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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

An interesting read on standards of evidence

I intend to read this more thoroughly, more out of personal curiosity. I actually think what's going on with family court can be described without even introducing 

standards of evidence. It's that the balance has shifted to the point where we are not concerned with stripping rights at the drop of a hat. I'd say to do so justly it would have to be a two-sided van but who the hell am I. Well I'm entitled to my opinion until either the people who accuse me kill me or their actions results in starvation or maybe someone doesn't like what I'm saying. It's all the same really if talking about it perks then I wasn't meant for this world anyway.

Further evidence I think would be the fact that literally anyone can file for OFPs and not even citizenship of the state is required. There's a form you can fill out for a non-citizen from what I gather.

There's no statue of limitations The forms are free to file.

But actually introducing standards of evidence it would seem that there's far more in the defense than in the claim and the burden is on the defense I can't say I've been there yet I can't say I'll be able to. Police already made sure that I'm more likely to be dead than make that court date.


 random note I find it cool that there's a plato subdomain on the  Stanford site. I wonder where I would be if I have figured out mathematic dyslexia earlier. Probably right here. This is by far the worst time but anytime I get close to what was agreed on for what caused the actions something dramatic happens this time dramatic and illegal but no one really cares about illegal unless it's alleged words I said apparently.

For those unaware internet domains go right to left in most significant to least. Or top-level to subdomain. Or in other words. Com is actually the most important part for your browser to locate the server. The first part of the address is usually identified by the middle especially in the case of a subdomain but there's a lot of ways to do that depending on how the DNS is storing it and who's the authoritative I'm guessing Stanford has their own or they're using something like cloudflare possibly something other remote cloud hosted like Google or a AWS. I could a check I just don't care enough.

But basically the first thing the browser does is go to its list of IP addresses and check it against who has the dot-coms for a server. Which is more complicated but we're going simple here. It talks to that server and says hey who's this Stanford? Can I get the phone number? Which returns an IP address or the phone number as the metaphor goes. It might go a step further and ask for the IP of the next part which is the Plato in the front it might query the domain root server for that IP instead.You're very well could be on the same IP but with an institution that big and the amount of traffic I assume they get it's partly done for load division although there are better ways to do that it might also be a logical division of content I would have to type the domain and sub and see where it goes without the article attached or the after the slash rather.

everything passed the link was really just an excuse to talk about things that one I enjoy to I hope to be employed in some extent hoped long ago have been in the past want to be but in being held literally hostage. If I don't talk about them they won't be in my mind and the reality is everything is moving really quick and always has been in the tech world This is insane to do to a person

Minnesota of all states should know better. What I mean by that is we did the Minnesota starvation experiment which subsequently raised the question should psychiatric meds ever be prescribed if diet isn't addressed. if police can allow you basically thrown on the street or moved around under force and threat to all of your property in Minnesota considers property personal property under the theft laws... Well if you can interfere with someone's diet you're going to affect their emotional inhibition. The evidence is all there that if you screw with someone's diet you're going to get a less inhibited person yet even if they still manage just words or even if they don't say a thing all it seems to take is the accusation it would seem to me to be a bit of a racket. Maybe it was okay if the court design primarily for divorces would stick to the couple but Minnesota seems to do this double standard where parents owe or have no obligation to the welfare of their adult children after 18 except they have every ability to use the perceived position and trust to harm it almost starts to be like incest family ish...

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