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Saturday, October 31, 2020

stolen pic and other

welder purchased March 2019 stolen April 2020

my Walmart folding table pic taken recently 9mo og forced labor on mold car as predicted.. 


 for better or for worse I've noted on my life several people and or sources have said along the lines of

We tend to recreate what we had growing up

Logical Fallacies More Complete

 Appeal to Authority

this one is probably least mentioned by the media. I'd wager why is it has something to do with findings or the rockafeller media studies done about a century ago giver take a decade. one finding was most people attribute the voice on the radio and or face on TV to authority by default. something like the technical wow gives the person behind the mic or camera apparent authority. even though the TV or radio personality probably couldn't build or design what puts their voice or image and voice in your living room lol

Things that destroy justice and freedom

Police who respond to critism with anger, refusals to enforce, refusal to allow a report or illegal endangering behavior

still unanswered


Cognative Behavioral Therapy Depicted


The City Of Maple Grove MN and Maple Grove Police

the city of Maple Grove Minnesota. A quiet suburb where police help force labor, steal fellony level amounts of personal properth repeatedly and once in Services. 

Friday, October 30, 2020

I found the standpoint case history from 2017

 wish I could print it. I wish more for a moment with Bonnie and Clyde. Ability to have what I worked for and the time that would afford to have friends ability to so what I did with more than hastely taken YouTube videos.I wish I had any kind of rights because then I wouldn't have left out people who tried to help me. I worked my ass off to fulfill agreements only for paul Marlene and Maple Grove Police to take everything I ever earned everything 

a good article from psych Alive


what seems to be absence from discussions I've thus far found... 

Thursday, October 29, 2020

knowingly acting to endanger a life

 Stearns County Sheriff had little to go on unless there's access to Maple Grove police reports and even if that's the case likely anyone with a brain knows reading the description of events is that the same as having witness them and not the same ability to draw conclusions from even if you don't consider potential incentive negative consequence or being truthful or otherwise

A Visual Depiction Of Police Backed repedative Theft and violatiom of laws protecting independence

 As I type this blues traveler hook is blaring over what I assume is satellite radio coming from the quick trip I'm parked at. 

Domestic Terrorism

it might not be a traditional use of the term but I'd say any state that has no independent oversight for police activity had the potential to engage in creating it.

More Seiu likely Pauls doing

I say this because other than Banking and Gov documents I go by John. half the time I need to remind myself after writing John that my legal name is Johnathan.  if you listen to any of the posted phone calls with esp Marlene.. no matter how many times I ask to demand she respects at least my desire on what to be called.. 

cluster b pobderances

 I've been toying with the idea that normalizing cluster b traits or encouraging them in a pop might be the ultimate tool to ensure those that have the power and ability retain it.

6 plausible ways to escape

vote for your favorite bellow 

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

bait and switch all the way to the incinerator or mortition

 this may be lost on most.. I don't think we have an issue wirh women's rights.

I think we have an issue when one person of the age of teen let alone majority says to one of or above age of majority:

unchanged needs with Mal nutrition and poisoning still present 2020 27 10

Immediate Tangible Asset Needs for basic security health and to end the terror going forward 

this totals about $300 for things actually needed purchased most of it os things stolen and held from me 

this is an expenditure to reduce money burnt and days hungey. actual new purchases to accomplish that about $400 usd

mn police may think it's OK to allow someone robbed repeatedly moved under threat to 43k of assets they help a retired union leader steal and destroy but on a very practice level such as cooking a meal or managing my time this is hell. for the duration it's continued it may be lethal 

I really look forward to a meal and dread it. but I'd rather not end up diabetic heart disease or dead. what I mean is 3 years isolated and abused losing all of my pets either seeing my parents who gaslight and threaten or no one. cooking and eating alone... not great but I seriously need to. 

my hair and nails are falling out and apart. I'm usualy in enough physical pain I can't Greive 

the theft of my computer and fact folding table desk is growing mold ac is growing mold... I don't have a flat surface to budget on. I've been supporting and installing for pay software like peach tree, quicken, turbo tax even ms dynamics for over a decade. actually my first business IT support client was a CPA office in Plymouth in 2004.

but now computer stolen can hardly manage a pad of paper to budget  due to the bio terror forced and crimes the police will not allow confession to on record instead they need to evaluate my mental state

here's news it's shit if you worried about crimes not civil laws it wouldn't be. 

no I'm not telling you how to do your job so much as pointing out police keep insisting destruction of 43k or personal property is civil and the same police arrest a woman in 2019 for stealing a bottle of wine. 

what's rather uncivil is police aiding and embedding several crimes that endanger a citizens life privacy security sanity and more.

mgpd direct quote : it's not illegal to say you own someone 

you can't file theft you gave them your things moving out 

admit to it or not I would bet my last dime 6 out of 10 officers encountered would have turned a gun on themselves or the people doing this by now. I've yet to lay a hand on anyone. I've done the homework as to how nutrition and exercise changes 

Edward Bernays


He is to Sigmund Freud as applied Calc is to calculus.

Bernays is psychoanalysis applied to creating docile consuming serfs and potentially the end of humanity.

he's not really dust or ancient past either... cake eater died in 1995 at the age of 103.

Police For Ease and Job Security


from what I can gather police when multiple parties (citizens) are involved in a domestic between family members and or roommates (sometimes strangers or claim there of) police officers split up and interview each side

police then reconvene on their own to discuss what each side said and here is where I think the issue is when it involves families, personal or fedral financial incentive for gender bias, monetary/lawyer affordability differential. perhaps there is policy esoteric at play as well. 

I can't see that as ethical given age 6 to usualy 18 the police have pushed hard to indoctrinate that they are there to help you, protect you, be fair be non bias etc etc

in trying to figure out how the police actualy work I came across the history of Minneapolis pd. if not for the treatment of Maple Grove I would of had an aha moment with what white privilege is suposed to be. aka I've never had anything but positive experiences with police in Minneapolis. I found it a little odd once that I was mugged at gun point and after being told to "git" ran into a squad car other end of 1 alleyway but despite back up showing up at max 2min later... we did paper work. but hey theres probably liability involved if I were to go with and having lost my keys wallet and cellphone to "turn around its real".. even logistics would be awkward for me not just standing alone on the street. plus who wants to chase crazy with a revolver at 2am?

I'll come back to this.. bloggers drafts suck it'seasier to hit publish than save draft. by no means is it ready to read. 



Monday, October 26, 2020


 People like officer Hanson (a police officer in Maple Grove Minnesota) often from a position of power or just random judgment have been quick to state and or forcefully state that my parents owe me nothing

Sunday, October 25, 2020

easiest to describe

 Imagine someone was hell-bent making sure you accomplished nothing have nothing know no one and police ignored every law but only for them

That's a slight exaggeration but not by much if at all

Imagine they understand how violate you better than they understand themselves or when they're projecting

Imagine that despite so many Americans having next to nothing and savings everybody just asked why you can't deal with being homeless imagine America at the end cuz I think we're pretty close I really hope it's personal by is clouding my judgment but I don't think it is

Imagine they had no concern for taking away something you work to self nearly to death for for something that's your passion for something that you're good at 4 something you taught yourself. Imagine them telling you they love you well increasing the odds you die before they do and or you die on the street and poverty because they couldn't see you even get to a level close to them despite what they tell other people


 and scream until it hurts. I've returned the chrombiumold control at 40 bucks a gallon 2x now. should do it this time but I can't bring myself to waste my life and gas driving back and forth again with just enough gas to do it. then wait up to 48hrs for the return to hit

with out 9mo of their mold car..

if Clyde was still alive 

with out theft fraud Mal nutrition and starvation

I'm so hungry but not just for meal I cook but also for not even accomplishment but to even be able to use one of the complex custom made electronic devices I designed. 

instead I can't get paid for them, can't deliver them, can't sell one as board only and instructions

can't be allowed to leave El tourcher cell, own nothing. certian mg police high on miss conduct insist or perhaps incest my parents owe me nothing despite attempted murder continued destruction of 16 years of what I worked for everything  given by anyone

despite subsiqent fellonly level thefts

despite 6.3in services preformed during the 8mo there.

9mo forced labor on car

I haven't really been outside in like 4 years

I feel like death because they change everything up at every moment and police are held to nothing they say but have some incentive tljotbtoblet me get to a point where I might be stable or out of harms way long enough to.. idk not die or persue legal action q

I really can't put words to how this twists my stomach

Paul and Marlene do everything to maintain only the image they arnt beating me to death.. 

only the image

it's like both have decided its perfectly OK to get what they want when they want by finding a mutual enemy in their son and pleasure in the conflict. only when law is irrelevant or uninformed discrimitotly and repeatedly.. it's hard to escape. 

they play my trust and my personal issues like math dislexia but in a way it would send anyones head in a loop and risk their life 

Lethal numbers game

 With the time article about I'll police and some states are using computer algorithms there's a text the likelihood someone is involved in violent crime and generate a list of subject to put the heat on but not necessarily to do anything more than the rest of them and not necessarily the ones that are  likely to get shot. What even I missed in my initial reaction was if you can predict that you can predict the number of people who will lose it when their life is challenged when their life is threatened by the actions of police officers or buy the interactions with the action of standing in between you and what's necessary for life you and what's yours I've picked a certain amount of people will lose it just at losing their possessions I've been put through losing all of the animals I care about all of my possessions had them threatened to force me around keep me from having any social connection while officers are acting oblivious to how even false police report might harm me or create a situation where I am unable to care for myself. It seems to me that Minnesota defining failure to feed or clothe oneself would also defined that anyting required to do that not protected by police especially when explicitly against criminal law what I'm getting at is it to Parker C and likely police plane bullying games because the reality is there are arrests that generate income from federal sources

Modern era

 How did we get to 20/20 and somehow forget Authority without accountability leads to tyranny?

GiGo and heat

 garbage in garbage out. 


and closed source proprietary but the larger point missed... causal factors can be identified to the point a computer can rank people... psychology knows causal factors for violence addiction personality disorders... 

Yet instead of prevention or harm reduction via algorithm, we shake a closed source magic 8ball till it outputs a list of citizens to anything but intensively surveil to accost and harass.

The point I feel is missed here is we're turning police into an industry. And at that point they are essentially a gang. 

If you can predict these things with algorithms you can also predict that police doing things like separating someone from everything they ever owned putting them potentially on the street allowing another person to threaten them there's things etc etc allowing another party to control another Citizens Bank mail property physical location by threat well I would hope that it wouldn't take a convoluted esoteric algorithm to understand such Basics like you've probably just limited their access to fluids food and shelter AKA threatened their life by police activity

But no let's feed it data from the internet. Let's not mention to the public the chance that all it would take to defeat this might be as simple as browsing every random thing you can or as simple to get on a list would be either purposely or otherwise browsing violent things

What's the probability that police overly confident decide rights don't matter anymore or Constitution search and seizure probable cause don't matter anymore because this black box elder of them pump them up with confidence?

At what point do we turn it into thought crime? We lack any checks and balances in many States on police power. 

In Minnesota it's not uncommon for police to kill a person and not face any charges but alone conviction. Police are not supposed to act as executioner especially skipping trial. 

I wonder if there's already a correlation between this software and increased use of force by police

If there was any audits by external agency checks or balances I would say the safest way to make sure this is never used is to band together or someone create software that will create a record that anybody who runs it will work their way to the top of that list. It's hard to say if that's possible what I mean is if they're getting feeds from Big Data other than info police would normally have like just arrest records depending on how they're weighted like browsing activity purchasing activity and exactly how they're sourced or that data's collected it may be possible to just alter some of those things from a completely legal mode to push someone high on the list

If enough people ran that it would create absolute chaos at first one would hope it would also create liability for false arrest but as I've seen in Minnesota the police can not only play executioner quickly but they can stand back and watch you starve to death getting involved only to defend the people creating the problem I think it's too late

but big data 

2nd invoice


One of the two computers I built for them. Yes you're watching a football game on TV. The HD cable is decoded by the Box directly under the TV. 

which is in fact a computer. The Redbox off to the right was also something I sourced for them. I don't want this to be nickel-and-diming I also need the directly taken 4 to 5 years of my life and destroyed 16 years earned assets earned property through hours working, earned credit along with anything anybody has ever given me and everything I worked for as a future I need to be compensated for that especially because as I write this I can see my fucking ribs

Their house is safe because of me I detected that massive mold problem in 2014. I'm not saying I'm a genius that went there must be mold I slowly deduced a list of possible suspects until mold was most likely I was called crazy then Marlene began threatening to have me medicated then
Then police after I forget about it it makes me sick when Cosmos dies. He was our cat he lived at their house and I went to visit him while he was sick the last time I've been sleeping on the basement carpet The Moldy basement carpet.. 8 months of bleeding start in 2017 I moved back in January 2018 as it's confirmed by the professional that there is in fact a mold problem and one that's been around since at least 2001. Parent start gaslighting it making false promise after false promise then Falls Police reports then threats to me and my animals my property other people's property entrusted to me for either design projects or repair then my mom literally tries to push me over the railing and August 2018 I leave for a hotel because she had a surgery and wouldn't leave me alone not because I was still bleeding from the corners of the eyes with pinprick wounds up and down my body a week and a half in or so the lock changes

I don't think any of the hotels count when the lock was changed with 0 notice.

I did not pick this apt, they did and threatened to leave me homeless with nothing if I didn't sign the lease imediately.

There for counting it as value given especially well forcing labor for 9 months on their car and still destroying all of my things

I don't want to nickel and dime them I want what I worked for I want the time that has been stolen under threat to my property under threat to my animals when they were alive under threat to me. Normally my animals would be first I can't eat right now let alone mourn them

I am 3 years if not more I don't even have the energy to count malnourished I've probably lost 50 lb I went hungry 30 days last year being made to prove where the money went twice that they were giving me despite having commanded I make a budget for cleaning their toxic moldy car well I'm saying this is dangerous this is not a good use of my time transfer the title I will sell it scrap It whatever It takes not to have to deal with this

but then I get threats that all of my stuff is donated recycled at the storage garage they want to give me the address to is going away if I don't hurry up with their car meanwhile police make me drive away from even public property outside the house that would still be rent currents for the amount of services rendered

And that's at market value or market average and the service I have performed since 2004 professionally for small business and homes

That invoice should actually be plus $2,000 everything I made working for third parties during this time went to cleaning their moldy car when they learned I earned they cut what they gave to make sure I couldn't meet the requirements. Not just budget but seems like I can't do 3 days of work in one day because you will not allow me to afford or get a rental car or allow me access to my kitchen things so I may be able to spend 3 days without leaving the apartment while I take apart remediate and put back together your f****** car

St cloud State business taught that if you ever performed a service professionally the person that was performed for basically anything but stopping you from doing it is obligated to pay. Paul and Marlene demanded some of these services and threatened to coerce others. I haven't done mold remediation professionally so that is not included in the 6300 but probably should count as forced labor

I've got my dad threatening that I'm going on another emergency medical hold for not bowing to his commands even when they would be and were creating endangerment to my life he has several times told me I'm going to prison or I'm going to jail told me things like I will enjoy prison because I can have a boyfriend I'm not gay nothing against anybody who is quite a few of my friends have been over the years period in fact I wish I could stop yelling f*g** at my dad. I've never used that word with the gay person for whatever reason it really flies off the tongue there isn't actually words to describe the amount of sick nastiness I feel when they do things to command and control me to endanger my life under threat to 20 grand of things paid for in cash another 25 on credit when my animals were alive or just when Clyde was still alive Paul threatened to put Clyde in a washing machine like for clothes

Both in private have told me things like I get what I want when I want Paul has said he owns me and I now have him admitted to having said that well it might not be technically illegal as Maple Grove Police pointed out

That should be a sign in combination with attempted murder two physical assaults check fraud mail fraud forgery of another adult signature..

But for whatever reason in Maple Grove and increasingly St cloud perhaps under the same Union local I'm apparently of interest to the state if I'm dead or ordered to some form of mental health services if not detained in a corporate mental ward

It's kind of f***** you can commit sell any level acts of malice that are actual crimes and the police can refuse a report by threatening a mental hold or emergency medical hold it's kind of f***** how the first time that was done on false police reports it doesn't actually line up with any of the laws it doesn't say anywhere that I'm supposed to get told to turn and face the vehicle hands on the vehicle then have my pockets searched and Pat it down with rubbing of the pockets before being detained for 3 days and a mental ward for the reason of paranoid suicidal threats to Dad gee I wonder you move in somewhere someone says they're your landlord 8 months later the lock changes 3 months in and 3 hotels probably 5 rooms at that point I've been back and forth between the first two already because Paul is picking short bookings I'm paying for food I'm paying for gas unable to access my things or my live rabbits at the time yeah I wonder why would I be paranoid? My mom is only tried to push me over a railing at that point 2 week s match after threatening to push me down that same staircase

It would seem to me that a year and a half of having to leave public property outside where all my valuables are locked well being barred communication even by the fact that if I show up the police show up whether or not I set foot on their property and up and after Paul and Marlene telling me we're not keeping your stuff all you have to do is come get it

Well even if I decided to break in from my understanding services for rent and someone telling you their your landlord should go a long way to creating a lease and that's criminal level theft of service alone. The police ignore even that they are destroying my things but the police act to keep me from my property from papers I need even to fight the court case a year and a half later please keep me from things I need or needed to keep Clyde safe my rabbit please keep me from Bonnie's ashes period Clyde is in my freezer because of this Bonnie's remains where USPS address to me

I need to eat right now I can see my ribs

My emotions are haywire because they even keep my bike they have forced down to a tee if I can even leave this little hell hole they picked out without doing so on foot then April after filing the ofps almost a month before and with the only reason I wasn't homeless being the eviction ban for covid-19 they come up and steal another felony amount from my garage

I found it's supposed to be a crime you conspire to abuse the legal system to harm someone it seems like Paul and Marlene will get away with murder well I'm being well murdered but also robbed starved damage for life endangered every day tortured

I don't want to hurt

 I cannot take this anymore I have lost probably 50 lb but someone stole my scale police make sure I have no access to my things.

Paul and Marlene's house contaminated my apartment

8 months of bleeding plus an agreement Paul had made with me beforehand to finance a business left me completely depleted and owing people work on projects I had proven working as the bleeding started if not before

before that I was working two jobs and some work on the side

Marlene said she was my landlord as I move back in

$6,300 of services were rendered for a 10x10 room in 8 months

I was not notified or given lotus to vacate I left for a hotel for 2 weeks maximum the lock was changed a week and a half after I left it was never communicated that I was to be moving out

I signed the current lease in St cloud or rather the one that ended March 31st 2020 in 2019 under duress and threat that unless I signed the lease they picked out I would be homeless with nothing

I've been made to drive away from public property outside the house my valuables are stored well they held and still in a way do all access to even my furniture and my kitchen

Paul communicated that he knew in 2019 the storage garage he picked out for my non-valuable or needed while I was at their house stuff was packed so tightly that it was a two-person move he knew this before the year at the place they picked out the lease signed under duress he wouldn't even communicate the address until a month before I had to move out the only reason I'm not homeless is covid and the eviction ban

Before that lease started I was being made to leave their house by police or Bared access by a change of lock

Made to leave public property or their driveway in a car I don't have title to well my valuables are under lock and key and I had no notice I was moving out the amount of service is performed rent would still be current

Snow blew through the car right before that lease started pretty good indications my dad did that. November 2018

I would starve 30 days and 2019

 I did not choose to move out

A memory from last time I was crazy file under f*** you

 Well my parents will tell people I've never worked the fact of the matter is at NDSU I had a 30-hour a week internship that was paid and during that period 16 credit hours. If you been to college you know that the general rule is at least one hour outside of class for every hour in class. That means that 62 hours a week were spoken for during that period and I was still taking care of business computers in Maple Grove or other nearby cities both by phone and or remote and going down there occasionally. That's far from the only job I've ever had and I've described that elsewhere on this site

I realized the memory that I just recovered is also very illustrative of how they abuse the position that one of us knows how to care about other people are they abuse the trust. I had wanted to get into wine making and beer making . I was given a kit one Christmas I was given a kit one Christmas that was either right before or as I was working that often. Housing prices in Fargo also fluctuated greatly to the point where I was moving about every two years every one year at first period most of my time was spoken for but during the period I moved back all of a sudden they realized I haven't used the gift they gave me and at one point my mom is giving me grief over that using it to point out how lazy I am and ungrateful. January cruel and unusual quote accepting any gift from your parents is also a reason the police can stand back and watch as they murder you basically I believe is exact words were they're always going to have some control or rather if you accept anything from your parents they're always going to have some control period really dude you don't like have a dish or anything pair of socks from Christmas if so then I'm sorry for you not sorry enough where I think you should be in the position where you enable people to kill other people stand between even communication with that badge and gun but I kind of digress here

Intent to poison (body and mind)

 Not that it matters whatever experience so far police will allow people to do things that ensure people will never see civil court. Even if this is a criminal violation or repeatedly and threatens life my theory would be this is related to federal grants for things like violence against women funds and laws

We've already lost

A person might ask who is we? And for the context of this article I mean the average 99% as far as wealth distribution goes. Despite what I said below I realize being in the upper percentile of the 99% might afford more protection or more likely go to police response. That still doesn't make it right.

Another picture of Bonnie



Pronouns suck and Destruction of mindset via social conditioning

 I've noticed a lot of different actors on the real world stage with their own stated and esoteric goals keep producing shitty messages.

Paranoid vs Adaptive Behavior


I was at QuikTrip and the police had been called

Two officers walk in while I'm waiting to pay female officer about 5'9 platinum blonde hair in a ponytail  looks at me says my name was looking like she was about to step towards me before the guy behind the counter said it was about someone else

This state is slavery
The police will assist in robbing you blind leaving you helpless and at best want to offer detainment in a corp medical facility as a solution

The alternative would appear to be death

If I had the fresh spare cash if I hadn't just had to get PayPal 10 bucks to have something to eat I would pull my own background check but if you have the cash go ahead and do so but I'm telling you right now there's nothing on it

The guy behind the counter after they left wasn't sure what she said but did agree she said something when she walked in.

It's possible the other officers first name was John

It's deplorable that there's an alternative route to still put you in the medical facility by just claiming youre paranoid

You probably should be paranoid around anyone who can shoot you and get paid leave
Or more generalized.. anyone with comparatively vast amounts of power and little to no accountability/cupability/liability

Or in MN with civil asset forfiture laws as they stand... They can take anything yours sans charge let alone conviction.

Now you better have the time ,eams and knowledge to jump the hoops to get it back

A testimate to the fact most humans arnt out to hurt other people is even with out psych eval and with a position statistically known to attracted those that are damaged in a way they do like to hurt and control others..

The testimate to the human condition is as of yet they only insist on starving me to death while over looking the crimes that create the position 🤔🤮

Saturday, October 24, 2020

You get, I get

 Murderous cluster b gets

A 430k paid off house now minus 50x8 of moldy wall 1500 sq carpet and pad. A problem I became aware of in 2014 did not know at first what it was eventually deduced it. Was told I was crazy back then all the threats for mental ward. House was pro remediated in Nov 2018

Friday, October 23, 2020

MN Police Will Help Criminals Leave You Starving.

maple grove mn police, mn ofp law and federal VAWL grants...aka funds for certain charges and arrests are also likely the reason men "commit suicide" like 4x as often as women and 3 out of 4 homeless people are men. 

in my experience mn police have bassicly assisted in human trafficking me. 

I move in to my parents, turns out their house had made me sick when their mold spread to my apt. 

my mom said shes my landlord. 6.3k IT services (something ive done professionally since 2004) were rendered in the 8mo i lived at 8043 lanewood ln n maple grove mn. 

A professional diagnosed the mold issue jan 2018. I began following his instructions and ripping out moldy trim in their  basement as well. 

I was working diligently as I could with bleeding from the corners of the eyes and sick rabbits. Working on 3rd party paid contracted hardware design projects. marlene and paul still hold these with everything else ever mine. 

my mom threatens to push me down the stairs, tries to push me over a railing, falsely reports me as agressive.

she has a cancer surgery, i suggest to my dad maybe a week or two at a hotel? (she would attack me everytime i left the 10x10 room (plymoth rate would be 1.32/sq/mo or 132)

bout half way through week two my mom says dont call or come round here anymore. that was aug 2018. 5 hotels 14 rooms, 3 cities and a mental ward followed before parents forced a lease under threat to me and my remaining pstd therapy companion animal Clyde rabbit. 

paul and marlene still have Bonnie rabbits remains despite them being addressed to me via usps. 

what came next was snow blowing through a car they refused to transfer the title to but several times over the first 9 mo in the forced lease they threatened everything held and suggested it goes away if i dont work on the car or work faster. 

apt is still empty

that pissed off the landlord and it was clear id be out at the end of the lease. which was 20days from fruition when paul and marlene purgered themselves filing ofps. 

Clyde is still in my freezer. i dont have a kitchen, i do have their mold. 

I dont have a window on the driverside of the once again not mine car. all of my things are being destroyed mail held..credit destroyed. 

mn is running a murder ring with police. 

police maple grove police oct or nov 2019" if we put that on record we might be liable"

I dont even have a glass in the cupboard. 

paul and marlene stole again April 2020 a felony amount. 

after ofp court date which they ensured i couldn't attend in the next two weeks they were up here 7 days I saw them. 8 if you count me walking out the door and with in 2 min my dad smses me 

"are you going to get lunch?"

2 welfare checks were called in. then a few weeks later April theft. 

police refuse to allow the felony level theft reported. 

you are basically already a prisoner if you live in this state. I had near perfect credit 2006-2017. Maple grove police pay no mind to my mail opened and held, my name signed, all of my things and other peoples entrusted to me for paid work are still allowed held and destroyed by paul and marlene. my body is being destroyed 

This One Trick Paul Does

Communicate to Confuse

Communicate to Terrorize

Calls to murderers

  maple grove police and marlene and paul think its ok to poison force labor and take everything from someone

force relocate them under threat to all their now stolen still being destroyed property and others.


after trying to push their son over a railing marlene and paul found a great ally in maple grove pd

enforcers of slavery starvation destruction of everyhing

those who over look check fraud mail fraud forgery and said parents claiming to own the son marlene tried to push over a railing at max 2 weeks after threatening to push down the stairs. 

i asked marlene tonight.... why do you think i should start over because you want to commit crimes to set me back?

id love to watch my language. right after the last 4 years of my life and 16 years of earned things before are restored. 

if police are reading this i intend to set an auto dialer to their number. 

if you want to arrest me knowing full well shes also recorded admitting shes doing it because im a man. and i have both recorded admitting they falsify reports as weapons..

well, better do something starve or slit my own throat im not sitting in this place with clyde in the freezer and their mold much longer

Without further Ado here is Marlene Dorothy wuethrich MN CNP children's hospitals and clinics St Paul



I at least want an answer from her and police .

How much do you have to pay in Minnesota to be immune from continuous theft from attempted murder from false police reports filed to use the police as weapons.

Perhaps we should consider murder via starvation poisoning perhaps police who act in a manner like this should be on trial for it I can't believe what happened with George Floyd. If someone can't breathe aren't there like 10 other ways you can detain them?

I might die here but I do understand if you want to be not CSS agents you're probably going to be able to if the government would just be like up front about it I'm sure some people will stay but if I had the means I would leave

If I read correctly Minnesota started or pioneered the school liaison program period an effort to train citizens how to behave with police from a young age. Good Lord we've been invaded from the start

 I want to know how many times the police were forced to give up everything they owned...

 Oink e Oink (mano a mano)force them to take a negative on a felony amount of services stolen and a decade and a half of everything they ever worked for( or were given) better yet things that friends paid for to have work done or projects created. Rory May 22nd is asking me why I don't have any friends I can go to well Rory I kind of put myself out there and then babe the giant f****** pig well you know the rest


My bet is people like Rory Hanson in my situation would have probably shot them by now

I'm an only child I observed people my entire life I'm not even necessarily knocking when I say this but somebody I deeply respected is very quick usually to judge by language and has in this instance or over this course of events. He's also been known to put a gun to the door at a knock at the wrong time of the night. I don't draw this from nowhere

I've got the first 11 months here calls commanding what I should be doing what I should be spending on telling me I'm going to have a rental space commercial space false promises are a form of theft in Minnesota

I guarantee you I can prove where 99% or some arbitrary high amount of that of the money went I guarantee you it's not going to get more efficient starving me more

I don't think I'm quite there yet but I guarantee you at some point I will do something rash. they came April 2020 and stole the felony amount from the garage here


Funny how someone can poison someone in Maple Grove Police will help them to all of the poison victim and assault victims personal property after $6,300 skilled labor that they've performed for pay in the past was also taken sometimes outright demanded police decide that it's okay to keep poisoning them and we'll make sure you can't even be on public property outside whereas valuables are under lock and keep for a year and a half before the Ofp


All of these are unresolved. Or required returning something already bought this burning gas and time to get a little back.

If you look at right nav.. the evidence is there...this level of hunger isolation and depravity is brain damage 

It's also a covert helicopter mom who already tried to push her son over railing and slammed car door on leg.. trying to micro manage poision and starvation 


Health care 2018 to present

 In 2018 Paul and Marlene sat on my healthcare package while I was between five hotels three cities and a  mental ward

well they would not let me in their house despite the fact that Marlene had told me she was my landlord January 2018 and $6,300 of services remains yet unpaid but police have helped keep me from their house and my thing since August 2018

I essentially left with what was on my back intending at Max 2 weeks at a hotel

Gaslight needs

 I know my body, I'm not just hungry. I'm hungry and craving dark greens like spinish and or sauted kale and garlic with high protine like a steak cooked medium rare.

I have no kitchen . Rather I have a kitchen. But the only thing in it is Clyde in the freezer. 

Meanwhile I haven't been out more than a day in the summer in 5 years and Marlene and Paul steal even the bottle of vitamin D3 I bought.

This much isolation on top of malnutrition nothing bodes well for living long enough to get through this

My rabbit friends are any example... Rabbits have been known to die of heartbreak.

Prison studies have shown brain damage from inmates kept in solitary for extended periods.

General population human studies have shown nothing good comes of any of this purpose in life does affect how long you live

Thursday, October 22, 2020



The guy in officespaces jump to conclusions game ended up in a wheel chair. 

That said... I was looking the other way to not get paint splattered while I painted killz over ravioli I had scrubbed at 3x with different cleaners. The next morning this is what I saw on the wall

Angel of death?

Fungal sinus infection

 I think anyway. The branch like structure was of filements is telltale if I remember correctly. I've also had little to no sense of smell for 2 years now. But especially aftet the nose bleed that just cleared that.. it's like a whole new world . 

I wasted a hell of a lot of time reading since birth and then in school. Turns out not even law has to be followed u can break almost every law to kill someone. Should have offed myself at birth

So what gives human trafficking debt bondage


This was a doj study

ne-third of our case studies involved foreign-national victims who were recruited within

the United States.
• In half of the cases studied in this research, the trafficking operations were simple links
between single individuals or agencies providing a single service – smuggling migrants

Marlene Wuethrich Goes into childrens shifts drunk

 at least once ive seen it. but heres today's call

Apt tries to evict garage


Minnesota framework for a death camp

 This is actually true anywhere that police have almost unlimited authority and zero accountability for next to it

This isn't 1900 anymore. It's probably been obvious for a long time if not all of human history if you don't eat you die. But Minnesota did the study in 1944 that started to shed light on how it affects the mind. Subsequent studies without starvation or malnutrition as a subject but rather things like neuroplasticity shed light on the fact that asking someone you've made hungry to adapt and adapt and adapt starts to become physiologically impossible at best less and less probable

I'll have to write the rest of this later if there is a later

Malnutrition and immune function


Difference between abuse escapable and abduction till Death

Would seem to be are laws that protect the ability of an adult to make their own decisions and own anything upheld 

Narcissistic abuse can be lethal. Narcissistic parents are known to sabotage their children into adulthood. When police ignore facts of modern Life let alone the law but stand in between recovering property and create a forced labor situation the results may be lethal

Acting on false information

 Maple Grove Police initially seem to have taken my parents lies verbatim. What's been as annoying as potentially lethal has been hearing info like why not get a po box instead of taking action on forgery of my signature holding my mail and helping my parents steal hold and destroy everything I ever worked for and have been given by anyone. Also 6.3k in services during the 8 months I lived there and my mom had stated she is my land lord.

Some officers have insisted I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out.

Others and or the same now treat me as incompetent while enforcing dangerous to life conditions be and standing between me and personal property such as all of my kitchen. Insisting my parents give me enough. Which might be true if it wasn't spent on fast food because I don't have a kitchen

But for the record PO box isn't the most novel suggestion it does also cost money but here's something I remember from something they supposedly gave me but make sure I have no ability to use


Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Direct quote from Minnesota attorney general

 The Minnesota attorney general has a blog on a post involving wage theft he makes some more general quote about how in Minnesota 

"we prosecute folks who steal from people"

So far my experience has been multiple felony thefts attempted murder and still attempting murder through poisoning and the last time I tried to make sure it was on record that there was a theft April 2020 was a few days ago. The response was police threatening an emergency medical hold instead of taking a report.

In Minnesota you might be lucky if you get a quick knee blocking your ability to breathe because the alternative is prolonged starvation and trauma

Active versus reactive

 Something thought even by Maple Grove Senior high was you need to be able to plan ahead move on possible not when forced.

Families Need and MN predatory police

 Arbitration or an impartial negotiator Not Court.

In Minnesota the official stance is once a young adult reaches 18 the parents have no responsibility for the well-being. 

How free are you ?

 In my case it would appear I'm free to work for the same things that Paul and Marlene have totally immunity to steal repeatedly.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Paul is trying to murder

 I have him recorded saying he knows the time value of money. I have him recorded admitting the place he picked is not big enough for all of my stuff. I have 11 months of him insisting I find a rental spot the first a commercial rental space that is the first 9 months of which ignoring that the car is toxic except for when he's asking why it's not done yet and telling me that maybe the storage garage goes away maybe all of my stuff at their home is recycled sold donated otherwise gone pretending to lose Bonnie's ashes.

The rare accurate post on psychology today

A lot of articles on this site read more like divorce and abuse industry propoganda. That said not all. If you click the authors profiles a lot of the questionable ones are some related mental health degree and lawyers . Some of the most questionable are just lawyers. This particular article does not suffer that. With no regard to your side of  withthe story acting on probably personal bias maybe some things go deeper than that

Maple Grove Police perspective

 Aug 2019 Maple Grove police 

12100 block of Main St. — There was a report of theft. Officer responded and found adult female had taken a bottle of wine from restaurant and attempted to leave the scene. The suspect was arrested for theft and trespassed from the business.

Minnesota police support torture crime and murder

 But they do so indirectly. By not allowing reports to even be made or by filtering the contents of reports they have created the ability to enslave people I often say unless I learn how to s*** currency and can do it faster than people can steal from me there Is no escape

Self made

Rarely is anything black and white in this world I don't think this is an exception. I do wonder if there are forces out there that don't have the courage to admit that they would rather I not think. If there are or if it's incompetence manifested to murder instead of just malice or anywhere in between they might still succeed in me not thinking but only in the sense that the dead don't really think. Funny how we've gone from fictional Ray Bradbury firefighters burning knowledge to police executing free thinkers by refusing to uphold or even acknowledge any aspect required for life. Refusing to allow a report let alone act.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Accountability and tyranny start with police

 I think we're being invaded by the narcissist and sociopath. Maybe the joke is that's how it's always been. Kid Rock Says you can look for answers but that ain't fun get in the pit and try to love someone. As interesting a use of the word love as that is I'm going to attempt to describe a way to implement record of the people we entrust to enforce the law and to protect lives. Hopefully one that protects their lives without being invasive as well. This is just one part of defense against corruption and tyranny defense against abuse of power. The short version of the introduction paragraph is I'm going to try for constructive criticism here and try to make it real world. If you think I am not the person or not qualified well I think all you have to be is a citizen have an opinion if you think otherwise we probably aren't going to see eye-to-eye.


 what I think goes on is they fight back and forth and usualy find a mutual enemy in me.

usually one or the other or both in non rage times is obsessed with finding just what's wrong with me. 

especially if im doing well. it's a bit desire for attention that is natural but in failure to comprehend that you can't both make flaws pick at dig for expecting nothing but work and that...

or more neurotypical one is suposed to comprehend as a parent that if you want your child to succeed and achieve you need to deal with your lonely ness and own issues or likes for a while. let go as they spread their wings vs

tie a chain and yank down once precarious takeoff looks ready to cruise. 

in this case I don't think I'm making it up again

Friday, October 16, 2020

Updated Full Health section

I might rework the title as scope is a bit poorly defined but it wanders towards prereqs for staying healthy and or recovering from abuse at the hands of anyone. it also does a bit to define why police not respecting property laws or basic needs is basically reinforcing if not cementing the behaviors likely to cause issue with ofp

one hand washes the others right?


Im starting to think im going to be with my friends again soon.

incomplete forwarded mail


 I'll have to add it later obviously don't have the One credit card that still works I'm not sure that I want to spend on it anyway because anything I buy can apparently be stolen from me and police as you saw tonight.... 

There's no real point to being alive anymore. Clyde is in my freezer no laws that would protect autonomy or ability to escape or being enforced but if I lose my temper and say something well someone is doing something I have outlined a hundred times Here and Now link sources to is deadly and likely to cause emotional outburst

I guess the person that says they owned the person first in court but calls them a witch really wins land of the something but not free

Here's one parcel . Happens to be Bonnie rabbits remains . There's another picture I can't find that he sent me via SMS that's from the same vet addressed to me. he sent it in a way that was likely intended to remind me of this picture he sent while I was being forced between all the hotels on short bookings . below these pictures his why I don't always add pictures if I talk about them

2020-10-16 call to Hennepin County sherif

 aka the call before the one I last posted.

the charge port gets the white stringy crap I'm guessing the bottom mic does two. phone has two mics. speakerphone uses one and I'm guessing non uses both (noise cancelation) 

If you click the link above it's the follow-up call I received.

Instead of allowing any report made it was the run around with the reach around.

Law enforcement.. is more concerned with civil legislation to allow locking someone in a hospital or another form of jail rather than even allowing a report of felony theft or attempted murder.

Minnesota has known since 1944 that starvation or malnutrition even produces even psychological effects. You could say how is that relevant but unless you're just not connecting the dots well how do you get money when even an ID can be stolen period without money how do you get food?

Medical science more recently has uncovered just how much more likely on average and we're getting close or probably already know whether it's public knowledge or not specific genes versus specific nutrient requirements not met how much that will shorten a life

But backing it out a few steps where's the morality In allowing a parent police protection after forcing labor to the point where even the adult child's bicycle can be stolen?

Both images of playground bully and type 2 diabetes come to mind

March 20th 2020


St Cloud Police refuse report

 I had called Hennepin County Sheriff was told I would get called back by Maple Grove

I'm starting to suspect Minnesota suicide rate isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'll post the sheriff call later. My phone is so messed up probably from the stuff that grows in the charge port that I had to alternate between speaker phone so I could hear her and normal phone so she could hear me. When the call ended I've actually found it refreshing you're reassuring cuz she sounded friendly and helpful but instead of a call back from Maple Grove it's like they tried to call in a welfare check on me

I really don't want to take anyone to court. I want my things back and decent compensation for my health my losses the destruction of my things the slave labor from the former SEIU Local 284 vice president who literally wanted me to repeat the word slave and twice said he owns me. I could like hard work for pay not hard work for take everything I ever owned

There is no justice when you call to report conditions dangerous to life and actual crimes but instead the police attempt to put you in medical or psychiatric care. This is not far from slavery.

I say that because even working if anything can be stolen from you, how far can you get? More so if the solution is just get away from this leave it...

How does one expect to accumulate the funds required to do that?

Also, law doesn't have to be science. But science and the scientific method if followed diligently with attention to error and peer review.. it starts to become fact that to deny certain scientifically proven concepts would become delusion.

One such concept is conditioning of behavior.

Time is finite at least as far as humans are concerned. How many times is one expected to call the police or how many minutes how many calls is it supposed to take to report one thing? If one is constantly not allowed to report or given negative feedback for doing so such as creating the risk of involuntary imprisonment medical or actual jail...

I haven't read the actual bill for the Minnesota human rights discriminatory anti-discrimination act named Human Rights act...

But according to the website it doesn't appear to include any protection against discrimination and allowing a police report not alone acting on one or filtering what is allowed.

Would seem to me either no crime could possibly keep a person from a civil court (let alone heart beat) or in essence average Joe, Jill, Mohamed and Rola  have very little expectation of any protection from anything...included but not limited to demographic based discrimination in Minnesota .

I'd love to stop pointing this stuff out. I'd love to not be poisioned and forced to labor while everything I worked for pay for is held and destroyed. While things afforded by work and or money left by relatives long dead since the lock change eviction can also be stolen  I don't see how this isn't slavery there's no expectation of escape.

The conditions Force are not congruent with learning with changing with seeking or maintaining any level of employment or health. If there was a psychological condition present or any other form of malady this is how you make it severe to the points one no longer functions at all on their own

None of that even controversial as far as sources like the APA are concerned. Or medically/scientifically speaking.

If we dial it a bit more extreme because looking at extra and then looking at the middle often helps paint the full picture of the function on the graph in between... If this path continues are we going to allow a family court to tell you that someone said you're violent therefore you are and the curative medicine is cyanide. Your son were a court then we say so it's not murder why would you call it that?

The sad thing is that might be more humane. I also see it as less likely to happen that way because then you don't create the job for social worker and throw the bone to the healthcare industries making it an ideal state to reside in for them

July 2018


Essie watch this hang on to the fact that my entire time at that house so far from before I moved back my dad is telling me that I'm going to have a workspace I'm going to be allowed to finish these things I'm going to be allowed to complete my contracted work I'm going to get another apartment I'm going to get a rental a retail space. They're both encouraging me to talk to everybody I know still what it is is putting me out there so then when they rip away what other people paid for what I worked my ass off for and then act like the expert went really what Marlene is doing here is I can't surpass her in anyway that's why she wants me to go to Tech College that's why I'm sitting here hungry destroyed credit Empty Apartment with Clyde in the freezer

any help appreciated


feeling threatened when police can allow torture


 the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.

"I cant find the red power inverter unless i know what color it is john"

"dad you just said it"

"what color is it john?"

"im not doing this"


thats about the lightest of his actions and dialoges. both parents have physically assaulted me in the past 3 years. maple grove police refuse to allow anything but the case they want to build on reports despite even attempted murder. despite the continued destruction of 16 years of property i worked for and everything ever given by anyone. 

so hey lets run to family court an hr and a half from the cell/apt we threatened him into and say we feel threatened. lets do so knowing 9 mo of cleaning mold car under threat resulted in notice to vaycate at end of lease...aka 20 days from filing ofps... lets do so knowing we picked a town 45min away and our car we call his is broken down and his rabbit is still dead in the freezer. 

Minnesota law distracts us with domestic violence images of battered women. in reality the police can assist in torturing and killing. which isnt actually that rare. look up police + jeffery dammer.

trauma bonding

more indication that ofps that consider nothing but the accusers words and lead to police inaction for all but arresting the accused is basicly a racket.


march 2020 was when Paul and Marlene Wuethrich filed for ofps 

jan 2018 I moved back in after 8mo bleeding in previous apt. mold professionally confirmed. my mom says shes my landlord. they gaslight rather than deal with it. 16mo bleeding stop 1st week at hotel. the 8 mo at their place (ending with out anouncement/notice aug) were filled with verbal attacks for existing, hiding keys, disconnecting battery leads, screaming at me then if my voice raised the slightest call the police. yelling threats to drop me under a bridge in Minneapolis, nurse practitioners marlene wuethrich saying she will make sure im in a mental ward and or medicated for my delusions of mold. my things and property other people paid for and intrusted me to repair and or construct with found in the trash, out in rain, moldy basement... my mail held and opened demands for skilled labor i had preformed for pay for over a decade and me being the recommendations of the mold pro while trying to finish contracted work and picking up online work. also at one point my mom threatens to push me down the stairs maybe a week 2 max later shes trying to push me over the railing. 

then police allow them to 0 notice change the lock. pay no mind to a laundry list of crimes and continuing destruction of my property. for 2 years ive received indications people i worked with and or was friends with would get calls from my parents with them communicating im sick in the head. 

false promise after false promise to redirect my time. threaat after threat to force dangerous labor including threatening the remains of bonnie and the theft plus forced under threat relocation to empty apt equaled the death of clyde. ..whos still in my freezer

they held and then stole id, a bank card and or everything from a car in the last year and a half multiple times. anything to make sure my head is spinning rework priorities knowing my previously great credit is destroyed... so lets add black marks on background check with ofp now hes mal nurished 20 days to vaycate because landlord we picked didnt like cleaning mold car. 

the trauma has been emense they have systemically tried to destroy any social relations that may have offered a hand. 

all while telling me ive never done things I have demonstrated for over a decade i can and have done. they know they infantalize to the point my dad says "idk why you cant cook there we stocked the kitchen with bibs" its empty except for clyde rabbit in the freezer. 

but hey now the court and police can finish the human punching bag only now only witness adult. 


Why so devistated?

Did it take you time to learn anything about yourself? How about how you work efficiently? Special diet or anything that bothers you or makes it harder to actually spend time working? Balance that you need?


 I have a few recordings that really highlight that paul and Marlene know exactly what they do. the one that spured this is probably on the phone i dropped after Clyde died.

i was in the parkinglot of a hotel in rodgers. 

paul: " Why dont you just talk to me for a bit lord knows you could use someone to talk to"

why havent you gone anywhere with your life?

  a fictional convo with a question those involved have asked:

"sorry john cant come out and play nor can he finish or deliver the work he agreed to as an adult with other adults"

"why? cause I violate laws including signing his name without legal ability steal his stuff and your stuff and the police have seemingly no desire to even stop me from killing him"

Murder Vs Death and What is harm? Where is Waldo? er Justice

Its rumored that late summer waldo hides in southern France and northern Spain the reason being a bit esoteric in nature and not for me to discuss here :D 

Thursday, October 15, 2020

How to help (Viva la revolution or an email mais en mass)

  In theory governments of all sort and businesses that may replace them all fear one thing. 

Vicious police corruption tyrannic cycle


It's been on my mind that as States your doctors more traditional government powers there's a potential problem.

The land of the free has lost the concept of a political prisoner. we've also lost the concepts of checks and balances which today usually translate to external oversight and separation of powers. This usually balances out corruption as well.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020



Telling Infograph

 Or rather just a screenshot with  search

900 plus times and this phone or this text log rather goes back to about April of 2019

My Facebook would be rather telltale too. Look at the post in between 2014 and 2017 period look at the post before that look at the post after there's two main periods where s*** is crazy the same periods I claim they do absolutely psychotic things

Paul wuethrich I commit felonies against you in Malice but watch your mouth


Also known as Paul we trick I commit felonies to starve you threaten even your therapy animals and all of your property to force labor

It's okay cuz I gave you bibs Paul rape trick

Mail fraud and lies to disrupt

 Been said maybe 10 times that I should have my credit card back the one of lower balance Marlene paid a little bit on then told the police she paid everything period and for retrospect or for perspective I had a credit card in 2006 never missed a payment until this started in 2017 usually paid more than the minimum and did not carry a balance the entire time or very large until the end because Paul and I had made an agreement.

But if he's are filed when they make sure it's in a court I cannot get to after police ignore felony felony felony misdemeanor malicious at malicious act anything they do got ignored especially after the police admitted they might be liable if they put some things on record

Why would I spend credit even if I pulled the bank to send a new one to my current address why would I spend credit? They've already proven they can physically relocate me under threat to all of my things that the police will help them hold on to and after the ofp in April 2020 they came and stole another felony amount period why would I spend anything why am I still breathing why am I still trying

oh you're so protected you can file bankruptcy repeatedly while we ignore felony theft repeatedly. Yeahgood luck getting anything that needs a credit check for a job or a house or even signing for your own lease. We just let people physically relocate you for 2 years I mean dude how come you can't get over that even though they're still poisoning you why aren't you moving on dude they just had your ID it's not like you need two forms of them

it's not like my mom's recorded and posted on this very site saying I deserve all of it because I'm a man. Not like this is f****** slavery I mean maybe you can say it isn't but pretty damn hard to get away when people who have your driver's license number and your social are doing things like this I can't s*** money can you?

Why getting my things with police escort isn't an option

The year at the forest department until OSP 6 months of that they held one of the two required forms of ID threatened everything including my rabbit's remains who was a therapy companion animal actually. several times they are recorded admitting the apartment they forced a lease under threats to my property and the remains of my animals and at first even my animal after the first one died in their care while Maple Grove Police enforced an illegal lockout with zero notice at a place my mom claimed to be my landlord and in 8 months $6,300 of services were rendered.

Why it's not an option is I had end of lease within 20 days of when they filed that ofp I had already been given notice to vacate but on top of that several times I have my parents recorded admitting the apartment they picked one is not a great place to deal with them all they force two is too small for all of my things.

I have tons of evidence that most of what they've given back has been heavily covered in mold

My doctor my primary doctor February 2018 told me to get away from the mold the 6 months between 5 hotels three cities and a mental ward the pictures show a million words worth of description for the fact that I looked myself the first few months here with the car they made sure was moldy. Snow blows through it right before the lease starts period first few months here I still look pretty normal make me deal with it starts growing on the AC as I predicted it would come into the apartment because all of the DIY blogs all of the info I could find said don't do it yourself if you can't change between work area and living space this is God f****** nasty

They stoled after the court date they made sure I couldn't make this is not something I can control

Minnesota seems to at least Maple Grove wait until the OIP criteria is met because they're allowing one person to violate felony law or two parties against one violent violate felony law they stand behind illegal Acts or in between stopping them

With no mind to the effect on life that has and then the court swoops in or suicide happens

The state's interest to harm

 I have my parents admitting to falls police reports indicating my mom literally tried to kill me and then they filed a false TV report if anyone was willing to listen to the entirety just about everything they're doing to break the law has been admitted to at some point and then all of the terror attacks would become clear I don't want to be here this is the most incest disgusting f****** nasty thing I could not imagine it makes every horror movie I have ever seen look like a f****** child's play looks like the best thing you could have your kids watch to get ready for what Minnesota will do to you

October 2019 or November 2019 Maple Grove Police Minnesota city of Maple Grove poison

 If I had a printer let alone a desk not covered in mold I would request the police reports. There's October or November 2019 where I went to Maple Grove Police because months earlier I've been told I could file check fraud and mail fraud. What I really wanted was an end to the false police reports as weapons. What I really wanted was a stern warning at least for them to stop abusing the police. I went there having called the Minnesota State bar association hotline. I was told to communicate that my parents were unreliable witnesses. I figured police tried to go for evidence. I figured wrong. Maybe that's normal I've since found quite a bit indicating some crimes might pay them or the state. I really don't like this world. I haven't laid hands on either of them my parents that is they've both laid hands on me and anger my mom tried to push me over a railing and I told the police the day that I drove down there in the moldy car to the head recordings admitting that and that In general they use false reports as weapons. I set the part about what I'm looking for I said the DV report was her trying to kill me.

 It just dawned on me. If you want to see evidence that black people are no more inherently violent than white people Martin Luther King and...