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Active versus reactive

 Something thought even by Maple Grove Senior high was you need to be able to plan ahead move on possible not when forced.

The large purchases that I  can still remember during 2005 to 2006 and the fact that I had an $11 an hour regular jobs that also featured commission on home loans period and at that point I believe I was up to charging around 70 for the first hour of IT services and 30 an hour after possibly 35 the records are possibly thrown away by Marlene and Paul but Maple Grove Police have ensured that I have no access to anything.. the point I'm trying to get at is even assuming I was on the street without those jobs I would have been able to walk out of that house with $7,000 and good credit. I had four regular small businesses for it support and two dozen homes. Between 2005 and 2010 just in custom computers built for one client not hourly not anything like that just in partying designing assembly service the profit was $5,500 this is stuff I can remember off the top of my head because that's how much I put into it of my dedication that was one client.

Fast forward to August 2018 8 months after moving back in with my parents from what turned out to be a sickness caused by their house I had left for a maximum of 2 weeks at a hotel and they changed the lock. 8 months of bleeding there before that 8 months of bleeding at the apartment and that bleeding stopped the first week at the hotel.. but I essentially left with what was on my back. Due to the fact that my dad and I had made an agreement right before the bleeding started my credit was maxed and either way the move was 51 MI as in no job would have been maintained between the two . The things that could have been maintained weren't allowed to be maintained because I had projects that when completed were salable on their own and one was required to make one that was contracted by someone in California that had two good opportunities at getting me 60k to $100,000 a year as a corporate employment

Over the 8 months at their house at market average rate I did 6,300 in skilled labor. that's something like 42 months of rent at what the market rate for a 10x10 room would be there. Or in other words if police weren't assisting in the theft and destruction of 16 years of what I earned as I type this..

But to the point of the title I wasn't paid for that, my credit was destroyed because all the sudden I couldn't make payments and then I'm forced out while they keep everything I ever earned forced around under threat to it . Forced into a lease in another town 6 months later. Forced to work on their car without even the PPE that I had purchased etching circuit boards but would have been ideal for mold

Without the required two forms of Id federal law to seek any kind of employment

And I'm still in The empty apartment. Except my compound miter saw my MIG welder and my workstation desktop computer walked out of the garage April 2020. Even though my parents have admitted to having everything but the MIG welder what are the odds they don't? And yet police won't allow that added to the report I think I filed the day it happened. Why do I say I think I filed it who knows if the officer actually started it. Yesterday I wanted to amend that report or maybe the day before but instead I was given the option of emergency medical hold or forced attainment at a medical facility.

There's no way to plan in an environment or be active instead of reactive if you have to plan for anything you have can walk out the door at any moment any crime can be committed against you it's planned for every contingency and you better not even lose your temper enough to say anything that might be and even if you don't we'll find a way to get you anyway. Which might be a bit extreme in the last bit but nothing I've seen indicates that 

Any  rules or laws will be enforced on anybody but me with the involved parties.

With my credit destroyed with what they got added to my background check by ensuring I couldn't make the trial if I need to move I can't sign for a lease I had from 2006 to 2017 never missed a credit payment usually paid more than the minimum and I did not have a huge balance that whole time I had near excellent credit if not near perfect credit

if someone can sign my name well they're stealing from me if someone can open my mail hold my mail sign my name on things from my mail there's really no hope here

What they did also screwed up my ability to hope to get any job that requires  security clearance it might interfere on its own with finding housing is hard enough with what's been done to my credit. 

I had worked my ass out to put my life where it should be for this age instead I got set back to worse off than when I was 18 in every way. And there's nothing stopping them from doing it again and again and again. The law should be stopping it but instead they act downright predatory.

The active that I've been able to be is for seeing things like if I don't know where I'm going to be next month it's downright dangerous to look for a job even if the minimum wage kind. Because that's the sort of thing that you have a 2 week or 3 week training. And if all of a sudden you're on the street or have to move towns you basically burn the bridge of that company.

How likely is it I would get a job in 3 week old clothes x days hungry?

How reasonable is it to force where someone lives Force there in an empty apartment Force complex labor they themselves say as dangerous as they are not qualified for for 9 months and then steal more. The way I see it usually people don't move until they have some source of income in that town period what happened to me was I was literally drained of even the money grandparents had left me let alone credit or any ability to have anything and then plopped here starved repeatedly and now I fight the battle between being labeled and abuser as basically another control method by a court with the standard of evidence similar to someone said you're a witch prove you're not a witch and or the risk of commitment to a mental ward for not being able to care for myself this is absolutely f****** insane

And at 6,300 US dollars doesn't include me performing what's the hired mold pro set for instructions for how to start with the remediation. IE spraying down The moldy trim coming back and spraying again then ripping the trim off in the basement peroxide and everything I could painting over with mold killing primer. Cleaning my dad's work room thinking that room might be better or the fact that the computers I was doing work on for them were computers I built for them without having charge for that period one was almost entirely spare parts because by age 22 I had built 30 computers for profit. They argue that somehow because they throw a number out there and I won't deny they have given me money but they literally argue that they have right to everything of mine everything earned on credit and so far have been able to literally get away with attempted murder by trying to push me over a railing, claim to own me, and still poison me

Furthermore though there's a lot of talk right now about supporting police because law creates order. That shouldn't take too much mental math to figure out that it's hard to order anything if you can't count on laws being enforced especially repeated violations to a felony level done in Malice.

If it's down to the very basis supposedly of why we have laws in a free society.

Or rather what anarchy would be it's it's basically plan for the raiders of the other tribe or any individual nothing done to you will be prosecuted but here's a court that will want to label you for anything you are accused of

But on top of that I likely have mathematics dyslexia and probably was mildly normal dyslexic. I discovered I had all the signs of childhood dyscalculia. I realized what that was at maybe age 22 to 24 I happened to running to who had been my college calculus professor shortly after discovering it at a restaurant one night and even he thought that was pretty probable. He actually remembered me despite the fact that it was a lecture hall and said what every math teacher came through 12 has ever said I don't get it it's he gets it in class but then he does terribly on the test . Only Jason said that makes a lot of sense because you seem to get it in class... Come by my office I will get you tested . and funny enough my parents were there they will act oblivious to anything if it suits them but it was pretty much emotional hell from 220 miles away every moment after that until I forgot about it. Not that it's their fault though I did look at them and ask them please remind me to follow through with that period because the thing is during my whole time at NDSU my dad would do things like call repeatedly if I didn't pick up like nine times in a row and sometimes call my girlfriend's cell phone number if you're going to get a hold of me. I would tell him that this kicked off the PST that I had from finding him near dead of an aortic aneurysm at age 16 he would tell me it doesn't matter I want to talk to you period because someone calls like that you generally think of someone's dying anyway. but on top of that didn't matter what I had going on every time he would want the exact path to graduation even if he had called and asked the same thing a week before . Yet asking him to remember something like that it's not about me at all it's about controlling me it's about can I have that bit of his time where I make him do what I want? Or like right now you got to do more and more and more well we take every system you've ever devised to make sure you're efficient at anything or even healthy

and that last bit plays into literally how well one is able to adapt and overcome. neuroplasticity. 

But as for both of math dyslexic and normal dyslexia when I was 13 I had taken the ham radio license test I think 3 times and failed. Then I realized my main issue was I wasn't able to read for detail because I could hardly keep a line from jumping and bending and all over the page but I figured out blank note cards above and below and eventually to the point I only needed one and then none. Then the next time I took the amateur radio license exam I passed. All the sudden my mom goes from why would we pay for that test again to owe now you expect us to buy you an expensive radio? You're 13-year-old son just passed a knowledge exam containing radio theory and literally the night I come home instead of congratulations it was now you expect us to buy you a radio. A mother actually attentive might have even picked up on the problem there but it was never about me it was about what can we find wrong with him what do I want to make him do to feel something in me period at times they're not raging I tend to forget it one but two I've long known they would be described as emotionally inattentive authoritative.

And you can argue that doesn't matter I'm 32 now but I think within that argument you should also consider you're arguing that you would be perfectly fine if someone took everything from you ran your credit out and you had no expectation of any further legal violations prosecuted let alone allowed reported. Did I mention that the type of restraining order they filed also got rid of my second amendment rights? You can pull my background check there's nothing on it other than that I have no criminal record I have no history of violence. 6 months before they filed that I went to the Maple Grove Police and told them I have records indicating that the one DV report on my record was one of several falsified reports used as weapons. Maple Grove Police could have taken that time to tell me there's a thing called Ofp that I could apply for. Instead I was told if we put that on record we might be liable. I had mentioned the mail fraud and check fraud another officer on another night had told me that they could and would help me file for that period I'd mentioned what I was really looking for was to get the police reports to stop when falsified or like a slap on the wrist to stop using the police as weapons I had mentioned that my parents even claimed to own me. And after all that I was also told it's not illegal to say you own someone this seems like a very well executed bracket period not the type for tennis I mean unless the tennis racket to beat someone to death.

But worse than that the entire time like the six months before the first lease up till now I hear a different story on when I'll get my stuff back period even different stories on if I can have what was stolen back directly stolen from my apartment. Moving out of the last place before their house the 8 months they threw stuff away promising to replace it. Minnesota law says it's illegal to make a promise or it's theft to make a promise with no intent to fulfill it. The same has been said for having a workspace to complete contracted with third-party work period which also runs out do I have anyone willing to offer me a hand. Most relationships be it associate friend or romantic are not ever going to be ideal. You need to perform at some level but if someone can steal anything from you this is obscene. But with the mathematics dyslexia the constantly changing budget that they lie about even to me try to insist they give me one amount when they did not and usually they did not amount is in three small chunks. Random chunks. there's I forget the term for it but it's basically a grouping issue we're dividing the number into smaller parts is harder for anyone with that period it would be hard as f*** anyway because I don't even have a place to sit and make a budget. But then with the lies about if I get anything back when it will happen and the thefts there is no way to keep a priorities list

The 9 months with mold car I got a nosebleed every time I got in it. If you're reading for detail I don't have anything in my kitchen except Clyde rabbit in the freezer. That meant every meal I was dependent on getting in that car which was not time efficient but also if you look at the top of the blog that's the sunroof from the car. nosebleed after every meal noticeably potentially every time even if I could get a minimum wage job every time I got into the car for a random like the time cuz not help with timeliness. It basically turned it into solitary confinement as well. Solitary confinement after a trauma solitary confinement in general has been now shown to cause brain damage


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