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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Covid and inflamation

 good to know that all this mal nutrition and starvation likely has my body in a state of ...

No euphemisms I feel like fucking death every day

Good thing vit D isn't indicated in immune function or most bio avaliable by sun light but in cases where I've been out a full day in the sun like 2x in 5 year.. nothings good about this 

Last bottle of d3 I bought was taken from me. 2x in front of maple Grove pd in 2019 it was stated it was my bike and I should get it back 

Nope but my dad now wants to know why I would need a bike if I can bearly  make it up the stairs

Well at least on the bright side of disfigurement and early death mycotoxins haven't been shown to impact immune function.. oh wait they have

Gee not like a diet I would cook if I was allowed to own anything rather than police support theft and theft of services while someone calls me property ..

Would be good at beating infection fending off disease lowering inflammation.. oh wait.. it was. 

Whelp better call my dad and ask if anyone in the family fucked a Neanderthal .

Or just climb the Power poll and let the 700 plus vac do the trick.

Sounds better than a lot of alternatives.

Maple grove police, enforcing eugenics whether they can define it or not since...when ever the fuck maple grove became a thing. 

less sarcastically I've been trying to get an answer out of any family member for over a year and a half as to if my grandpa on my moms side was diabetic.

Not that I could do anything about it when I have every expectation of rights but in practice and quite unconsituionaly the police enforce more of what Marlene and Paul state about me being property 

Shit next soneone will point out outlook and purpose have something to do with survival recovery longevity..

Its almost like I paid attention to my cnp mom as a child, made the power points she used to teach at st kates, had health in k-12, college and have read indeapth and extensively on my own.

Nah property cran't read.

Real world question for the deep thinkers:

do you think anybody's ever gone eye for eye with a pancreas? 

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