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Sunday, October 25, 2020

A memory from last time I was crazy file under f*** you

 Well my parents will tell people I've never worked the fact of the matter is at NDSU I had a 30-hour a week internship that was paid and during that period 16 credit hours. If you been to college you know that the general rule is at least one hour outside of class for every hour in class. That means that 62 hours a week were spoken for during that period and I was still taking care of business computers in Maple Grove or other nearby cities both by phone and or remote and going down there occasionally. That's far from the only job I've ever had and I've described that elsewhere on this site

I realized the memory that I just recovered is also very illustrative of how they abuse the position that one of us knows how to care about other people are they abuse the trust. I had wanted to get into wine making and beer making . I was given a kit one Christmas I was given a kit one Christmas that was either right before or as I was working that often. Housing prices in Fargo also fluctuated greatly to the point where I was moving about every two years every one year at first period most of my time was spoken for but during the period I moved back all of a sudden they realized I haven't used the gift they gave me and at one point my mom is giving me grief over that using it to point out how lazy I am and ungrateful. January cruel and unusual quote accepting any gift from your parents is also a reason the police can stand back and watch as they murder you basically I believe is exact words were they're always going to have some control or rather if you accept anything from your parents they're always going to have some control period really dude you don't like have a dish or anything pair of socks from Christmas if so then I'm sorry for you not sorry enough where I think you should be in the position where you enable people to kill other people stand between even communication with that badge and gun but I kind of digress here

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