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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

word games and gassious light sources

 January 2018 well the hired mold inspector was busy telling my dad there were problems oh, my mom was in the master bedroom likely drunk and my dad was busy braiding about the solid wood doors in the house and calling the guy by the wrong name

they created that problem. they then decide to try to kill me outright and every day since lie about actions and words to police and now courts while actions include everything from trying to push me over a railing to stealing 1k from my garage 1mo after ofp hearing

several times Inbetween having taken things from cars in the parking lot

They literally pray on the fact that I don't want to believe my parents would be this way. They prey on the default trust state.

they incest(insist) they have a right to have me responsible for their emotions and use militant tactics to destroy barriers suposed to be encouraged after adolescence. they literlay insist they have a right to me being totally transparent and or divulge any and every aspect of my life at any time and I deserve any punishment if they even think I've been dishonest

mean while they lie from trivial to life or death when it concerns their actions twoards me and my animals

they make life pointless. starting over from the street is unlikely to stop this. they filed ofps then stole 1k from my garage and 7 times unasked for un announced had been up here inbetween

I've gone 3 years Mal nourished to starved while anything earned from external sources is stolen and police refuse to act

this is state enforced endentured servitude but with no contract its basicly slavery

 food, fluid and shelter are things that cost. 

it shouldn't be rocket sci that continuous theft is going to endanger the ability to aford that cost.

police refusing to investigate felony level theft or like maple Grove did in 2019, participate in it... 

Maple Grove police also have verbatim topic changed to if you accept anything from parents they will always have some control 

while ignoring theft of if, illegal lock change eviction and seizure of all personal assets a year earlier, attempted murder etc

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