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Friday, October 16, 2020

2020-10-16 call to Hennepin County sherif

 aka the call before the one I last posted.

the charge port gets the white stringy crap I'm guessing the bottom mic does two. phone has two mics. speakerphone uses one and I'm guessing non uses both (noise cancelation) 

If you click the link above it's the follow-up call I received.

Instead of allowing any report made it was the run around with the reach around.

Law enforcement.. is more concerned with civil legislation to allow locking someone in a hospital or another form of jail rather than even allowing a report of felony theft or attempted murder.

Minnesota has known since 1944 that starvation or malnutrition even produces even psychological effects. You could say how is that relevant but unless you're just not connecting the dots well how do you get money when even an ID can be stolen period without money how do you get food?

Medical science more recently has uncovered just how much more likely on average and we're getting close or probably already know whether it's public knowledge or not specific genes versus specific nutrient requirements not met how much that will shorten a life

But backing it out a few steps where's the morality In allowing a parent police protection after forcing labor to the point where even the adult child's bicycle can be stolen?

Both images of playground bully and type 2 diabetes come to mind

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