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 People like officer Hanson (a police officer in Maple Grove Minnesota) often from a position of power or just random judgment have been quick to state and or forcefully state that my parents owe me nothing

Paul and Marlene in the eight months I lived at their house  January 2018  February 2018 received $6,300 in skilled Services I have performed since 2004 professionally.

As I've been neither compensated for that nor had the rights of a renter despite my mom for claiming she was my landlord and the fact that bahaya estimate for the market value of the room I was renting would be 150 a month or another words like 42 months of rent was paid at the time that changed the lock without notice. I'm going off the market average of on-site it support and Consulting

Something I learned in business law class at Saint Cloud State University. It might be a prudent moment to point out if we want order that's not just supporting police it's having the system and laws where people have an ability to succeed let alone a chance. When law enforcement is lawless or discriminatory with repeated infringement that endanger life... it probably won't be me but this is part of what contributes to acts of mass violence

Police are just one part of order. You will never train out or come down the population to the point where this won't happen. The really sick thing I realized recently is every time it happens we'll use it as an excuse to justify more tyranny

 They receive far more than that in the fact that I identified the problem that threaten the value of all of their house in 2014. I also began executing instructions of the mold professional they hired January 2018. November 2018 they would hire him to do the rest of the work

In recorded calls they admit to the fact that I work for most of what they took away from me personal property the assets.

In recorded calls and text messages they admit I have learned far above minimum wage with those things they took away

Paul was not just a SEIU member but was leadership in his SEIU Local. I can't say I define the values of that organization. that would be foolish. I also think it'd be hard to argue that a labor union isn't about compensation for labor and the rights of working people. You could make the argument that's only for their members but now we're getting rather pedantic

plenty of examples of them claiming otherwise are in the wild 

For Paul to expose the belief that he owns me well destroying everything I work for and my life itself is sick

3 years of malnutrition does not get better by starting over on the street soon-to-be 33 years old with destroyed credit. I am still being poisoned by their forced labor force Decisions by threat to me my animals and my property

They owe me compensation for my time my health my losses their destruction of my property and life

they owe me compensation for the destruction of my credit score and credibility

apt they picked and then forced labor will continuing to ensure I don't have access to my things still being destroyed, were they  insurer I'm still being poisoned, where they steal to setback recovery from setting me back

 does not count

And it's not just my argument that it hurts me. the medical evidence is there to support this claim

the proof of efforts I had taken towards health when on my own is there

the evidence their actions endanger others and maple Grove police support highly questionable people is there

the big numbers they throw out how ever accurate or for show...

 there's another way to look at it. if you take everything someone works for, give them only dangrous subsistence.. is that much different than a cage? 

does a cage of gold make a person any less of a slave?

probably not but in sure it would cost a lot. 

Jan 2020 I asked Maple Groves officer Hanson:

" if slavery was legal are you denying that it would have it cost to keep that person alive?" 

This was the night I was 3 days hungry drove down set outside the house then again the police arrived within 15 minutes. I had told my dad you're making me feel like a slave and he said what is that just the last word

Officer Hanson responded with

" I'm not going to entertain that conversation"

Worst yet though is the April 2020 theft

Not just in dollar amount but what was taken. My compound miter saw my MIG welder my workstation PC

The PC is probably the most versatile thing because anything from coping mechanisms like finishing the painting I made a fly door painting Bonnie using Adobe CS64 Master collection to earn money, to using it do taxes to organize a priority list, get involved in coding projects for pay the list goes on. True I have my laptop but the battery is shot. The computer itself for most people would be junk. It only works again because I knew how to clean the liquid off the motherboard. But move the cable a little bit for the power and with no battery you're all the sudden looking at a blank screen. It also lacks the processing power my desktop had. Studies have shown that screen real estate especially two monitors doubles productivity as well. It's not just studies though I personally experienced this because unlike the narrative they tell I have done this stuff for a decade-and-a-half if not more. 

Vengeancetech.Biz April 2020 was slated to start making around $10 a month. I screwed up and deleted the content. To err is human and I am human. There's like five articles back on there now and I only added those last week. I'm not saying that this is an income or a living I'm saying here's what I can achieve in one week for residual income that also acts as a CV and portfolio

That site is hosted on a server on the floor of my apartment through my DSL modem.

I spent four rails to put the server in a rack and then Paul and Marlene stoled my welder

 factually or legally speaking it was a felony amount stolen police denied allowing me to update a report with subsequent admissions that Paul and Marlene have two of the three items buy instead suggesting I need another emergency medical hold


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