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Accountability and tyranny start with police

 I think we're being invaded by the narcissist and sociopath. Maybe the joke is that's how it's always been. Kid Rock Says you can look for answers but that ain't fun get in the pit and try to love someone. As interesting a use of the word love as that is I'm going to attempt to describe a way to implement record of the people we entrust to enforce the law and to protect lives. Hopefully one that protects their lives without being invasive as well. This is just one part of defense against corruption and tyranny defense against abuse of power. The short version of the introduction paragraph is I'm going to try for constructive criticism here and try to make it real world. If you think I am not the person or not qualified well I think all you have to be is a citizen have an opinion if you think otherwise we probably aren't going to see eye-to-eye.

note: bellow is extreamly rough. too big a topic for the transcribe and thumb tap I started entering it with(smart phone) 

I I need to get my chair and folding table desk cleaned off then boot the laptop with out a battery. water spilled on my matress / torture device used as bed desk couch etc.. for most people the laptop would have been gone. It didn't even turn the light on when plugged in afterwards. Rubbing alcohol a little brushing and the oven I was able to get the laptop back but the battery pack no longer functions. I have a feeling HP has a trip once sort of fuse. It could be the battery reached end-of-life but the timing of the two being exactly the same day is highly unlikely

There needs to be an objective record

What spurred this post is the underlining last night of the realization that if police can refuse a report then even if we have the best justice system in the world what good is it when you won't get to that Court? Or when the only way you're getting there is by someone else accusing you of the crime that they do allow reported.

Within the bounds of the current system where the police and then prosecutor or district attorney decide criminal charges go to trial there's still a way to make this more fair

It starts with police interactions need to be recorded. But that also presents problems 

  • technical 
  • implementation 
  • Individual concerns 
  • Organization level 
Not on the list is potential sleeper cells that have infiltrated law enforcement agencies. Though we are giving  stimulus checks to illegal immigrants... 

so maybe in implementing recording of law enforcement we should hear out the concerns of those sleeper cells๐Ÿ˜‚ no this has nothing in common with marijuana being illegal unless you bring it to the gov to get your tax stamp. ๐Ÿ˜‚

magnetic storage keeps on impressing as far as density goes. I don't think the challenges are so much technical as they are a system to make sure recording devices stay on and the date of a record isn't tampered with. Also of concern would probably be implementation because officers are human and if I put myself in that position if I was wearing a body cam all day it be pretty awkward to have to take a massive shit. Especially if it was live streamed. Yeah I could have done without shit there but I'm not trying to be the level of formal I'm probably coming off. 

I realized after I wrote this that we probably already have ai sophisticated enough to identify human emotional states in recorded audio or video. Either inflection or facial recognition. Actually I read an article recently where yeah I hook two electrodes on someone's head is starting to be able to decode our thoughts. Which I kind of theorized was going to happen I'm really glad to see it is because if you look around here transcribe doesn't always work very well especially when there's toxic mold growing in your microphone. With my luck it'll soon be in my brain cavity. But maybe that is actually lucky. I digress. And thinking of ways to both keep a recorded stream and filter out the possibility that Sergeant or whatever the command structure is ends up listening to you grunt on the toilet hey I might be the most efficient way to do this. I would imagine it's already to the point where with a high degree of accuracy it could determine conflict versus a bowl movement. 

If your number two confuses A system that is demonstrated to whatever arbitrary degree of accuracy into identifying the audio as a 10 person homicide you in that case probably need to see your doctor not worried about the system. 

The moment a weapon is fired (this is my rifle this is..) most people at least in Minneapolis and the suburbs in any position involved with law enforcement probably already know we have computers that can do that already. Or rather software running on them and without further technical detail you know microphones are involved. Which reminds me I should see if there's any publish data for how many false positives that system produces. Everything so far and below this actually has been top of my head. Along the same lines I would assume that system is pretty good. The Technology's been there a long time but that doesn't always say much about implementation though

This might actually be the most efficient way to safeguard privacy and intimate or personal moments during a shift like you know when the nachos don't agree with you. Because the obvious problem with

we need all police to have body cams and or audio recorders. Preferably both. Two devices body cam should do audio as well but two devices provides a bit of a Fail-Safe.

in the spirit of checks and balances, seperation of powers there needs to be an external, audit oversight and review agency

even the doj finds reforms it enforces undo themselves quickly.

lack of external oversight does not work.

When police are now deciding judge jury and potential executioner or more importantly acting as a Sentry preventing access to a court with actual standards of Justice

The potential harm is multi-faceted and extreme. You might not realize it but what does that do to the statistic that puts them in control of it for 1. Which means you can literally create the need for yourself. Which is the back seat to the lives taken the lives lost and the Injustice created which human history shows will lead to more lives taken.

Part of maintaining order through a justice system was an alternative to going and fucking killing the person who killed your family member. This isn't debatable this has been known human history shown time and time again. And if the history book is alive and that's not my problem I'm going on what I was forced in compulsory education to learn.

we aren't that far from the ability to take it off and have your walkie buzz you in 10 minutes as a mutable message via phone or walkie.

I say we arnt that far because it's totally doable 5 years ago and I can think if a way to do it for under 10 bucks right (non bulk orders) now but
I don't know the current state of data links/network topologies for police Com in mpls and subarbs I  do know it varies by city state etc.

Or in other words what I'm saying is specific integration combined with cost-effectiveness is the challenge the Technology's been there for a long time

last I heard Hennepin County ems was moto iden trunked networks around 800mhz

I've seen news talking about gov wanting a unified 4g or 5g tech but no idea what if any real world roll out has occurred.

but I can see the ability to do some cool things that could improve Saftey and lesson invasion if private moments while over all the system would be less prone to 20 unarmed protesters shot in back and not a single body cam activated. cool from officers perspective would be no need to sign in and your weapon only fires for you or other officers not who ever managed to pull it from the holster. transponder in a ring sets your id / sign-in starts the squad car as you walk up, signs in body cam and through a  purposefully gimped circuit on the fire/safe mechanism the weapons only read the transmitted id in the proximity of your hand.

(aka something with range to unlock car before you are at the door wirh out foresight doesn't work very well for keeping your pistol from shooting u. but it's not a tech problem to overcome just a mater of attention to detail by the Corp implementing it)

as for body cams that have a system to get turned or put back on... depending on how you'd want to orchestrate this as and network architect or engineer the first alert is maybe 5min and buzzes walkie and or smart phone but but network wide.

the way I can see it, having the walkie be a 5g ap and or car be a micro cell would be advantageous for a lot of reasons. I'm thinking large forces where u don't want every alert up stream.

first body can off stays local but might create a log entry. Second dispatch contacts 3rd it's overrideen and turns back on. possibly it records the entire time but throws the data away unless 3rd alert hits.

And maybe dispatch want to be the one the contacts that would be an external audit agency

Point I'm trying to make is illustrating that it doesn't have to be invasive.

If you're against it because you don't want review able record of the authority WE THE PEOPLE Give to  you...

Then I personally have a problem with you. Maybe that makes me the minority and I mean I'm not stupid you can probably shoot me and get paid leave

my qualifications 

actually it should be a bit more than just a citizen. except I'm a citizen caught in the reality that Minnesota's police force thinks strong-arming someone out of Justice through refusal to act is okay. Minnesota courts have decided that it's not a failure to protect to refuse to act. Accept the actions they do take have barred me from all my property and are allowing someone to poison me I want to physically attempted murder earlier. I don't like these narsacistic nasty sociopathic games because what it boils down to is if you can't shit US dollars with every coil you leave well what's the point in making money are working when someone can take everything from you? How likely are you to be able to escape the situation? How about when they're allowed to sign your name well not allowed but no one will stop them. Steal anything you earn stalk you police will arrest you for attempting to get it back because of a civil court decision that the party pork used you make sure you cannot attend. 

Police inaction with strong-arming and or action to prevent Justice or even recovering stolen property. Refusal to even allow a report of attempted murder while it's still continuing

Other non-technical qualifications which you'll see some of below and some technical but I'm deeply trusted by both predator and prey. 

You can classify these animals as whatever you will. The dad I have perjuring himself. Play me and I'm unstable lying about requirement for me to be on any meds or that anyone has ever diagnosed that well here's pretty decent evidence of what he's saying and how false that is. with out pulling all my records.. here's a half decent argument:
if he's not a liar then what was he doing putting me with in arms reach of all these people in 2014. no security.  not like anyone in there's important is it?

 I could have been the first person in what appears to be three people in front of me. this  I'm just tall so in the intrest of others having a view i stood at the back. I shook Frankens hand after and thanked him for defending net neutrality. 

chair and desk mentioned way above 

Being old enough to remember Anthrax in the mail and in 2020 hearing officer Rory Hanson of the Maple Grove Police Department tell me I didn't see that put the phone away when I was explaining that I have been forced under threat to everything I own everything I worked for still to this day being destroyed to labor on a mold-infested car. I showed Rory a picture of the backside of the headliner and the response was I didn't see that put the phone away. I somehow doubt if I were to take a bunch of black mold in a bunch of this put it in an envelope and mail it to everybody in the picture above... 

Double standards eventually it will crash the nation if we allow parents back by police to prey on their children

The SMS / message above where he says you idiot check any camera you want just discussing this. 6 months into illegal lock change eviction  between 5hotels Tri-Cities a mental ward 2 x the vet in Saint Cloud once the day Bonnie died and so Clyde(rabbit /photo above) could say good bye(to Bonnie).. 

The only lease they have ever forced me into or apartment they have ever picked out right before that least started snow blew through the cars cabin vent system. I lived in Fargo North Dakota for 8 years and have never seen that. All of a sudden 2009 Ford Taurus that have been in their incredibly moldy attached garage. Well incredibly moldy house with attached garage supper's this mysterious incident that makes the entire cabin wet. I had realized if he did it the hotel lot might have cameras that would have captured it. 
And that's how he responded. Note Bonnie's ashes were sent to me United States Postal Service addressed to me at their address. She remains among the held and opened mail

Also note she was technically a pstd companion therapy animal.

The weld head for capacitive discharge resistance spot welder that I designed from the board level up. I got it working. To use in about 10 times and I'm probably going to die before I get back to it. This type of welders the industry-standard way to make lithium ion battery packs. To buy a quality unit cost three grand I probably made this for $400. Tesla Motors just bought Maxwell ultracapacitors or Matt Foley electronics that probably makes things other than just ultracapacitors but that's part of the reason Elon Musk wanted Maxwell. If you scroll further you'll see that the capacitor bank I used was actually assembled of Maxwell ultra capacitors. 

The box that I designed to do vacuum pull-down UV lithography

This is a device to emulate those door fobs or card Keys used to unlock doors. At its heart that's an RFID tag in any of those fobs or cards. This is an at tiny microcontroller pretending to be one. It's attached to a board I produced on my UV lithography process

The acid for etching in a tank I made. I made the acid too

Some people might have guessed that color green comes from copper. This is in fact the same fluid that's in the tank above before it dissolved the initial scrap copper. It's hair bleach and pool acid. In other words hydrogen peroxide and 30% HCL

Cheap Chinese acid resist. Touched up with literally nail polish in areas I didn't trust it. Why nail polish? Because the acid resist is acrylic and so it's nail polish. On the welder board I used actual Du Pont riston for the first time and didn't realize how much better it was some of the lines look wavy but that's because I tried to reinforce them when I didn't actually need to. And for anyone familiar with this process if it wasn't for lack of properly prepping the boards. The Chinese purple junk is exactly that

What my life looks like well Maple Grove Police and Paul and Marlene insist I need to be dead basically

The alternative to human police. Built-in bodycam in the form of head mounted lidar. 
As a police officer if Minnesota adds law about taunting police as their battery nears depletion your time is probably Limited. 

I believe this robot uses traditional Motors. Electra polymers is a huge area of research right now if you think this looks humanoid wait till those improve. Electra polymers are like stretchy Plastics that when a voltage is applied contract. Some kind of like something on your body? What happens when the taser hits?

He was likely sitting across the street. This is like 2 weeks after their ofp is passed in my absence I have walked out the door and not more than two minutes later I get the text message are you going to eat? As far as I know they have no reason for being in St Cloud. They picked this place basically to kill me but I have no say in where I lived I had no say in moving out I have no notice. I only moved back in because their house ended up making me sick and that was determined January 2018 it was reiterated when they changed the lock August 2018. Because the first week at a hotel 16 months of bleeding stopped. Moving back in my mom said she's my landlord they accepted and up and demanded a total of 6.3 thousand dollars of Professional Services they know me to have performed for pay in the past. Minnesota supposed to recognize oral leases and service for rent. How do you expect Justice when someone cannot only wear you down with labor that they don't pay for but then police will help them make off with everything you have ever worked for or been given? They came and stole a felony level amount after the ofps  passed in my absence

They filed for those in Hennepin County's 4th District having chosen a year before that I live in Stearns. They filed for them knowing that having to clean their moldy car for 9 months here pissed off the landlord. They filed them knowing that I had at the time they filed about 20 days to vacate at the end of the lease. They filed them knowing that the car that I had to get from Stearns to Hennepin had been broken down for six days

They filed them having taken my driver's license from that car. I would be homeless right now if not for the fact that Minnesota enacted in eviction ban For covid-19. 

That was March 2020 in April they came and stole my computer my mate welder and my compound miter saw from my garage. Yesterday police again refused to update or allow report. 


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