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When police endanger your life

 I can't really believe that anyone in Maple Grove as a decent shot if for whatever reason their parents are less than truthful. And maybe it's not just that I'm assuming that it's because of that relation and there's a lot of possibilities within that as well but the Constitution refers to law as protection for citizens and says everybody is entitled to it. Which would imply that if you specially repeated refusal to enforce just about any law including attempted murder check fraud mail fraud left human trafficking forced labor under threat to everything stolen, move in pure that they are your landlord perform $6,300 in IT services only to get a police enforced zero notice lock out while you're sick pstd therapy animals or still in that house. Insult to injury is then the same people say that he's acting paranoid so let's spend if not shatter all criteria required for enforcing an abduction called well I don't know because of the title doesn't match anything in the State revisers website. And I have a feeling part of the reason that on the 72-hour hold and documents that can be found from healthcare providers it's very clear that the reason that a hold happens needs to be explicitly stated in clearly descriptive and elaborate text. This is probably partly illegal thing but also has to do with psychology because I bring that that all functioning tries to avoid trauma and any sort of forced detainment has been shown to always be trauma

Yet it was unclear why other than I'm paranoid I'm the official sheet which was labeled medical officer hold even though that's not in the revisers site and I was told three different ways that I'm Goin In I'm Goin In I'm Goin In step out of the car or I can remove you with Force. The contact happened because my dad went to them while I was at a hotel three months into this I've worked on a web server all day I hadn't made a peep there was nothing I did there there's nothing other than the malicious intent to cause that. And even if there's going to be word games about specifically what was said well when I have it recorded the interactions with the officer who forced me out under threat of physical Force I guess Sports will be what's debated most likely he told me he decided before he met me I'm going in tonight. He told me I'm going in because he already got the ambulance there then after he tells me I can step out of the car or you can remove Me by force I think he said vehicle I was told to turn and face the car put my hands on the car someone tells you that if you don't comply they can use Force now you're supposed to just submit to the search but on top of that before I got out which I'd never submitted to the search before I got out I also tried to turn it around cuz I figured I'm calm I was working on that I was just talking to an associate on Google about another web server all he wants to see is that I'm in a good mind State I'll be fine so when I tried to turn the conversation to its conclusion I said officer sir you said this at your discretion and he cut me off and no I decide Ed he really hesitated with the ending possibly trying to leave himself plausible deniability that took me awhile to figure out except at that point yet already told me I decided before I met you and that one was a past tense. Then he says what I just said then the ambulance is already there so I'm going in anyway something about not wasting their time and then step out of the vehicle or I can remove you with Force does any of this sound optional? But worse yet if it's a 72-hour hold well by the looks of it the doctor actually made it official but this is a doctor I haven't ever seen before how the fuck do you know if I'm paranoid you have no Baseline to compare it to and you don't want any details.

But then when I see that officer again some weeks later right after Bonnie dies (my rabbit) give yourself tells me I didn't use any specific law you won't find it in a law book

But the worst part about that has been given since August 2019 when I recorded I have recorded calls indicating to use police reports As Weapons falsified ones and that the TV report was false I have had nothing but pretty much taunting and harassment with non question whatsoever hard-ass responds with police judgment well my parents continue to steal from me to make sure I go hungry to force dangerous conditions on a poison they created. That force is not about protecting lives though there are some exceptions on it

The more I read about DBT and combined it with things are known about psych for quite some time like em PD and AZ PD really benefit from treatment nor do they speak it out Nora are they likely to tell the truth if they're submitting or voluntarily going to any sort of Psychological Service. Especially if there's an ulterior motive to doing it. This whole system seems to be set up on praying on the victims of these people. Especially their children. What easier class to rule and profit from and those who have no idea how to communicate I've been traumatized and disturbing trends that I've seen less than honorable corporate sites mentioning is how great it is people starting to find themselves based on their disorder. The APA American Psychological Association knows that borderline is three to four times more likely with only emotional neglect and verbal abuse parent to child. Yet these corporate websites like Psychology today talk about how these things probably are strongly genetic. Most people because the news that I've seen has never covered it aren't even aware of how regular genetics actually works in that it doesn't really find complex behavioral traits and especially not in a binary one gene on one set of thought patterns it's never going to do that but on top of that a more recent discovery but not really just recent in the terms of no one's heard of it is epigenetics and that seems aren't set in stone for life some of those changes are even able to The Offspring. AKA DNA can change and it can be heritable Works RNA or whatever I'm not looking up the specifics this is like most things I right off the top of my head

Like no that's not slavery we just more than once now have allowed them to take everything from you and commit multiple and frequent crimes against you but will tell you that you deserve it for accepting anything for you from your parents I don't see that anywhere in law other than abusing selective enforcement endangering my life because literally attempted murder you didn't tell me about what an ofp was I'm not so sure the court would grant me one even if I saw it because this whole thing I could be wrong I'll leave it to your incompetence as another route that this came to be but this system has every aspect of being raped and I doubt most people could communicate that I don't think I'm the smartest or even very smart by any means people tell me I am I do know that I have a very wide breath breath of knowledge and deeper within that breaths than probably anybody else I've met. I can talk almost anything with you and do it with a decent degree of accuracy and not just 101 law is one of the few areas I've had little need or desire to look into partly because it's didn't really seem logical or like to science to me and the more I've learned about all areas of science and logic this makes me want to vomit because if she can feel and he can feel threatened with us cementing their ability to destroy everything I have ever worked for what police can reject attempted murder reports even when what I said is I need them to get at least a slap on the wrist what I need is for these false police reports As Weapons to stop I had deadlines to make that my dad's communicating out well this is going to happen then and doing it just to make sure I extended the deadline and look like a flake then I've got police telling me they give me enough well police are enabling the destruction of everything and drinking your own City to City won't my rabbits die I don't need therapy 4 crimes and severe emotional abuse police enforce I need my basic and preferably my time back in working order which requires some degree of compensation I don't want to live off anybody forever though that was never the intent if the court makes for the police make no effort to ascertain this then hey I said I gave you money they're going to help me hold on to all your stuff right no one's really safe if this can happen


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