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cruel and deadly

 they went from forcing labor while not meeting preerqs and budget they had me come up with...making me prove with receipts where the money went for 9 mo often 2x while days hungry

forcing labor for a job i shouldnt have had to do and was not only dangrous but against cdc and doctor advice but also as i mentioned a horrible use of my time and likely to spread the issue to the apt they forced lease on. 

they went from that while also stretching period... ie at one point i tried maybe ill lay low, use next month plus... instead they didnt deposit until i was zeroed negative(over drafted) and called 3x then again put in less. 

when they learned i finally got paid for a job massively

delayed while bounced between hotels they cut what they gave to again prevent. 

they went from that to silence but still steal a fellony amount after ofps. still with out my things or basics for maintaining adult life. still i deal with the mold problem they caused and paid to be rid of.

but with the knowledge that when eviction ban pops off im likely on the street. mail fraud check fraud still holding mail ensured over 3 years my credit was destroyed. the 6mo in hotels was 3 cities 5 hotels 14 rooms and a mental ward after 8 mo at their house after a 51mile move after 8mo bleeding in the apt. 

cosmos cat getting sick 2016/2017 for the last time I transferred their mold driving to their place to visit him. often sleeping on basement floor next to him. 

what im trying to get at though is they not only screw with the budget to make constant readaptation and recaluclating a thing, not only steal but false promise mislead, triangulate and force physical location. 

like 2 years of this by time ofps were filed or slightly more since their mold was confirmed. 2.5 to 3 now. they ensure if i try to escape they can beat me down. in doing so they leave me open for the world to beat on. all of it is fucking lethal. 

all of it breaks habits it took a decade to learn on my own. 

Break logic I need to survive

Punish for correctly making assumptions based on evidence that I need to be able to make to protect myself

One such example is the apartment that they force the lease on immediately took issue with having to clean that car here

By 6 months in they were trying to evict the garage. It was a pretty safe assumption that if not before the moment the lease was up I would be out of here.

I managed to negotiate out of lease early no penalty guaranteed neutral reference in writing. I've got the recorded calls where I notify my dad of this well the police in Maple Grove are helping them sit on 20 grand worth of my things. The first three months here I didn't have one of two forms of ID and every trip I took to and from empty apartment without even my kitchen stuff was in the car that spread mold to the apartment. Necessitating crazy amounts of clothes washing and vacuuming everything I got back without the storage furniture any little bit ended up going on the floor making that even more insane.

Now it's growing on even my folding table Walmart special make shift desk all the problems so exist Clyde s in the freezer, despite two times in front of Maple Grove police it being agreed the bike was mine and I'm supposed to have it back I don't even have my bike back. In other words I either leave here on foot or miles per gallon in a car that I don't have title to they could take at any time that I don't park in the garage because technically that would be i leLgal although in practice Paul and Marlene were able to steal a felony am

ount worth of stuff from my garage after filing the OFPs. Which doesn't help anymore for the oh s*** I have destroyed credit and as soon as the eviction ban is up I'm going to be out of here

This is f****** insanity

Oh yeah also my glasses are held together by welding wire where the screw should be. The only thing that saved them from having a broken bow was the heat gun / SMD rework station that I have because by heating the metal I was able to bend them back. I was supposed to get $5,000 worth of one dental implant for a baby tooth that had long been wedged but dead between two adult teeth and never had an adult tooth under it. I was supposed to wait no more than six months in 2018 it fell out December 2017. This is f****** disgusting

I read that family court and also the other one I was unaware of DV Court wants to sentence things like re-education and all that stuff but what I see is sorely lacking

Is The government first deciding that certain laws that it has protect the autonomy of an individual. If those laws are not enforced actual threats to life via violation occur. If that's allowed to reoccur it's a pretty human response to be angry. Without me violating those for Paul and Marlene without me laying a hand on them despite both of them meeting the definition of assault and once attempted murder against me I'm somehow now the abuser

and the court seems to take no consideration for even violations after it applies the one-sided restrictions. It doesn't seem much better than Salem and the witch trials. You're accused of being a witch we're going to accept that at face value and consider nothing else please defend them feeling threatened prove they didn't feel threatened.

How is it in 2020 we don't understand that even when people don't intend to lie feelings mislead. Even my mom when she's not in range mode will tell you it takes two to tango but I think science has come far enough where for the past 100 years we've had a condition or set of traits defined as narcissistic. why I make the differentiation is it was something like 1908 when Freud described it and I want to say 1960s when cluster b became a thing including narcissistic personality disorder.

Which that and most of the cluster bees mean two might be involved in a tango but it might be over a perceived ego slight. It might be over an actual ego slight. But someone with one of those disorders doesn't really take scale into account. Completely destroying a life might be adjust response to an ego slight perceived or actual

It would be bad enough without the police dismissing a felony theft after the OFPs court date

But what this hits at is the ability to plan ahead in any way The number of things I have to do right now versus the probability of making the money to do them without the ability to move and with the fact that the car could be taken at any moment The number of things they load onto what I have to consider by a theft via what I consider abduction by mail fraud check fraud every tactic they can it's insane it's like the court saying you'll put your lotion on your skin and shut up about it Don't worry if they come by that's only good for you why can't you deal with it But if you answer their call you're going to jail

I still remember from even Maple Grove Senior high the AP English and AP social studies course I took senior year called ALP autonomous learner program: it was mentioned in there I forget when we covered it or why maybe I'm misplacing the class but I swear there wasn't still the knowledge that you need to be able to think ahead and get to a place with that where you become active in managing things before they become problems instead of reactive and living check to check not having any contingency plans.

well when it's demonstrated felony amounts can be stolen Federal crimes won't be looked at even when they pertain to being able to support oneself or have control over even their own signature as an adult

It's like contingency for everything while anything can be taken from you at any moment This is unreal

They could have filed those papers for the OFP in St cloud. They use threats to force this lease up here they a year and a half after changing the lock on their house decide oh let's do it in a court an hour and a half on a good day without traffic away from where we picked to make him suffer

But by virtue of Maple Grove police assistance in the lockout of the house my mom told me she was my landlord when I moved back into where $6,300 of services I performed in the past for pay were rendered over the 8 months

By virtue of the police assisted lockout what I can see the claims date back to when I moved back in there well that and four times that I recall while I type this they've cleaned out or taken a car from a parking lot where I was inside whatever building including that were some records that I would have needed or like in the house

Even if I could have made it down there on the court date the police help in making sure I couldn't have the evidence I would have needed. When I got to this forced lease apartment I tried to get the medical records the release didn't even show up The hard copies that I would have needed were taken. All of the documents hard copy that I had from any doctors that I've seen since 2006 were either in a storage unit they didn't give me the address to after moving out of the last place or at their house

Terror on top of emotional distress is knowing how much nutrition impacts the immune system not like there's a mass pandemic at the moment oh wait


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