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Calls to murderers

  maple grove police and marlene and paul think its ok to poison force labor and take everything from someone

force relocate them under threat to all their now stolen still being destroyed property and others.

after trying to push their son over a railing marlene and paul found a great ally in maple grove pd

enforcers of slavery starvation destruction of everyhing

those who over look check fraud mail fraud forgery and said parents claiming to own the son marlene tried to push over a railing at max 2 weeks after threatening to push down the stairs. 

i asked marlene tonight.... why do you think i should start over because you want to commit crimes to set me back?

id love to watch my language. right after the last 4 years of my life and 16 years of earned things before are restored. 

if police are reading this i intend to set an auto dialer to their number. 

if you want to arrest me knowing full well shes also recorded admitting shes doing it because im a man. and i have both recorded admitting they falsify reports as weapons..

well, better do something starve or slit my own throat im not sitting in this place with clyde in the freezer and their mold much longer

Without further Ado here is Marlene Dorothy wuethrich MN CNP children's hospitals and clinics St Paul

I at least want an answer from her and police .

How much do you have to pay in Minnesota to be immune from continuous theft from attempted murder from false police reports filed to use the police as weapons.

Perhaps we should consider murder via starvation poisoning perhaps police who act in a manner like this should be on trial for it I can't believe what happened with George Floyd. If someone can't breathe aren't there like 10 other ways you can detain them?

I might die here but I do understand if you want to be not CSS agents you're probably going to be able to if the government would just be like up front about it I'm sure some people will stay but if I had the means I would leave

If I read correctly Minnesota started or pioneered the school liaison program period an effort to train citizens how to behave with police from a young age. Good Lord we've been invaded from the start

 I want to know how many times the police were forced to give up everything they owned...

 Oink e Oink (mano a mano)force them to take a negative on a felony amount of services stolen and a decade and a half of everything they ever worked for( or were given) better yet things that friends paid for to have work done or projects created. Rory May 22nd is asking me why I don't have any friends I can go to well Rory I kind of put myself out there and then babe the giant f****** pig well you know the rest

My bet is people like Rory Hanson in my situation would have probably shot them by now

I'm an only child I observed people my entire life I'm not even necessarily knocking when I say this but somebody I deeply respected is very quick usually to judge by language and has in this instance or over this course of events. He's also been known to put a gun to the door at a knock at the wrong time of the night. I don't draw this from nowhere

I've got the first 11 months here calls commanding what I should be doing what I should be spending on telling me I'm going to have a rental space commercial space false promises are a form of theft in Minnesota

I guarantee you I can prove where 99% or some arbitrary high amount of that of the money went I guarantee you it's not going to get more efficient starving me more

I don't think I'm quite there yet but I guarantee you at some point I will do something rash. they came April 2020 and stole the felony amount from the garage here

Funny how someone can poison someone in Maple Grove Police will help them to all of the poison victim and assault victims personal property after $6,300 skilled labor that they've performed for pay in the past was also taken sometimes outright demanded police decide that it's okay to keep poisoning them and we'll make sure you can't even be on public property outside whereas valuables are under lock and keep for a year and a half before the Ofp

All of these are unresolved. Or required returning something already bought this burning gas and time to get a little back.

If you look at right nav.. the evidence is there...this level of hunger isolation and depravity is brain damage 

It's also a covert helicopter mom who already tried to push her son over railing and slammed car door on leg.. trying to micro manage poision and starvation


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