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Advertising liability and family court

 Part of me from me from the tiny nothing that symbolizes my legal knowledge suggests the ads might be a liability. From my understanding though to pursue slander one has to show tangible losses not suggest the other might have gained. But at the same time I wasn't even aware family court was a thing. Which appears to have its own Salem Esq set of rules that make those who are fans of Massachusetts in the 1600s positively giddy.

 the last thing I would have suspected is you can tell someone via actions and words that threaten lives and property; to essentially put the lotion on their skin get the hose and then court and then the hose again

I especially would not have suspected that those actions could repeatedly violate ci vil to misdemeanor to felony law well being malicious in nature only for law enforcement to discriminate on a per-party basis and not enforce the laws as the illegal actions create threat to life.

It's a lot to put together even if you know some of the contributing factors or have assumptions suited to that conclusion. It's especially a lot to put together if you've managed 32 years and can count your court appearances on one hand worth of fingers with fingers remaining. Plural. After all compulsory education before during or after the social studies teacher mentioning how brainwashed Korea is I think US students are still being told to stand dogmatically say something along the lines of land of the free with liberty and justice for all? Learning about checks balances and separations of power? Freedoms of association? Free speech? And yes threats should be somewhat separate but to ignore conditionality free speech is dead.

For instance

 If pigs fly and if for whatever reason it can be externally proven that at the same time I develop the ability to flap my arms and levitate and peer-reviewed study can prove these are related and happening then I'm going to brutally murder you

Well if the court doesn't consider conditionality I suppose yeah I just threatened to murder you. But when we stretch it that far or assume that I'm the level of crazy that could hallucinate that then how do you even reason that I think murder is death not buy you an expensive car?

Next thing missing is context in which something was said and it appears neither is considered

But the point of advertising here is among the laws overlooked and repetitive crimes to harm and terrorize have been mail fraud check fraud theft of physical ID,0 notice lock change eviction with police helping the self-proclaired landlord seize hold threaten and continue to this moment to destroy all assets and personal property. There was also false police reports and what got recorded as DV was my mom trying to push me over a railing aka attempted murder. What I told the relevant police department when I finally managed to get evidence of that recorded was that what I'm looking for is so much as a slap on the wrist or stern warning or what the bar hotline told me to say was unreliable witness on record. I was told if we put that on record we might be liable. This would have been a great time to tell me that an option was an OFP. It appears Minnesota family court has the idea of justice is meant for it first come first serve. This is terrifying in its own right.

The point is if you're following for detail having the funds for any defense... Even if you have them how can you hold on to them if none of you above is enforced when it's in fact a violation of law?

If you look up the reality behind Google adsense it probably never will pay for a defense. This site's primary purpose or intent is should I die from these actions it does what a dead body cannot. The old saying is dead men tell no tales. It costs $13 a year. The ads might realistically pay for that or pay that back. Not at the current level of traffic though.

I would love to produce more quality content and or be able to edit and proofread more. After filing the OFPs Marlene and Paul who happened to be my mom and dad actually the better way is a month after they passed in my manufactured absence Marlene and Paul stole $1,000 plus of equipment from my garage which police again refused to do anything about. As far as I can read that was a felony level theft. It also puts me in a position of limit as to what I even have to type on let alone proofread and edit on.

The police largely causative in the city Marlene and Paul live certain members like to go over verbatim on my parents claims without even asking questions like what would be required. What I mean is officer Hanson on several occasions your parents give you enough was either directly communicated or implied. Okay bro I gave you enough I gave you a week even and $10,000 where is my bridge across the Bering strait? The point I'm trying to make is without context or refusing context it's pretty hard to know what enough is. When overlooking actual legal violations because you were hearsay given a story and these violations might threaten life it becomes almost taunting to claim that anything would justify that. Especially from someone forcing it from a position of power by backing those who commit the potential crimes and/or excusing them because they gave you a hearsay story. In fact it's out of line with the concept of separation of powers as well. it creates a situation where police are playing judge jury and potentially executioner.

Desp ite the terror that says generated in my life and the actual risk I've tried to remain respectful. Partially out of realization that no officer in the nation that I know of or rather no department has a psych eval as a requisite. Partially out of I can put myself in another's position. Partially out of I start with a default level of respect for anyone I communicate with or encounter. That's not the same as deep respect or trust but we're all human. I also understand that job probably isn't easy or safe. The respect I have goes beyond words used I try to do things like visible hands on officer approach and or dome light on if it's night you know things that I can reason would would be potentially fear inducing , risk indicating or lacking in respect otherwise I try to keep out of the set of activities performed.

Which normally that's default for even people without a position of power over me. That said it gets rather hard when someone is ignoring crime after crime that endangers my life and my ability to escape the situation but not only that they're standing there casting personal judgment with a badge on their chest and a gun on their hip.

Then you learn according to LinkedIn they are five years your junior and from a town of about 3500 if I recall. And that might be the only job they've ever had. now this person from that position of power has been ignoring forced labor if not enforcing it.. has the tip of the iceberg and judging you as lesser by somewhat subjectively but I think if rationally externally and without incentive for bias the interactions were viewed it would be pretty objectively looked down on if you were to describe the auctions of officer Hanson. I've read that police are told to check personal bias at the door my subjective opinion his officer Hanson either was busy checking out the door during that speech or decided to check the door.

Note the quantity on things like the oxine. Also note the USB PlayStation adapter was a is a gift from my dad. With limited resources I remembered he was fond of racing games and managed to find a used thrift store steering wheel for racing games intended for PlayStation 2 This adapter for I think $13 allows it to attach to the computer. Which happens to be a computer I built for them.there's another one I built for them if it's in the living room and appears to be a surround receiver. It takes a HD cable card and can do pause on live TV while recording four channels at the same time. It responds to commands input via the Samsung TV remote sent over the HDMI cable as well. By age 22 and for clients custom order I had and built 30 custom some point Maple Grove police were told I've never earned a dollar in my life. Or something similar to that. I also overheard my dad communicating that John aka me is sick in the head. For the record no one has diagnosed that it's not a diagnosis and to this day there are not required medications for me to take. The likely illegal implementation of an emergency medical hold created the situation where a doctor I don't see regularly probably have never met before within 15 minutes gave me a diagnosis specifically and explicitly for delusions of mold and bugs. He did so after refusing to see expert testimony that both existed and ignoring that I was neither complaining nor showing any physical symptoms indicating issues. He asked for the story he got the story and proceeded to try to find a diagnosis. When I communicated I have an email with the mold pro that was hired and documents from the extermination at my previous apartment on my phone The doctor replied patients aren't allowed phones on the ward

I would argue that this makes it very subjective if not outright delusional to call medical conclusion

But either way the claims made on the OSP about their delusional son being sick in the head and off his meds should be viewed as outright perjury. The diagnosis involving delusional hapened 3 months after they changed the lock illegally with zero notice.

January 2018 is when I move back in and my mom declared herself my landlord. It's also when the mold problem that had existed for at least 19 years was professionally confirmed. The event described what the doctor was November 2018 the lock change happened August 2018.

Since around that time Maple Grove PD has enforced zero to no access to my property. Along with overlooking theft of physical ID mail fraud check fraud attempted murder to other physical assaults.

It's terrifying that a branch of civil court can then presume guilt on accusation AKA the burden is on the accused because from my perspective the parties targeting me with malicious up to felony acts with intent to harm finds a court that all it takes is the accusation of witch and then not only strips my rights without due processing on short notice with no consideration of can I even make court.

But then the police overlooked a subsequent felony level theft by the same parties

Right on the OFP forms you can request court-ordered money as the accuser. Unless the court is denying that assets are store which given Minnesota civil asset forfeiture and subsequent sale thereof would be rather hypocritical...

It seems all that matters is you're witch because they say so

Or more applied in OFP is a domestic violence restraining order. It's for those who fear eminent domestic violence. Well for a year and a half previous two filing, I've been ordered around based on threat to myself my animals and all of my property. I left essentially with what was on my back. In the 8 months there renting a 10x10 room at market value I performed $6,300 conservatively estimated in services I have performed for third-party small businesses and homes professionally in the pastand that's not counting the work I did on their moldy basement. St cloud State business law had this story about how it works if say an old lady walks to a personal protection agency to inquire about services no agreements are made. The end of the meeting one of the employees offers to walk her home because it's getting dark. She then gets an invoice in the mail. Yes she's obligated to pay it she accepted services from someone known to perform them. Most of the time with Marlene and Paul it was more of a demand.

Pretty sweet deal if you can demand services with a market value of $150 an hour and then take everything somebody ever owned and have the police help you keep them from it even sweeter if you can then start a court battle they can't hope to fight

Absolutely f****** psychotic and terrifying if you can then again steal the felony level of assets from them. That's not even touching on the fact that they made sure I still have their mold aka poisoning or bioterrorism

Furthermore their claims dated back to January 2018. several times they've taken everything from a car in a hotel lot or individual items doesn't really matter taking things I would need to either care for myself like in the form of medical records or to be able to defend this case. I was notified March 13th rather served 2020 for court on March 18th in the morning an hour and a half away without traffic and by car. The astute among anyone potentially reading or just those smart enough to click the calendar button might realize two of those days in between or weekend days and I was serve on a Friday

Paul and Marlene knew having to clean their moldy carin a location not suited for it that they had forced the lease under threat to all of my property ...
Paul and Marlene knew that had caused friction with the landlord. I can demonstrate several times over they were aware that I had to be out by the end of March at the end of the lease. In other words they filed March 11th knowing I had 19 or 20 days to vacate while they were still holding on to all of my property and in fact had my driver's license . About 6 months of that. A year of which in one place 9 months of that consume so 6 months of that year they had one of the required two forms of ID for me to even seek any level of external income. In fact I did earn externally and all of it was consumed on their forced labor and mold problem.

Furthermore at the time they filed they were well aware that the vehicle I had had been broken down for about 6 days. They might have even caused that

They decided via aforementioned threats where I lived and that was 45 minutes from their Maple Grove home. How can you allege you fear imminent domestic violence when you have that much power over someone repeatedly demonstrated you can break the laws and even attempt to kill them but even without that you have made sure they are 45 minutes from your home and no they don't have a car. Yet somehow you all of a sudden fear eminent domestic violence. At best that would require I have no desire to walk away from anything because anything's possible I mean once that's out the window where's the real negative to stealing a car? But somewhere in between shouldn't we look at what civil court normally considers to be the standard a rational adult? If otherwise rational what would drive someone to that extreme? I forget the name of it but I do recall there was a court ruling or defense where you were driven to these actions it's usually not the type that gets you out off the hookBut that's not the point I'm trying to make either. The point I'm trying to make is other courts realize in general that causality and context matter. Hard learned lessons and justice seem to be non-existent in this one

At best and not covering the overlooked unenforced crimes and the repetitive per-party bias. Just looking at something anyone is qualified to talk about. It would seem this court on a child level is the equivalent of absolute authority backing the older sibling who is punching the younger one in the backseat and saying stop hitting yourself. On a who came first basis with blatant disregard to anything except somebody made a claim now you have to just prove it and even if you can't attend you will face consequences.

When police are then allowed to ignore subsequent thefts it gets insane stop killing yourself why can't you just walk away? Why isn't gas free? Why isn't an item purchased replaceable with the receipt and the claim that it was stolen? If banking and my signature as an adult aren't protected if my mail isn't protected if the party's doing this have my social and my driver's license number why can't I just walk away? What are the odds that would stop it? Why why would people that likely know way better likely feign ignorance?  in doing so potentially elevate a position of power by someone with malicious intent?

The rub is summerized as they can steal from you , assults u or do anything I'm the legal set of possible human activities that might also be malicious but now you can be arrested for answering their phone call. They can call you as much as they want. they can come around you you can't go around them. When the police then have the power to arrest without warrant I would hope my cases is abnormalI can also see there's no protections built into this. No  systemic safeguards to try to weed it out. It being abusive it to gain a position of power. But when you've watched repeated potential harm to life crimes go un enforced well police mention any and everything is probably civil so not their duty but try to paint you as violent and then the court does this well learning that you're now arrestable without a warrant based on a cop believing you might have violated what would a rational person assume other than they're already arrested even if they don't know it yet?

But furthermore how is it not like it puts the lotion on its skin I'm going to keep telling it that and it better best f****** shut up about it again as I continue to harm it.

And yet still furthermore
The concept would seem to be too stop the most grievous of abuses and abusers, yet it requires first knowing about it as in family court and an OFp a means  to type the petition to get to family court to submit it and to arrive again on the day of the hearing. If the abuse is that heinous and the abuser that dangerous what are the odds that the person has that freedom of movement as an actual victim?

Food for thought I guess until that's out lawed.

I also Wonder despite the claim it's now gender neutral how often it is it granted for men seeking men against women and under what circumstances if any does the state or county receive federal funds via violence against women federal grants?

It's generally assumed wisdom there's no such thing as a free lunch. From what I've gleamed, an OFp Is somewhat unique as far as these things go. There's no statue of limits on when you can apply for it and it's free to file.

I would suggest that it's probably the case this benefits the state in some way


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