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Capitalism and individuality break

 When rules are not upheld equally. Especially those pertaining 2 protecting the autonomy of individuals.

Check fraud 

mail fraud

Accepting let alone commanding work without paying for it

Commanding work and having police assistance in seizing all of one's assets and property. Not for the person who worked I'm talking the person who did the work is at a loss

Maple Grove's officer Hanson though takes it upon himself to make sure I know his personal judgment as well.

regardless of if it has meaning in any context than my personal evaluation of another. Id be curious to know what 27 year old Rory Hanson considers "enough" to:

work on this without P.P.E.

not only lose every creature you cared as deeply for as any human but have their remains held and to do so after having spent most available time working... while police ensure everything you worked for is held and destroyed and labor done for the parents who caused these issues remains unpaid. 

to be treated like this

photos from helping create an electronics repair and it consulting store in st cloud. (above)

yeah party wifi lights right? well yes... also worked to turn my living room into a dark room to enable uv lithography in my living room. for how many people spent on Philips hues or lifx (as pictured above) bulbs id doubt many actually use them for what was contracted work. id say financial gain but when maple grove police help hold it out of your reach...

its gotta feel great for Rory, literally take/stand between a citizen and all evidence of work and property while judging someone personally for having nothing of their own and or being dependent. esp when jan hes concerned i dare drive to maple grove without my id on me. then in may 2020 hes not concerned parents have stolen my ID. 

this may look like nothing. its a plexiglass bender. ecig coil wire/resistive heating wire runs in the u channel. when the plastic is hot enough the non fixed side of the wood on hingeds is lifted to create a perfect bend. a tool i made in 2017.

behind the trim usually covering the seatbelt in the 2009 i was forced under multiple threats to labor on in 2019.

call log post OFPs

volunteering trip right before ripping moldy building materials out of a house in NY. Part of what made me suspect parents had a mold issue in 2014. that trip was a bus trip from fargo ND to Washington DC. along the way we built a kids fair fish ond in Sparta WI. I received exactly 0 benefit or pay for doing this. I wanted to do it. Im not owed anything for it but it is probably relevant when officers are asserting their personal judgments while allowing law after law overlooked to endanger my life and destroy what i did work for. Probably relevant for the secondary reason of officer Hanson's background isn't hard to find on google and that town is pretty close to where he grew up as well. Though a few interactions replaying in my mind have me thinking its highly unlikely that matters to him. Id say its highly likely he is cluster B of the aspd or npd but possibly bpd affliction. what really kicked of that analysis was the last encounter where he was playing officer friendly but his eyes flashed rage. it was a look ive only ever seen in my dad before. 

another encounter I belive he was present for he was reading me the riot act after having talked with my parents inside the house (i was in the car in the driveway) He was taking everything they said as if absolute truth. the issue with this flashed in my mind and manifested as me inserting "allegedly" at breaks in the 5 year my jr officers riot act. What i find potentially tell tail is the officer next to him was trying not to laugh. Ive never seen and dont think i will ever see police support a citizen disrespecting another so logicly i rule that out to improbable as why it was funny. the more likely conclusion is others have noticed hes a bit of a... lets go with highschool Todd Streggies word "Putz" for familiarity sake. 
ie its more likely the other officer would find it humorous that i picked up on officer Hansons uh...alleged personal shortcomings than the fact I was holding my own in what might externally or more importantly from a fellow officer's eyes be viewed as disrespect. 

which of course is all my personal opinion and even I take it with a grain of salt. A long time ago I started pushing myself to think in probabilities not absolutes. hard to say if thats a strategy worth wile or if any is when this is the reality /what the gov can do to you. 

to go from looking like above to bellow
note that the above pic with Clyde was during the 6 months 5 hotels 3 cities and a mental ward. right before the move into the lease signed under duress, all the sudden snow blows through the car that had been Paul and Marlene Wuethrichs for 9 years. every night parked in the attached garage to the house that had a 19-year-old mold problem. Nov 2018 50x8 ft of basement sheetrock and insulation, some studs, the deck from the other side and 1500sq ft of carpet and pad were professionally remediated/ripped out by a mold pro.  Adding the moisture from the snow was like a mold grenade or nitro fuel on a fire. 9 years mold spores plus water 

Could Maple Grove maybe clarify how much you have to pay for full immunity to any law protecting a person's right to life or the factors that contribute to the ability to sustain it and or autonomy? how about attempted murder?

I emailed the mayor in January 2020 and as yet the response has been none existant. Though i did find a news article that is inline with maple grove police having a mindset where it might be ok to own people. 
it was something like maple grove police detain teens for "shopping while black" if that wasn't Rory I would wonder if he has a brother. 

mgpd actually has some officers I would consider upstanding. some even come off pretty hardass but actually try to get to the bottom of things rather than go on personal judgment. It could be scheduling / i cant say i know this for sure but: seemed as time went on they were less to nonpresent. from the little digging i did the force is about 55 members strong. considering on average 3 to 6 officers responded ... its hard for me to conclude there isnt something other than scheduling at play.  

that said, you wont catch me making those i consider upstanding readily identifiable. All organizations have rules and politics/ other ways to make life hell for not playing ball how ball is esoterically described. I'm not sure ill survive this as is. I probably wouldnt be here to type this without the better of the group. On the off chance it at all influenced their positions negatively... someone else in this position ... i have no delusions im that important but it seems few if any systems are set to keep bullies from power and when bullies plus group think rules often people look for less shitty pastures. 

while living at my parent's jan 2018 to aug2018 (0 notice lockout) id often find pleasant surprises like the pile of clothing on the garage floor. I had laundered my clothing, placed it on the bed in the 10x10 room in the house where my mom had claimed she was my landlord. had to ask for the keys managed to leave... returned to find my clothing had walked itself to the garage floor. 

while at their house 6.3k USD of services I've performed in the past professionally and for pay were rendered often on DEMAND not just request or accept. Funny how police can ensure not only does that not secure a place to live but the person demanding them then gets to keep and destroy 16 years of earned property while continuing to this day to poison the other. 

history, logic, academic research and old concepts like conflicts of interests... all of these seem to suggest that police with out accountability and without external oversight can not actually protect lives or play their supposed role in the justice system. as it stands though the ability to directly take lives and most of the time at worst expect paid leave... that works great for creating the criminals and crimes that there may be monetary incentive to bust. 

pr and propaganda are an off shoot of psychology and sociology. in and of themselves both studies are tools. this particular application may be humanities undoing. 

also visible is the saw they stole from the st cloud torture cell they picked. ie stole from the apt garage with my mig welder and desktop workstation pc. 

im the only one on the lease for in April 2020. Ive got a few admissions they took it including one where my dad gets agitated because im calling it a compound miter saw. 

I belive my mom is either poisoning him or he has age-related neurodegeneration maybe a bit of both. 
maybe its a ploy or game with in a game. im sick of my life being made into a game. but the ability to get away 

setting up a shopping cart on a paid job i was doing while being bounced around between hotels in 2018

the photo that caused officer Hanson to respond :

I'd almost wonder what maple groves policy is on employing the blind as police officers was if not for the fact that I never stated i was holding a phone.


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