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 I have a few recordings that really highlight that paul and Marlene know exactly what they do. the one that spured this is probably on the phone i dropped after Clyde died.

i was in the parkinglot of a hotel in rodgers. 

paul: " Why dont you just talk to me for a bit lord knows you could use someone to talk to"

this was after 16 months of bleeding for problems they caused finishing their house when i was in elementary school and decisions in how not to deal with it even after it was confirmed.

this was after Bonnie had died. 

this was after the forced and likely illegal medical hold saught at the 3rd hotel 

so like close 2 two years isolation and forced moving city to city place to place... because they cant admit even lethal mistakes or respect boundaries. he knows at this point i have nothing. he knows he did it. 

Marlenes admissions are a bit harder to catch. Finer details. 

She went from you need medication for your delusions of mold (professionally confirmed to exist mold) to for your anger.

The devil and or clarity is often in the details. Problem is most people gloss over them.

But everyone loves to play Roman dictator and give the thumbs down. That's quite a few I wouldnt to say everybody far more people said silent.

soon I'll be silent to hard to say much without a heartbeat

They both aggressively nuke barriers. People say well get away from it.. I say well I can't exactly shit us currency and even if I could it better be more than they can steal because my credit is also destroyed and with what's on my background check now because of them and a court that has zero standard of evidence for the accusation but you have to disprove whatever you're accused of I don't think I can rent anymore

Meanwhile January 2020 I'm 3 days hungry Paul wants me to repeat the word slave when I say Dad you make me feel like a slave

What was that just the last word.

Somewhere in between our lawmakers being dumb or someone figuring out we can give industry a revenue stream in Minnesota but other countries have tried tactics that minimize the need for police we seem to have gone with harm maximization for all causes of any particular anything. The proof is at the APA verbal abuse and emotional neglect parent to child makes you three to four times more likely to be borderline.

There's no help in psychiatry or psychology or even doing things like CBT if laws that protect one's ability to be an individual or functional adult and support themselves such as not allowing another's name signed without court ordered custodialship period protecting the male protecting finances it doesn't matter what you do because that person always has control over you especially when the police overlook even attempted murder and are asking why can't you look after yourself

Because I don't f****** s*** currency oh that was immature I'm sorry defecate you f****** piece of s***

Knowing why anybody does anything or what that means is not easy to do and likely you really can't with certainty. That said a lot of human life is interacting with other people so we make assumptions and educated guesses. I'm not very religious person I've always been spiritual though, one thing I like about Christianity is the message of you're not the judge of Good and evil period whatever the reason for that being in there is it it's a reminder or can be a reminder that you don't really know

You know less has an external observer to someone's life unless you see them the less educated your guess or assumption is

There's quite a bit of evidence that rigid control structures harm. And high risk situations where teamwork is required a big one a lot of people have experienced it without knowing is flying. Look up cockpit resource management or crew resource Management I forget what they call it it was adapted after crew managed to land a McDonald Douglas dc-11 that suffered total hydraulic failure period that plane has no manual reversion there's no cable with the hydraulics are out you can't move control services. They looked at and by they the FAA and I believe NASA looked at what that crew did different because when they reloaded the data into the simulators nobody else got it near the runway period it was the lack of the captain rigidly demanding full control of every aspect. Perhaps it's a bit ironic but parents that try to do this are called helicopter parents. Narcissists that try to do this are often pretty covered about it

The other really depraved thing they do is try to judge things they have no knowledge of. She's a nurse practitioner neonatal in specialty. He's been a mechanic a warehouse worker a public school bus driver and a union organizer that I know of.

Neither is qualified and in fact Marlene when I asked couldn't even name the names of the projects I was working on but was sure that I had made all of the illness up because I didn't know what I was doing when I had them working already when people had paid for them.

This really shouldn't have to go this far some very basic principles of if you agree to give something that doesn't give you control of everything a person has ever earned it doesn't work that way anywhere else in life but for Maple Grove Police the mirror claim to have given something seems to be enough to allow you to execute the other person

Life is pretty fragile. The best medicine is preventative and not eating the right diet or being able to afford living the right life or a balance in life time off or the proper're not going to live up to your potential and you might not live very long if you get sick you might not recover. We didn't have to go this far into logic or theory though simple theft laws would prevent this

Unless the police are really there to cull the population

And no I didn't mean call. More likely is some form of competition control. I would bet about late 1800s it was known where the world's population was heading human wise what isn't known right now why is the us at a 0.6 for population growth?


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