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Monday, October 5, 2020

Dependents and Slavery

 I though California might have made a law to remedy this but it turns out it requires a diagnosis. In reality it should not require an additional law. The problem as I see it is police forces are run like businesses to an extent. At the same time I think it's a lot of personal bias and how they enforce or otherwise as well. On top of personal bias there may be the knowledge that if they let some things go it might turn up more evidence for a more profitable case.

That said there's things like factors of economic mobility. Generally this is used to predict how likely anyone individual is to be economically mobile up or down from where their family started.there's also known factors in getting and maintaining employment.

If we were doing a Venn diagram of how to keep someone dependent there would be an intersection with the law.

If that law isn't enforced I don't see how there's much hope of steeping dependent and/or abusive dependent situations. What's more disturbing seems to be on the societal front of possibly media generated but the belief that anyone dependent is a mooch. Evidence says otherwise But a few generations now have been raised on the belief what they feel matters more than any logical construction of an argument. It's almost a delusional society at a point.

Some of the studies that support that indicate things like many people would work just to have a sense of purpose. I'll try to link some if I can get my laptop on. and/or clear space I'm going to be physically disfigured for life pretty soon here. But maybe just maybe for making the person poisoning me and trying to make me suffer feel threatened obvious sentence to reeducation and learn the things that'll hurt me. Maybe in decades of that we might get to ergonomics. We can learn all about coping mechanisms like art exercise diet and its effect on cognition.. sentenced to somebody's job security because that was in the state's best interest Vis a vie creation of a social worker position and funneling healthcare dollars by court order to private corporations.

 F*** you

It should be noted the person who is communicating here in Gray wanted to give me a job before I ever get that project. That would have required a certification from the oldest cert board in the IT industry. I had been working two jobs up to that I had a lot of things I could sell and my dad was sitting on several thousand dollars in mature e e bonds my grandmother had left. Those eventually got spent on food and gas at hotels. On another laptop and on a mid welder actually two laptops which I was buying from eBay at that point used The first one was at their house and immediately began causing issues because fans like to suck things in.

What's really disgusting is the state should technically become accessory to a crime. Because the actions of the police have essentially overlooked mail fraud check fraud felony level theft several times and the other party is trying to poison me. But it would appear it's in the state's best interest not to prosecute that because maybe we can make me a slave to the healthcare system. God f****** help you if you become dependent in this state

it's supposed to require legal custodial ship granted by a judge to find another adult's name or make decisions on their behalf. But if that's not enforced if the police won't even give so much as a strict warning well f****** I guess

There's pretty conclusive medical evidence that if someone's diet becomes s*** and/or their malnourished they are less likely to have emotional control or the better term would be emotional inhibition is impaired. Family Court making the mirror accusation that words were said into the Salem witch trials and then sentencing psychological services it's a racket. Hi I'm I'm going to try to kill you I'm going to commit several felonies to make sure you starve and are being poisoned but in that time I'm going to run to civil court and I didn't like what you said to me when you weren't putting the lotion on your skin as I commanded. So I feel threatened.

I feel pretty damn scared for my life not just threatened realizing I have to watch every word while someone is stealing to make sure I cannot eat and making sure I cannot escape poison they cause by their decisions finishing their house when I was in elementary school That's pretty f****** threatening. As is the fact that I am not a child anymore biologically speaking after the age 25 the bodies repair process is slow down. They ran me the f*** out after I ran myself the f*** out they keep running me the f*** out they keep taking away any reward anyone who supports this in my opinion supports incest supports trial abuse and supports slavery. You might see things differently this is my opinion and you won't change it. The evidence is there in the form of pages like nutrition's impact in neuroplasticity. Psychological conditioning you break the cycle of adaptive behavior and reward in the form of income in the form of progress in the form of purpose in the form of staying in the f*** alive or meeting basic needs the system is s*** The system is a tightly coiled pile left on the neighbor's lawn only we're forcing it in people's lives

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