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cluster b pobderances

 I've been toying with the idea that normalizing cluster b traits or encouraging them in a pop might be the ultimate tool to ensure those that have the power and ability retain it.

short version is a culture where there are no strong bonds is unlikely to storm the castle with pitchforks because neighbor mother brother or sister might stick it in the back of citizen or relative in front of them. 

in the less extream use/reality case: social workers financed by court ordered fines create jobs and family court lawyers make bank. 

it just struck me that what some call comunicate with imagery might be a demonstration of the shallow affect.

I've noted this in others as jumping to conclusions with out listening to or caring about details. the words above about comunicate with images were from a friend about 10 years younger than me describing her generation.

perhaps a better way to describe what lead me here would be obsering others act like this :

it looks like the image of a duck, there for I assume it has will and is quaking like a duck and therefor it must be a duck. 

at best its attribution error. it can be willful to force full sometimes purposeful ignorance as well.

Hey that image of a prophecy looked pretty good and thinking gets in the way of its fulfillment right?

I've run into a few people who not only understood what I suggested but have argued it's nessicary for the greater good. usually along the lines of over pop and eugenics/need to reintroduce darwinism.

the most humanoid Android I've seen /publicly avaliable likely goes far less than 2 weeks with out a charge.

the point here is nature evolution or god.. we've yet to engineer anything as efficient as that system has. 

the connection being if fluids are avaliable average Joe or Jill might go longer than 2 weeks with out food which is where we get the energy to survive from.

to error is human and forgetting that but thinking we can or should implement a consentless uniformed esoteric culling.. 

I think it is likely to produce our own extinction event.

my reasoning:

so far as I see it's that fittest has no omega and the definition has likely been set by those who conned schemed used and harmed people to get to the postion of power and establish social darwinism.

also the mindset skillet etc to tackle any unpredictable problem is.. anything but predictable and last I checked we haven't worked out the role of every gene in the human genome yet let alone prediction of how every one ibterplays and interrelals with formative years and life to produce a mind set.

assuming we survive as a species anyway... on this course I see us headed towards what the fictional race in startrek called the frengi 

they romed the galexy basicly pillaging and were governed by "the rules of acusition" which might be more explicitly defined as rules of acceptable theft.

kid rock seems to have expressed this as the way to live as well 

"you can look for answers but that ain't fun, now get in the pit and try to love someone"

sex in a mosh pit? might be safer to fuck on the streets of pampalona wearing red shirts during another event that produces bruises trampling and goring

but if the pit was a metaphore for life...

I hope we get to Mars but also hope Elon pauses on the warp drive development 😂


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