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Cognitive load

 Some people refer to it as a trance others a routine.

 you might not think about is it takes time and energy to think. Maybe high school or college you remember studying for an exam and being very hungry after. Nothing is free our brain runs on energy acquired by a food. I could go into the hole ATP and cell metabolism thing but that's outside the scope 

I think unless employed in a field where one has to think every day about how this works it's pretty easy to miss it

The it is disruption of routine even once and its effects on observed competency of an adult.

One would be easily led to believe that laws would somewhat limit how many ways this could happen. Ie police wouldn't with 0 charges allow someone who claimed to be your land lord change the lock 8 mo after moving in and hold your property then threaten it to command your actions.

Or do that then sibsiquently steal fellony amounts while forcing labor under threat to..

Or generalize that law would limit. But when law is totally optional to enforce...

I have a feeling if anyone ever tried to sue a state government they might try the defense that they are a parody of the government therefore it's protected speech. Never mind that would make them parody laws. Actually that defense is probably unlikely but I just like the thought of truth in advertising.

Point is by allowing all this you totally destroy it the ability for anyone to enter a routine. Routine requires something stay in place unless the routine is wake up and do something or not. Because no matter what eventually someone's trying to sleep and unless they die in that sleep they're going to wake up so nothing therefore is required to at some point have that be a routine. Sleep is going to happen waking up is going to happen so long as food. What type of food will likely govern how long it happens as in life's span. None of this is actually debatable it's scientific fact. There is a genetic aspect to it but as far as controllable things diet exercise and probably followed by purpose and together might have as big an effective not bigger than genetics. Genetics isn't black and white as we're taught either it's usually percentage chances or if exposed to this chemical enough... Cancer. Just one example. In other words was it genetic that you got cancer? Sure anybody with that gene who works next to that chemical for 30 years probably would have got cancer yeah it's genetic. See how this is radically different from how it's advertised? I digress

Why I started with the title cognitive load is when you force someone to reprioritize based on theft of available assets and or getting to choose regardless of the law what someone has at any given moment. Getting to choose regardless of morality and/or human needs at any given moment and in violation of the law. You force someone to reprioritize you literally raise their caloric needs or you decrease the efficiency of the thought required to reprioritize.

And that's basic applies to anyone. The reality is people have their own ways to think their own methods to help them think and if you can control everything they have or don't have including if they can eat or if they're being poisoned you have spoken for quite a bit of their time and every time you force that to happen again you're leading towards insanity and you're literally conditioning helplessness or terror

Because a healthy brain tries to avoid pain. Pain is a signal something is wrong pain is a signal not to perform the behavior again. An example of this is a neurotypical young child in a parent's momentary lapse of supervision manages to touch a hot stove burner. Ow. If brain healthy brain says what do you think? Do that again? No.

If all roads via theft and threat s are forced to lead back to pain and/or inability to meet basic needs it conditions terror because there is no route away from the pain. Especially as it happens multiple times the conditions you can't do anything think of anything or hope to escape this. As far as I remember of both formal education and things I've learned on my own part of the reason we have laws is to enable some stability on any level and for society to be able to function because of that stability we're not always worried that the raider raiders are going to invade the village because we've given some people the ability to control others when laws are violated or to prevent that.

Minnesota seems to have realized that we can entice private industry like healthcare by allowing people tortured and whether they say it or not we set up this thing called family court although other states have them too where if you go and cry witch in the right way.. The court will gaslight the learned in blood assumption that citizens will lie and that innocent until proven guilty was supposed to be a presumption of justice in America and now you're either stripef of rights likely to be arrested either way or sentenced to psychological services and social workers and stripped of rights because someone else called you a witch. Before and after police can overlook any and every crime.

In other words it might not be this but I find that highly likely somebody at one point figured out hey if everybody can cut taxes how about we court order a revenue stream to a lucrative industry? What would be more lucrative than psychological services? I mean if you're using stints stents gauze bandages what the f*** are you doing if you're advertising psychological services? 

How is that relevant? 

Im talking marginal cost per patient. I don't think there's a higher medical profit margin per patient than psychological services.

This is of course one potential theory for how this came to be. I'm not saying I know this and it's far from even if it's true it's far from a statement that I think anyone let alone everyone is out to get me.Even if they are it's not so much about me as the revenue stream that can be generated. What kind of personal level is kind of sick I mean wouldnt  you like to matter enough that they were out for you? ๐Ÿ˜‚Well as a consolation prize we can give you a diagnosis for us pretending we didn't make that a difficult differentiation for someone terrorized to make. You can get all of the force medication from it you can get all of the restriction of freedom and toxic label with none of the actual personal concern ๐Ÿ˜‚ sounds like a good prise? 

But hey if we forget medical ethics and we gaslight we can probably use the above to hang me. 

It's almost like entrapment but we've obfuscated it by adding a few steps and a context shift.

I would say evidence of this or that this is potentially on some level how and why it happened this way is in the fact that the family court ordered OFP is a totally one-sided restriction. In other words the burden of proof and/or presumed guilt is started with and on the accused and even in your absence it will pass. And for essentially the active filing a petition for the court alleging party b is a witch; you can now have them arrested without warrant nothing before is considered and from what I've read Is the concept called ex parte that is twisted around in every way to basically create

No that doesn't matter that's not relevant because we said it's not

And or no what matters is how they say they felt because they say you said this thing.

no that's not relevant that they were literally cutting your balls off while you threatened if they didn't stop you might harm them you made them feel threatened and they made it here first therefore you now need a social worker and to see the psychologist. You're second amendment rights are gone and you're now arrestable without a warrant

From what I've been informed and managed to find out the court has no access to criminal records or police reports rather they probably do see criminal records I'm not sure. I have none it didn't matter

There's no provision at least that I saw followed for if the person accusing even blocks the accused from getting to court I was given something like four days notice and two of them were weekend days

Friday the 13th of March 2020 is when I was served for a court date an hour and a half away the next Tuesday in the morning. Tuesday the 18th.

That would have been hell to prepare for even if the The specifics of my case hadn't concluded January 2018 move in to a place eight months later the lock changes they are entrusted by police with every possession I have ever earned let alone been given by anyone like four times since they haven't been able to either steal from my garage or clean out the contents of a car. I have had no ability to keep any records let alone have anything of mine they've stolen even my ID to keep me from external employment and at the time they filed that they had my ID my driver's license so if I had needed it to get into the court well... Sucks to be me I guess

But more abhorrent is January 2018 I drove to the house where all my valuables or most of them are still under lock and key and being destroyed. As usual I sat in the cul-de-sac and about 15 minutes later Maple Grove police show up. I didn't have my driver's license on me and I got chewed out for it literally told by Maple Grove's officer Hanson that that was illegal. From my understanding what he could have done is given me a civil ticket and I would have had two days to prove it or something along those lines. But the point is he told me it was illegal to have driven down there without it. Then Marlene and Paul take my ID and create a court case an hour and a half away which actually would have even involved driving through that jurisdiction to have reached. We have serious systemic issues with our legal system. Nothing is okay when the enforcers can say and or do almost anything and at worst expect paid leave as a punishment.

What's even more wack is regardless of any crime charged or otherwise or overlooked by the police and on a per-party repetitive basis the party committing the crimes can then run to a court and have their target stripped because they say they feel something

I feel f****** scared for my life everyday and I can back that with medical knowledge cited sources most of the things doing that are malicious illegal actions and every attempt to report them to Maple Grove has gone unheated or once told if we put that on record we might be liable.

From an external viewpoint disappears a lot like a hell of a racket

But back to the start then we also have to consider that the healthcare systems for profit and if the doctor wants to pretend not to understand cognitive load you might just be incompetent

Or dead on the street I'm starting to think an officer's knee on my head would be more humane

One of the times 3 days hungry with them forcing labor under threat to all of my assets held and going days to weeks with out answering.. not providing budget for labor is why I was hungry. One of those time u realized.. he said he doesn't respond to threats as his actions threaten my life but in actuality he seems to sometimes get energetic sing song happy (likely what goes through his head is something a long lines of oh I can use this for more power over you) he also plays games like I don't know what a text message is so as a test well my life was actually being threatened by legal actions at one point I texted something conditional and to for how he treats me and if he keeps it up I should consider putting his hands in the garbage disposal. and if we don't consider conditionals or actions are greater than words or some actions are illegal and if performed without police intervention might threaten a life well we've also outlawed free speech along the way.

Because here's an example

If I am scientific journal objectively proven to be able to learn how to fly without any means other than flapping my arms then I'm going to kill you

How likely is that? Is it a threat? Can pigs fly?

He literally continued to insist he doesn't know what a text message is while berating me for having said it via text. Well continuing the legal behavior to ensure that I could not eat.

What this court has done is literally create a means for the character that says put the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again

To let go of its victim or hell keep holding it and by it that mean him or her what was it cowboy bill or something.

It puts the lotion on its skin and it gets the hose again and again and again

I'm sure it's more cost effective if not beneficial to the state to do it this way it's also morally abhorrent

As far as I can see there's no standard of evidence anywhere comparable to what would be required in a criminal case. I don't see any requirement that they do anymore than claim someone said something on the accusing side.Police have forensics tools for nowhere to third-party send something to have forensic work done in the IT field. If one was going to accuse and create this optional battle that might result in government enforce punishment then you would think that allowing the phone to be scanned to take forensic software records of what was actually said..
But no let's just go with Salem 1600s if they say you're a witch you're probably a witch right?
There feels mater right and everybody's equal right it's just whoever gets to court first is more equal right? This has nothing to do with state revenue or ability to maintain a nice place for lucrative industries right? This has nothing to do with federal grants for violence against women law right?

This wouldn't possibly be the cognitive load straw that would break a camel's back right?

This wouldn't be akin to slavery right?

You could say I'm wrong and the truth is we've divided it into federal government is a pig we need small to non-existent government or we need to give women a position of power and the government needs to decide everything with no question. In other words none of the active political messages seem to address the fact that without some oversight in place and someone to come down on them it doesn't matter what I think the state will do what it wants

And if they do it long enough I'll either be dead or as f****** crazy as they try to paint me

The cognitive load I'm dealing with involves my desk is growing there mold. they tell me there is no mold despite the fact that they paid to have their house remediated. They made sure snow flew through the car then made sure I was made to clean it under threat to at first my one remaining animal and the remains of my other which also happened to be PSTD therapy companion animals. More so my friends. Don't get me wrong I've had plenty of human friends it's hard to do that though when you realize you're not quite where you should be in life put your mind and every moment you have into working because time isn't unlimited.

But I have their mold, I have pissed off landlords because I had to clean their molds here, I would have been homeless 20 days after that petition to the court. Marlene and Paul started that with full knowledge of why I was given notice to vacate at the end and when that was. I still have almost none of my things I have three folding tables from Walmart for furniture nothing in my kitchen I can't cook and eat as I had to teach myself not having lived at their house since 2006 for more than six months continuously that was in 2014 the first time their mold made me sick. I intended one month to find a place in saint cloud after moving from Fargo. turned into he's too crazy to leave. The mold pro they hired January 2018 determined that it was at least a 19-year-old problem I was too crazy to leave in 2014 because I was insisting I thought it was mold making me sick.

I have three folding tables I've watched felony amounts stolen after filing the OFPs. Nothing of mine has been accessible including basics I have a fourth tiny folding table saving in the f****** middle for a nightstand I have Clyde rabbit in the freezer This is f****** sick.

In 2004 I biked up to a coffee shop in Maple Grove put a card I had made in the 9th grade screen printing darkroom and photography elective and ended up scoring a three-person CPA office in Plymouth for IT consulting and support services before leaving high school I had four regular small businesses as clients and two dozen homes. I bring this up because one of the poor printers I owned and can't touch when that original client decided they weren't renting the office space they would work from home but somewhat combined the owner also decided that the Ricoh laser work group capacity three tray printer was too large for his home and asked if I would like it.

Can you see how a printer would be relevant to this and/or reduce load? I'm being micromanaged via theft to the point of can I print or do I have a phone screen to organize info on 

If you still can't see how this is relevant, adding the second monitor to a desktop computer has been time after time shown to increase efficiency of knowledge work by 50% or greater. It's not so much about if it's a monitor or printed sheet of paper it's the fact that no you you have not only absolute minimum to not minimum but we're going to create more and more work for you to do more and more penalties for your life for things you couldn't have decided. The only choice I have in that matter was if I visited Cosmos cat when he was sick for the last time that's what spread their mold to my apartment. I guess I could have refused to move in with them but that's a lot of details I don't want to go into. Anytime I've tried to go into details the police have been on interested. It's a really f***** up thing we've created

Especially when you consider Minnesota during world war II did something called the Minnesota starvation experiment

a resultant question was should we ever be prescribing anybody's psychiatric medications if diet isn't addressed first. 

Minnesota appears to have said hell we don't even need to enforce laws without bias or at all for any selected party

And then appended to the message if illegal actions lead to a state where they can't eat well but sentenced them to psychological services where they can be medicated for it.

This racket isn't for tennis


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