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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Acting on false information

 Maple Grove Police initially seem to have taken my parents lies verbatim. What's been as annoying as potentially lethal has been hearing info like why not get a po box instead of taking action on forgery of my signature holding my mail and helping my parents steal hold and destroy everything I ever worked for and have been given by anyone. Also 6.3k in services during the 8 months I lived there and my mom had stated she is my land lord.

Some officers have insisted I can't file theft I gave them my things moving out.

Others and or the same now treat me as incompetent while enforcing dangerous to life conditions be and standing between me and personal property such as all of my kitchen. Insisting my parents give me enough. Which might be true if it wasn't spent on fast food because I don't have a kitchen

But for the record PO box isn't the most novel suggestion it does also cost money but here's something I remember from something they supposedly gave me but make sure I have no ability to use


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