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Friday, October 30, 2020

a good article from psych Alive


what seems to be absence from discussions I've thus far found... 

some laws still on the books very much protect the ability of an adult to maintain Saftey security and privacy. 

for instance with out a court order of costodialship if another adult one can sign another's name let alone steal felony amounts repeatedly intimidate with verbal threats and physical assult...

just signing someone else's name can affect their ability to adult.. aka background and credit check will make finding housing to employment hard. 

when police acting on personal bias to esoteric policy to perhaps protecting affiliation.. any reason.. when police show refusal to enforce anything or repeated discriminatory action in enforcement and the other party continues the endangering acts... 

the odds of regaining life or independence are slim

this situation is akin to slavery, debt servitude forced labor, theft of services, indentured servitude with out contract (see slavery)

reading about the history of police in the US; I came across how it used to be bands of citizens that would bring slaves back to their owners. What do police do with minor children that run away today?

when's the last time you heard of cps helping out side of an extension of dea or atf branch? 

Yet the apa knows even verbal abuse and emotional neglect parent to child leaves a teen 3 to 4x more likely to develop bpd around the age of majority. 

I think we manufacture the issues to support industries. 

while others knowingly or otherwise play along with a game equilvebt to 

"I fucking said we don't call it a rose anymore" 

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