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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Court ordered terrorization and risk to life

 Maple Grove Police have repetitively stated that things that are in fact criminal charges are probably civil anyway. What's funny is they then go out of their way to try to tell me that something originating from what I can gather is branch of civil court as in the origin of family court is something that they need to enforce above criminal law. Well I can see there is truth to this in how it's written it's disingenuous to say the least.

When someone can repeatedly steal from you the police will ignore it when someone can attempt to end your life police ignore it...

The nature of the crimes here have also included without court ordered custodial ship of another adult signing their name on documents from mail to them including one check that I know of holding mail felony level theft repeatedly forcing labor under threat to health property and for a short time live pets that also happen to be therapy companion animals.. or rather happened hasn't both are dead now.

It's outright terror it's removal of every coping mechanism it's crimes overlooked that create a threat to life that to escape the person committing them requires money that even if one were to be able to earn it without the above laws enforced how are they at all to have the reasonable expectation are rational expectations they could hold on to it or even utilize it without it being taken?

In one year at the St cloud apartment where Paul and Marlene forced the lease under threat to leave me homeless with nothing. Which Maple Grove police had already assisted in making reality for 6 months of jumping between hotels five hotels three cities one mental ward probably 14 rooms due to short bookings having left with what was on my back and all of a sudden lock out zero notice no access 8 months after I had moved back in and my mom had explicitly declared herself my landlord. In that eight months 6.3 thousand dollars of services were rendered. Services I have performed professionally in the past for businesses ndsu and dozens of homes. Services SCSU business law taught I would be entitled to compensation for. Instead Maple Grove Police in the state of Minnesota which recognizes oral leases and services for rent decided that my compensation was I lose everything ever worked for or given by anyone. A year and a half into threatening it to command labor and well making promise after promise with no intent to fulfill or make good AKA is creating several misleads and/or false hopes well violating law to have this position of power then they decided knowing I had 20 days to find a new place move what little I have and Clyde's corpse in the freezer and the car had been broken for 6 days That's when they decide to go to court knowing they pick their place 45 minutes from their home knowing I have no transport and the court they picked was an hour and a half without traffic by car. This whole thing screams of witch hunt and got you either got you by a witch hunt or got you through uninforced criminal law repetitively ignored malicious acts that also happened to be crimes and it doesn't take a genius to see how they could create the situation hard to escape unless ones but can defecate legal tender.

As police even ignored theft of ID earning that legal tender externally...

The only reason I'm not homeless is covid

I have watched everything taken most of it still held all of it still being destroyed by either moisture or their mold.

Probably enough value in personal property sold or saleable liquidatable assets to have bought even the current car which I hear about is mine but the title won't be rendered. Which is another position of power because even if I could manage to get a minimum wage job or if that would be at all just considering they also took things other people paid for with the expectation of a complete project and my dumb decision not to collect hourly as it went. Because I didn't want to leave anybody out. Funny me thinking that something like laws would be applied without discrimination on age or family relation. Funny me that I would think criminal law where it applies to one party or one citizen breaking it with malice towards another where it might threaten a life funny me to assume that the police might be the ones to maybe even give a stern warning.

I'm left in this position where minimum wage if I got it tomorrow I have no idea when the eviction ban is over because of 3 years of malnutrition I can barely make it up light upstairs. After filing the OFPs a month after they passed in my manufactured absence...they came up and stole again a felony level amount. The things taken one of them also happened to be a computer with a portfolio to back a CV. it seems to me that the state is insisting that if someone wants to commit criminal accidents me forgery fraud attempted murder theft theft theft assault theft then every time it happens I just have to start over while risking that they don't go to court and claim to feel threatened otherwise I start over with less rights no credit every time how viable does this seem?

Even if I started minimum wage today having applied in month old clothing because theft to prevent me from repairing the washing machine and more things outside the scope but I mean what matters of causality is irrelevant or scope is limited arbitrarily by a torque that assumes guilt based off accusation and burden of proof is on the effused? Nothing matters anymore that's literally witch hunt. Even if I started minimum wage today managed to get hired on the spot in month old clothing

My credit score is absolute s*** now. If the housing eviction band lifted in a month I still would be on the street. I hadn't missed a payment from 2006 to 2017 when this started. I usually paid more than the minimum I didn't always have a balance during that 11 year with good credit history.

But not only that whether cash earned from working or credit earned from working and being responsible with it The personal property some of which business assets which the accusers even admit on recorded phone call that I have in the past earned far above minimum wage with in between intermittently saying I've never worked at all or I haven't worked minimum wage enough to satisfy them and my mom saying I deserve everything she's done because I'm a man. What I'm trying to get at is every f****** thing I cared about worked for earned including the credit score which would be ability to sign for a lease has been taken.

But on top of it they steal afterwards after a court decides that because they said they feel threatened I have lost my second amendment rights and I'm now arrestable without a warrant. Meanwhile the subsequent afterwards theft once again ignored by police.

Yet if my pocket answers the phone call that they are allowed to make any amount of I'm arrestable as a criminal without a warrant? This is like a court deciding the older sibling in the backseat instead of hitting somehow she pulls out in 8 lb sledgehammer and a pickaxe and as the little sibling is bleeding out the court says you need therapy because your older sister felt threatened

Anyway I turn right now is more work they can create two more penalties they can create with no protections This shouldn't be hard to explain. Yet in a narcissistic fashion or rather seeming to mirror that disorder the people entrusted with enforcing the laws seem to feign ignorance as to how things like this might threaten a life or put someone on the street thus threatening a life. Feign ignorance to to even the United States Constitution what I'm referring to is amendment 14 section 1. maybe it's not been interpreted that way in the past at the same time our I'd argue that most laws minus slight the Jim Crow era aren't written with race or demographics in mind or in language. So if that was only meant for a certain demographic it's awfully odd. Logically (which I understand does not necessarily make legal sense there's a conundrum) it law isto provide any protection rather than limit then as the 14th section one states it probably has to be enforced equally especially party to party citizen to citizen. I don't even think we've outlawed slavery if this is how it can be.

I tried to bring this up with Maple Grove's officer Hanson January 2020. I said something along the lines of slavery was legal are you arguing it wouldn't have a cost to keep that slave alive?

His response was I'm not going to entertain that conversation

When I have showed him a picture of the multi vehicle I was threatened and coerced by a threat what I often refer to as force to do labor on at hazard to myself and consumption of my time when I showed him that picture

I didn't see that put the phone away

Now this was with me sitting window not rolled all the way down but probably halfway open. I could be wrong but sitting on public property isn't generally something I assume gives police the right to anything really. What I'm trying to do that is I understand the logic if he felt threatened by it. I just maybe you can feel threatened by liability but if we start to blur that line.. when in actions by a power almost supreme that modern police have might threaten a life if this continues I think we're in for very dark days

Black lives matter with their prime focus on from what I can see mainly brutality or excessive force and primarily for the black community even if they were 100% successful all you've done is what made it so you die on the street instead of under a knee?

Foundations that define legal adulthood and protections that would enable independence from any relation seem in my opinion to be under attack and/or eroded. With it I would say comes an increase probability you are in this situation to experience that brutality to begin with.

I don't doubt some of its racial as well. There's evidence to support that as well. But what's older than even America is the realization that police and the justice system generally approach levels of treatment one would call abuse as one's financial means are less. No matter what you make at any given moment if there's no protection for it if those laws are allowed to be violated what do you actually have to defend yourself?

The trailer hitch above wood at very least let me know that if the housing eviction ban ends tomorrow I can attach something cheap to rent to the car called mine but not given title I don't have to go hungry for something that can be taken away after everything I made even during the year for a pre-existing IT client was put into their mold which I still deal with daily. It's insanity everything that one could worry about they ensure I have to worry about plus court battles after 30 days hungry at their hands last year and I don't even know this year

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