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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Cognative Behavioral Therapy Depicted


I've yet to look for studies showing how many perpetrators of mass violence have been through cbt. there might be data to support what I theorize.. maybe not.

I learned what cbt is years ago reading about psych on my own. what bothered me then as it does now is it seems less of an attempt to treat the person as a person and adress the wound then it is to re program around the symptoms. 

it might as well be cock and ball tourcher. 

I'd think it would produce the type of person who snaps into rage episodes because with out soothing and treating the wounds they will linger in the sub conscious regardless of attempts to reprogram behavior and response to stimuli. 

for those unaware the image above is actually from the movie edition of A Clock Work Orange 

also I can't remember quote italicized underline... movie and book titles... so it is what it is. 

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