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bait and switch all the way to the incinerator or mortition

 this may be lost on most.. I don't think we have an issue wirh women's rights.

I think we have an issue when one person of the age of teen let alone majority says to one of or above age of majority:

stop you are hurting me

but money followed by gender decides the police may tag team with the person hurting another

Minnesota police will reapropriate your property as they see fit either directly or by standing between you and it. 

they will stand between you and it then act like they can't see how moved around 5 cities in 22 months would prevent steady employment or having friends to turn to. 

they will allow others to reapropriate your friends or clients property as well as your tools and ask why u can't do the work you used to. (officer Hanson may 22 2020)

they will enforce threats to your life and more so if they realize they might have act in a way that leaves them liable or risks a slap on the wrist to office department or city.. while the reality of the situation might kill the victim painted otherwise 

then family court swoops in and says... it puts the lotion on its skin again and again and again and sees court after the hose again. 

it aparently doesn't matter if a mom tries to push her son over a railing dad shoves son across the room mom slams car door on sitting sons leg for asking her to stop Geting closer while she was again threatening to have him medicated.. which as a np isn't the same as non medical parent saying that

There would apear to be even fewer checks and balances more assumed trust because we trust trust in trusting to trust... trust... in the Malisical system mn calls medical. 

look at what happened to mn senator Scott Jensen for just sharing information with non trusted not trusted. 

but attempted murder, short ttime after verbal threat to push son down that flight of stairs, Paul threatening Clyde having told me he stopped giving both their antibiotics while using police to keep me from rented room.... 

stealing and forcing labor with threats to me my animals both verbal and physical... 

all that matters is pale and Marburg hemaragic went to Hennepin County 4th district and said he's not lotion ing as directed and responds with words while we poision and assult every aspect.. 

court said here u go 

then st cloud and maple Grove police allow yet another felony level theft 

mn beats u till u are dead or crazy and brain dead. then offers emergency medical holds after years of enforcing human trafficing. 

all while noficers like Rorey claim every theft of any amount is probably civil a year and a half into ignoring all the above, check fraud mail fraud and forgery to boot. 

ofps are technically civil from what I can gather as well.. uncivil would seem to be the police and courts. 

it's more like Shire Corp decided mn is a summer camp for adhd 

all Heil the murderous officer mmbop and his ruelers pale and marburg 

there is no consistent cause and effect or causal relation allowed by the people in power. 

aka two citizens let's go with A and stick with A even after we learn A lies.. let's join in on beating on B like mpls police used to do to gay and still do to black people. 

let's tell B their words are disturbing while between fight or flight channeling anger over risk to life created by crimes enforced by police... 

b gets police inaction over felony level endangering to life repeated crimes but threat of detainment to jail for even words

A gets to be a predatory state job driver whether they leave b in the morge, prision or psych ward. 

mn attacks those who need it most. 

while the general attitude is why can't you just get stronger and break those chains while we repeatedly beat u? they arnt holding u back u are

that assumes a hell of a lot starting with I haven't been trying 

what is hard fact is mibey drives life and if u can repeatedly command someone's time take their property and do everything on ofp list with impunity... 

they if someone alleges John said something he needs to die die detain or prove he's not a witch by submitting to witching and more beating. 


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