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conditioning revenu streams at the expense of lives

 psych conditioning applied most basicly to child to 18 in the context of mns law...

not the scope of this.'


it would be great if mn would clarify its stance on if parents are actually excused from all crimes against an adult child. it seems to be the way we are headed even if not intended. 

but what i want to get at is it seems akin to modern slavery of already potentially the most abused. actually this system in a lot of ways does that to most levels while conditioning us not to see it that way. 

conditioning of adaptive behaviors for modern adult life as far as i could see should look like this. 

ability to make choices with time requires means. means is stored value in an accepted format. 

the universal one in the us is the green back. aka dollar. what you buy with said dollar if a tangible good usually has a resale value. aka logically seperating another adult who has worked at all from thigns bought on 0 notice... then from all angles asking why one isnt working or is dependent while ignoring ... insanity. i digress

work = pre agreed on pay or in absence of agreement, market rate. (biz law scsu/contract law standards)

money = freedom with in some constraints. money also equals ability to sustain life. reason for having things like x days notice to vaycate... people can and do ignore what every they want to make points, but it takes time to find any other place and if cash is short this should also allow tangible assets liquidated back to it. 

the whole concept breaks when police enforce a 0 notice eviction. then ignore threats to held property and create 6 mo reliocation 3 cities 5 hotels and a mental ward (cambria, staybridge, two in rodgers and one on the edge of maple grove(i forget names of ) )

death of a animal and friend...also a companion therapy animal. forced lease still mostly empty to this day except for the other one in the freezer while bonnies remains that were addressed to me at paul and marlenes house... still held us mail. 

every facit of what produces the ab ility to seek or maintain employment, complete contracts , seek or maintain social connections, greive, care for myself... anything physical requitredf they have ensured i dont have it. 

i remember from mgsh alp and external sources since.. habits making and breaking is not trivial. 

when you can do whats demanded and end up worse off you conditioned terror and helplessness

when this also violates multiple laws and police stand in the way of stoping it excusing even attempted murder... 

then continue to as family court makes me arrestable for existing and with out warent. 

then police again excuse theft on a fellony level

i might end up so broken i cant care for myself. to say that was a pre existing condition? is kinda like beating someone with the blunt side of an axe till all limbs fractured and even all fingers, hand them a glass watch them drop it laugh and say 

"you clearly cant care for yourself, come with us"

as far as i can see this also benefits the state in the form of gaurenteeing private industry has a revenue stream. im starting to wonder if slaughter house wasnt a hoax. in theory there have been violations even with out the 14th, but if there is no one to step in or protect... 

this is sick. 

i reference salem a lot for what family court would seem to be to the extent of ofps. 

i should probably not be so discriminatory. mc author hearings might fit too. 

its a bad concept esp when the damage to the life by ignoring the laws that protect whats nessicary and or earned ... you cant reverse that. you cant give back the time. it takes means to move away and I cant stop marlene and paul from stealing. they did so after the ofp hearings. 

how just is making me arrestable for trying to contact someone committing fellonies to harm me while police turn a blind eye? 

howa about after their 430k house is saved by a conclusion i came to in 2014? (mold made me sick while i intended to stay one month and it turned into 6 + with marlene "youre on drugs", "too crazy to leave", "thats not mold its wax from the spray can"...2018 it was confirmed by a pro)

they made me sick, i started the labor on fixing the issue their decisions on their house caused in the 8 months moving back in to lock change 6.3k in skilled labor ive preformed professionally for pay since 2004 were performed. marlene had declared herself my landlord. Plymouth has market rates published. residential rental 1.32 per square foot. roughly 10x10 room.

instead of securing even a place to keep my belongings or time to sell them to chose otherwise. police assist them in locking me out when i had left for 2 weeks max for a hotel then they ignore my belonging are being destroyed and labor is being coerced by threat to them (also lease) both my animals died needlessly.

is it in the states interest though? with informed consent i wouldnt have been here to find out. it wasnt and still isnt voluntary except entusisaticly screaming rape or slavery...

weve got a solution for that... involuntary confinement. 


what i really find terror ific... 

if no one is there to help a citizen when state gov becomes lethal its a moot point right here

but if slaughterhouse pretty much defined the everything past 12? as for black people. it would seem it also allowed states free game at forms of slavery for everyone except. what is slavery other than working for nothing? if police can stand between you and stolen property repeatedly while insisting assult to attempted murder doesnt matter when theiving party...

esp in my case where paul has 2x claimed to own me, 1x said he bought me and while 3 days hungry wanted me to repeat the word slave....this is while they hold and open my mail, sign my name on contracts and even one check that i know of. have a copy of my driver's license. 16 years of earned assets and everything is ever given by anyone (them or externally) 

"dad you make me feel like a slave"

"huh? what was that? just the last word"

so yeah now we go to family court make sure he cant attend and "feel threatened" 

2 days later drive 45 min call in welfare check despite nature of the ofp is "fears imminent dv" over next to weeks like 7 more times in apt parking lot and one more welfare check. next month they steal probably over 1k from my garage. police "why dont you have renters insurance?" bahahahahahah i just threw up a bit. why dont i have the kitchen stuff i bought since 2007 and my first apt? or the records that would have been needed to even hope to defend the ofp claims dating back to jan 2018.? 

this is sickness. 

its also sick that if you make it to court first to file a partition... assuming its as one sided as i read. also experience. im not sure if both were ofp expartay i didnt even have a place to file docs when i was served my folding table make shift desk is growing their mold... 

assume i had been able to attend or could reationaly assure myself i have whats needed to commit to a date both in supporting normal life function cost and available transportation... 

i likely get sentenced to psych and social worker. well, before and after several times they gave me clues, they often drive 45 min to watch me. like the week after the court date i leave to get food and moment of walking out the apt door in st cloud.... my maple grove residing father texts me asking if im headed to get food via SMS. 

their false police reports during what i consider abduction and forced labor since jan 2018 already lead to a probably illegal medical hold officer " I decided before i met you youre going in tonight"

16 mo of bleeding cleared first week at a hotel. this was 3 mo into lock change eviction. not a mark on me. doc wants my story. I tell him, i also mention i have evidence of extermination/docs from and email from hired mold pro on my gmail on my phone. 

patients aren't allowed phones on the ward. 

then a diagnosis i wont write here. or so i think. when requesting my records i never even got the release. the hard copies i left with were taken by paul and marlene

but how can psych hope to do anything what so ever when criteria for diagnosis is in the face of objective external relevant experts testimony? 

more so... what does "they are watching me" sound like to a dr of the mind vs a judge considering both sides of a case that might involve stocking? 

reason to medicate and see you for life i would assume. oh dont you mind that rx kickback ill buy something nice with it. 

yes Massa but it wont be from my patronage. you would have to keep me in a padded room into straight jackets and probably 24/7 guard before i would choose to let my heart continue beating in that scenario

if the police continue simply non enforcing for whatever reason...ill probably die anyway. I cant control paul and marlene part of maintaining order through police... at least as far as i can recall and derive.... esp when that behavior is between citien A and citizen B, aka not a victimless (buzzword but somewhat applicable) crime ... when that behavior is illegal and creates risk of harm and is citizen A on citizen B. its bad enough once. but to continuously allow it...

is the court in 2020 denying the existence of the human biological process known as "fight or flight" ?

how about the mn starvation experiment? its not hard to show diet disrupted to malnourished can create cognitive and emotional inhibition issues. 

we aren't even treating the symptom. its beyond that, we manufactured a system to enslave citizens via intent or incompetence. 

what Senator Scott Jensen is saying about insurance and covid would seem along these lines as well. 

might also be worth noting: my mother is a certified... lots of things.. but in particular nurse practitioner, i have her recorded admitting that the conditions they force are a danger to life. I have her recorded admitting she thinks i deserve all of this because i am a man. 

another reason to add to sucicidal ideation and destruction of person. if you read much on here, regardless of what you think of my ideas on implementing anything....feel free to say otherwise but i think its hard to draw a logical conclusion i see women or other races as any less equal. I used to be a male feminists. then I learned how that differed from egalitarian beliefs. 

i dont want violence against anyone, myself included. its disgusting that im part of that statistic while likely to lose my freedom after well.. things described here and the duration. esp with out objective standards or even any concern for hypacracy. 


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