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2nd invoice

One of the two computers I built for them. Yes you're watching a football game on TV. The HD cable is decoded by the Box directly under the TV. 

which is in fact a computer. The Redbox off to the right was also something I sourced for them. I don't want this to be nickel-and-diming I also need the directly taken 4 to 5 years of my life and destroyed 16 years earned assets earned property through hours working, earned credit along with anything anybody has ever given me and everything I worked for as a future I need to be compensated for that especially because as I write this I can see my fucking ribs

Their house is safe because of me I detected that massive mold problem in 2014. I'm not saying I'm a genius that went there must be mold I slowly deduced a list of possible suspects until mold was most likely I was called crazy then Marlene began threatening to have me medicated then
Then police after I forget about it it makes me sick when Cosmos dies. He was our cat he lived at their house and I went to visit him while he was sick the last time I've been sleeping on the basement carpet The Moldy basement carpet.. 8 months of bleeding start in 2017 I moved back in January 2018 as it's confirmed by the professional that there is in fact a mold problem and one that's been around since at least 2001. Parent start gaslighting it making false promise after false promise then Falls Police reports then threats to me and my animals my property other people's property entrusted to me for either design projects or repair then my mom literally tries to push me over the railing and August 2018 I leave for a hotel because she had a surgery and wouldn't leave me alone not because I was still bleeding from the corners of the eyes with pinprick wounds up and down my body a week and a half in or so the lock changes

I don't think any of the hotels count when the lock was changed with 0 notice.

I did not pick this apt, they did and threatened to leave me homeless with nothing if I didn't sign the lease imediately.

There for counting it as value given especially well forcing labor for 9 months on their car and still destroying all of my things

I don't want to nickel and dime them I want what I worked for I want the time that has been stolen under threat to my property under threat to my animals when they were alive under threat to me. Normally my animals would be first I can't eat right now let alone mourn them

I am 3 years if not more I don't even have the energy to count malnourished I've probably lost 50 lb I went hungry 30 days last year being made to prove where the money went twice that they were giving me despite having commanded I make a budget for cleaning their toxic moldy car well I'm saying this is dangerous this is not a good use of my time transfer the title I will sell it scrap It whatever It takes not to have to deal with this

but then I get threats that all of my stuff is donated recycled at the storage garage they want to give me the address to is going away if I don't hurry up with their car meanwhile police make me drive away from even public property outside the house that would still be rent currents for the amount of services rendered

And that's at market value or market average and the service I have performed since 2004 professionally for small business and homes

That invoice should actually be plus $2,000 everything I made working for third parties during this time went to cleaning their moldy car when they learned I earned they cut what they gave to make sure I couldn't meet the requirements. Not just budget but seems like I can't do 3 days of work in one day because you will not allow me to afford or get a rental car or allow me access to my kitchen things so I may be able to spend 3 days without leaving the apartment while I take apart remediate and put back together your f****** car

St cloud State business taught that if you ever performed a service professionally the person that was performed for basically anything but stopping you from doing it is obligated to pay. Paul and Marlene demanded some of these services and threatened to coerce others. I haven't done mold remediation professionally so that is not included in the 6300 but probably should count as forced labor

I've got my dad threatening that I'm going on another emergency medical hold for not bowing to his commands even when they would be and were creating endangerment to my life he has several times told me I'm going to prison or I'm going to jail told me things like I will enjoy prison because I can have a boyfriend I'm not gay nothing against anybody who is quite a few of my friends have been over the years period in fact I wish I could stop yelling f*g** at my dad. I've never used that word with the gay person for whatever reason it really flies off the tongue there isn't actually words to describe the amount of sick nastiness I feel when they do things to command and control me to endanger my life under threat to 20 grand of things paid for in cash another 25 on credit when my animals were alive or just when Clyde was still alive Paul threatened to put Clyde in a washing machine like for clothes

Both in private have told me things like I get what I want when I want Paul has said he owns me and I now have him admitted to having said that well it might not be technically illegal as Maple Grove Police pointed out

That should be a sign in combination with attempted murder two physical assaults check fraud mail fraud forgery of another adult signature..

But for whatever reason in Maple Grove and increasingly St cloud perhaps under the same Union local I'm apparently of interest to the state if I'm dead or ordered to some form of mental health services if not detained in a corporate mental ward

It's kind of f***** you can commit sell any level acts of malice that are actual crimes and the police can refuse a report by threatening a mental hold or emergency medical hold it's kind of f***** how the first time that was done on false police reports it doesn't actually line up with any of the laws it doesn't say anywhere that I'm supposed to get told to turn and face the vehicle hands on the vehicle then have my pockets searched and Pat it down with rubbing of the pockets before being detained for 3 days and a mental ward for the reason of paranoid suicidal threats to Dad gee I wonder you move in somewhere someone says they're your landlord 8 months later the lock changes 3 months in and 3 hotels probably 5 rooms at that point I've been back and forth between the first two already because Paul is picking short bookings I'm paying for food I'm paying for gas unable to access my things or my live rabbits at the time yeah I wonder why would I be paranoid? My mom is only tried to push me over a railing at that point 2 week s match after threatening to push me down that same staircase

It would seem to me that a year and a half of having to leave public property outside where all my valuables are locked well being barred communication even by the fact that if I show up the police show up whether or not I set foot on their property and up and after Paul and Marlene telling me we're not keeping your stuff all you have to do is come get it

Well even if I decided to break in from my understanding services for rent and someone telling you their your landlord should go a long way to creating a lease and that's criminal level theft of service alone. The police ignore even that they are destroying my things but the police act to keep me from my property from papers I need even to fight the court case a year and a half later please keep me from things I need or needed to keep Clyde safe my rabbit please keep me from Bonnie's ashes period Clyde is in my freezer because of this Bonnie's remains where USPS address to me

I need to eat right now I can see my ribs

My emotions are haywire because they even keep my bike they have forced down to a tee if I can even leave this little hell hole they picked out without doing so on foot then April after filing the ofps almost a month before and with the only reason I wasn't homeless being the eviction ban for covid-19 they come up and steal another felony amount from my garage

I found it's supposed to be a crime you conspire to abuse the legal system to harm someone it seems like Paul and Marlene will get away with murder well I'm being well murdered but also robbed starved damage for life endangered every day tortured


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