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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Corp psych

 An issue I have with mental health services and Corp psychology or psychiatry is it starts with the assumption that the patient has no idea what they're doing or what's wrong or couldn't know. this might also be a limitation of humans ability to perceive multiple interrelated variables. It's hard to describe everything at once or to see the intricacies and in a relation. There's been studies and it probably also relates to those on working memory.

But what I find incredibly lacking is any acknowledgment that people might come to the information on their own and might be able to deal with anything on their own. In theory if this was acknowledged plus existing laws like needing custodial ship to sign another 18-year-old's name we wouldn't have a problem with the ability to force dependents.

The link link that I will include also misses the fact that not only will somebody with this deny reality for someone they have control over well denying emotion, they may very well commit crimes that make anything but that reality hard to achieve or escaping the dependence hard to achieve if there's no protection of the crimes of the violations of criminal law or even the willingness of the police to give a stern warning we have no business ordering anybody to anything

what I mean by we is a plea to the people in what's supposed to be a government of the people by the people and for the people. Instead what I see is corporate interest and state interest trying to convince the population that what they do as parents has little to no effect and they have no responsibility to their children which the traditional view of adulthood held that an adult their word is their bond. I don't see any time in history where it said that's not supposed to apply to even their adult children or I don't see a logical construct in which anybody can take anything from anybody repeatedly and that person should be able to get away. It would seem to invalidate the need for a bunch of laws but if they're not enforced and we instead decide to punch someone who might be experiencing terror in the form of fight or flight because their life is being threatened by actual actions and words or just actions this is a sick system this should not stand

The state they hold me in is one ofI can't even know where I'm going to be in a month

In practice police can ignore even felony level theft or probably more.

Some of this is understandable given constraints of the current system 

I think it's also ignored that emotionand/or emotional ties and connection especially between family members are usually strong especially between neurotypicals. If a parent or family member is ASPD or NPD they might emulate it well but it's a tool to exploit other people. Family court seems to want to judge on how much rehabilitation someone needs based on how dependent they were which without the protection of theft and signing another name without guardianship would seem more self-serving to the state by guaranteeing a private corporation or revenue stream through court ordered sentencing and or creating a job of social worker. Ex parte seems to get abused and mutated around to justify this.

The other problem I see is position of power isn't supposed to be quid pro quo women only concept. Or workplace only concept if you can break laws and take somebody's assets access their bank accounts sign their name you have a position of power especially if the police refuse to do anything about it because within the constraints of modern society in reality you need money to live

It seems to me the police are intent on creating this situation where harsh words are likely to occur and the court sweeps in declares that fit of needing counseling and/or problematic when standards of justice are totally ignored standards of reality are ignored

The article that when I can I will add the link it's in the one below this at the moment talks about always on guard waiting for the other shoe to drop it creates a sense of emotional dependence The parent will often try to force reality for the child by denying both the child's reality and the supplies just as much to adult children of it's known they sabotage into adulthood they try to create dependence for people to exploit it many of them get off on control this is not just that article if it mentions it or not I've only skimmed it but I've familiarized myself with this extensively. For whatever reason even after I saw counseling for what I thought was just trauma related to the go go go of finding my dad almost dead and getting him to the hospital getting medical care to do that actually getting someone to wait at the house for my mom what I thought was just that was probably more they even recognized that. The whole time I'm optionally on my own accord getting help my parents are sitting there going why do you think we messed you up so bad you need a counselor why do you think you need that why do you think you need that. They f****** my life they make me sick with decisions they made out of finish their house when I was in elementary school. Something that spread to my apartment when I was visiting cosmos a cat we got in 2001 on it during his last year alive. it hurts their ego so they try to take control of every aspect of my life and what I'm trying to get at is they started with false police reports. When the police start enforcing reality it might as well be reality because there's no running from or arguing with them yet they have the right to ignore any crime this is f****** insanity this is damaging beyond belief. Then the court which supposedly does not consider police reports comes in with no idea of what has been enforced and uses ex parte from what I can see to narrowly move around the context or what's considered to basically suit its own interest. and the end result is regardless of any personality disorder there's the possibility that you literally end up sentencing the person who has been told to put the lotion on their skin and/or had limbs severed but the police want to do anything

I would say the system also assumes everybody knows the system. One hand the fingers on it can count how many times I've been to court for any matter with fingers left over. It's also well known that if you get snared by the justice system it often becomes increasingly hard to get out of it. I don't want to be a part of this I didn't get to choose to be born I didn't get to choose my parents I did choose to work my ass off. I cannot control their crimes even since filing the OFP make it dry couldn't make torque they came and stole a felony level about from a garage that I am the only one on the lease to but police have no concern. Now unless you can s*** money or don't need food some of the theft has been things like ID. Try applying for food stamps without it. Would anything to go missing at any point there is no chance to pursue anything other than death. Anyone who denies that is a f****** liar or serving their own interest

Cognitive load is also very real and related to the ability to steal anything at any moment. If anything you have can go missing well you better not need any of it you better not need the money in your bank account. if it can go missing or regardless of agreement regardless of work the amount you have can fluctuate severely then you at very best spend time reprioritizing. The brain doesn't run on magic in pixie dust it runs on calories and nutrients. you start playing with someone's diet will making them refactor while taking away every system they have devised to optimize tasks for life you create a state of insanity and terror. You start trying to condemn them for words to the person doing it rather than address the actual crimes you are no better than the abuser

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