of his years. which makes that behavior more notable... I wasn't giving him food daily / incentive to be around me or like me. 

below is earlier 2017 or late 2016

survey the hunting ground. I'm not sure if it's cat common to hunt with one cat facing each direction tail to tail. when I used to take him on a leash he would sit down and if I sat next to him he would move behind me and sit again. at some point I started sitting with my back to him and we would move less.. I figured it was tem hunt u watch this side I've got the other. 

despite not being able to be very present at all the last year of his life and 2 before. ( I took time for only my great uncles funeral) 
and during the drive to WI is when I learned they had been sitting on my tax return. then in 2018 start telling me and police ive never worked all my stuff is theirs. I digress.. despite not being able to be present much when I learned what his symptoms and prognosis were I did the research to determine krill and fish oil plus raw meat diet might help. 

i think both humans and animals (rather just animals but some of us feel the need to distinguish/common protocol to distinguish) both can to an extent know what they need on a health level. we had tried Cosmos on fish oil when we first got him.. thinking cats fish? they love it right? nope. 2016 and akitoacidosis I'm holding up a krill oil capsul and he's pouring and lapping it up, I try to take my hand back and paw comes up to grab it so he can keep licking it. this also caused my friend to start to fall and I had to move the other to catch his wobble. 

my parents took everything I've ever been given and every meaning of everything I've worked for including credit, credibility and tangible assets, including any gain by forging the last bit of time with a creature I loved and who loved me. 

some of what they took was contracted work where a friend's company ( he is in a management postion not his company as in ownership) had paid for. for a project I designed and had demonstrated working right before the bleeding started. (how they took credibility as well) (this also doesn't help having friends/a social Saftey net. I understand this to a point I can tell u it creates a violation of social resiprocity and  friendship is unrealistic to pathological to expect to be absolute and or with out reciprocation. it doesn't work as take take take. 

im saying this but explaing it because from my postion it sucks.  aka not Geting offered a hand out of this sucks, it also totally makes sense. 

I can't fault them for it.

 it's not something I have much say in when police enforce illegal actions 

but from my friends perspective.. he's still out because of it and or took heat from people above him. 

I don't need court ordered consoling to tell me things like what a coping mechanism is or diet exercise and balance between work life are essential. 

what I need is police or courts to mention to what's essentially a pair of criminal bullies who I would bet my life are full blown cluster b, to stop doing the common npd take it out on your offspring thing.. while also violating criminal law to do so. 

both parents verbatim (not at the same time or in unison) : "we are the same person".. speaking to me. all forms of gaslighting displayed. 0 concept of scope and scale, a ding to Ego is worthy of a false police report while the ego ding is decisions they made with their house when I was a minor that spread to my apt and made me sick.. while they 2 on one gaslight what the hired mold pro found despite only one of two was present for his assement. while my eye irritation was better described as bleeding from the eyes for 8 mo after and my mom:


while both would play hide the car keys, remove the tile key finder and my dad would add to it with disconnect the battery lead. if I managed to leave an hr a week it wasn't reallyy schedulable as how long it took to be able to.. highly variable. when I did I'd come back to find things of mine in the trash, outside in the rain, clothes I laundered and put in my 10x10 moldy upstairs room are now on basement carpet or garage floor. 

at one point she tells me "I'm done touching your stuff I didn't touch your stuff" 10min later I find what I'm looking for set on the table by the garage door with stuff she was accumulating to bring to the garage trash. she threatened to push me down the stairs. it wasn't more than a few weeks later my back is at the railing to said stairs and she steps in (I had stepped back) keeps pushing. 

the other indicator I see should be pretty readily obvious that they abuse the ofp process for power is.. they made sure I would struggle if I could make it to the hearing at all.. knowing I haven't met "the judge" 

almost countless examples of text and calls where in told "the judge won't aprove of this behavior". the 8th months I live there in 2019 6300 in skilled labor I've preformed for pay for biz and indicigules int he past was rendered and moving in my mom stated she was my landlord. but more to the point I wanted to make is first she starts claiming I need consoling and medication for my delusions. aka delusions of proven but but not felt with till 11 mo later and 3 at hotel, Black mold and aspergilis. subtle indicator of her lack of ethics is at some point the line changed to I need medication for my anger and now is back to delusions. 

mean while she has done everything in her power including using info a non masters in nursing 3 or 4 decades in med field person wouldn't have to try to harm. esoteric info on the medical system with intent to generate a diagnosis and medication eventually resorting to a falsified dv report. I had to drive in the mold car to maple Grove (Aug 2019(i think)) requested the meeting I mentioned above with police ("it's not illegal to say you own someone") before hand I had talked to the state bar hotline, they said mention unreliable witness. so I did and then thst I have calls recorded indicating reports falsified as punishment and weapons and that the dv report was actually her trying to kill me. 

"we might be liable if we put that on record" 

this is a pretty nasty thing to allow. I'm not sure if a report was actually filed that night but the impression was that it was not. how encouraging or likely to condition the responce to call the police for anything is that sort of responce from them? 

Aug 2018 lock change 0 notice eviction. Inbetween " you can't file theft you gave them your things moving out" 

mn police seem able to endanger life and ignore criminal acts one party to another repeatedly 

which no matter who you are is going to create animosity and or anger.. fight or flight and or one party making conscious effort to reference times they traumatized in past... harsh words as an outlet if full context is considered should look like a display of strength and or self control. 

with misconduct by police possibly creating liability 

it seems extra racket wise we would then allow civil court to create a 0 warent arrestabikuty state that also is only a one sided restriction and removes need for warent to arrest. 

but I'd speculate it works because (to borrow a lyric from John popler) to confuse the issue I'll refer, to familiar...justice centers with standards (but instead a different court with flipped burden and low standards of evidence) then illude to domestic violence. 

cause who would stand to help or speak someone made criminal for violating a court ordered dv restraining order? 

but how many people know that the court order is something that isn't held to criminal court standards and passes in the absence of the accused, free to file with 0 in form of statue of limitations and despite offering a field to request payments from the accused... considers aparently 0 context except the accusers claim?

i didn't know such a thing existed before I was slapped with one. 

I also know there are official terms for accused and accuser but between the years of malnutrition, threats to life theft, loss of loved animals etc... I'm lucky anything read converts to long term and those terms haven't yet

the last thing I want to point out though, in having the ability to request court ordered payments it would seem the court acknowledges that not only is money nessicary to life, but abrupt changes following trauma are difficult and possibly coping requires time which with out money is difficult to come by. 

of the money they actualy have been giving me almost none of it is usable for other than basic survival and choices made by them ensure that.. like not giving me the address to where  the storage garage they picked with 10 years of my stuff was till 11mo in knowing at the time I had been given notice to vaycate at the end of this lease/30 days to go and now I get the address to where my kitchen stuff is. 

before moving into the lease they forced my dad is recorded acknowling the garage they picked for storage is packed to the ceiling. acknowling it's a two person move because of that. ie if I had the money to rent just a truck 11mo later high probability of injury trying to get anything out. 

yesterday he again threatened to get rid of the storage garage having put in just enough to eat the shit fast food diet or gamble on replacing kitchen by spending then be perfect and probably end up hungry anyway. 

the more trying to be helpful and or balanced maple Grove officers from the start would say things like I have to see the hennepin County court to get my things back. while others stated things like I can't file theft i gave them my things moving out. 

but even things admited mine Infront of officers promised to be returned inedietly.. no follow up. like I mentioned a bike is also something that reduces cost to move a mile. a kitchen reduces a lot of cost and over on right nav bar.. pics I could find demonstrating I not only claim oh I might cook if I had... I was making authentic Indian chicken curry from scratch. 

but mgpd insists if my parents invite me back in say they are my landlord, accept 6300 in skilled services in a town rent is like 1.32 a Sq ft a month(Plymouth posts their residential rate) give me a 10x10 room.. then 8 mo later no harm no faul enforcing parents right to lock me out and keep everything threaten it to force lease signed then labor. not only thst but everything at first included Bonnie and Clyde. she died in their care. 

but thefts mail fraud and check fraud after the lock out as well.

but my only recourse is an hr and a half drive from where they decided I live. meanwhile they can take anything to continue setting me back? 

is gas free? how practical or probable is it to overcome this? 

Cosmos and myself in the basmenet living room. 

I want to find another pic and put it here. Cosmos once brought a baby rabbit unharmed into the basement. I was home for a holiday or 2014 Hella day. he had met Bonnie and Clyde. I think he figured I was collecting rabbits. I put the little bunnie in Clyde's travel carrier and returned him to the back yard. I have a pic as I was doing so. 





medical hold 2018 after 3 mo locked out and 3 hotels 4 plus rooms 

2018 after working in their basement 

I love you too Cosmos 

2016 apf

I love u Bonnie. I miss you so much! bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

lifx bulbs. later used to make living room a dark room to expose UV sensitive acid resist film for UV lithography. a lot of people have spent on color change Philips hue or many then use them for morr than entertainment? 

bedroom wall now

week ago pic of some returned possessions still growing their mold now in my garage no funds to deal with it. 


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