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Difference between abuse escapable and abduction till Death

Would seem to be are laws that protect the ability of an adult to make their own decisions and own anything upheld 

Narcissistic abuse can be lethal. Narcissistic parents are known to sabotage their children into adulthood. When police ignore facts of modern Life let alone the law but stand in between recovering property and create a forced labor situation the results may be lethal

Like forgery of another adults signature with out court appointed guardianship

Notice to vacate or lease recognized in a state that's supposed to have oral leases and service for rent 

Poisioning and or assult is recognized regardless of gender as what it is..attempted murder. 

Check fraud, mail fraud...

No one should be put in a situation where they all the sudden have nothing because police act on lies then refuse evidence they have acted on lies.

The ode to state enforced murder and or slavery is when police then refuse reports on susiqent fellony level theft by instead suggesting detention on an emergency medical hold 

It's now cold and I haven't so much as a scraper let alone jacket. My cupboards haven't so much as a glass for water.

I started buying kitchen stuff for my apts in 2007.

This inaction combined with action to protect the abuser is a danger to life

The people doing this have made sure I don't even have my credit card. The only one that would still work at all despite having near perfect credit from 2006 to 2017 in every way they have trapped me

Then they start Court battles with police still helping them hold on to even my printer. I have a moldy Walmart folding table as a makeshift desk despite having built three desks and owning another.

The car that I don't have title to is missing a window. I know how to get it replaced but I keep being starved. I've gone through pains on this site to even detail that it's known to modern medicine that this screws with every part of the body and mind in ways that it takes a long time to recover from

Police are just as willing to play the games labeling me incompetent which is insane because everyone has their own ways of being efficient everyone has unique needs as well as basic human needs. I would hope Maple Grove officers are smart enough to understand that things like being able to cook end up saving money. Things like having no organizational furniture end up making utilization of time inefficient to impossible to have a maintained living environment. is operational again.. I shouldn't have to remind anybody that in Minnesota even making a promise with no intent to fulfill can be a crime

Seems to me that police here have no concern over protecting life. I would bet violence against women laws and the federal grants created if one were to analyze the text it would fit quite nicely with the thing like ofp

Seriously though how probable is it anybody gets anywhere in life if someone can repeatedly steal felony level amounts while opening their mail signing their name signing over checks already in their name?

I really wish I could eat I wish I had my credit card to put money on credit to be able to eat right now or to be able to replace some of the kitchen stuff period at the same time why would I take any loans because if it can be stolen at any moment this is insane

How effective is the civil Court solution if police action can ensure you starve to death before you're ever likely to make it there? Minnesota attorney general says we prosecute folks who steal from people I've yet to see it

so far in my experience you allow them to force labor and then make them a protected party while they continue to attempt murder through poison and starvation

if I'm not as starved as I am at the moment I end up screaming at the top of my lungs until my throat hurts because I'm alone in an apartment with basically a bed left to sit on because the folding table desk has a chair growing the mold from the forced labor for 9 months. This is f****** insanity

Paul and Marlene made sure I was working nearly to death before this started by an agreement I made with Paul. Just put my credibility with people who otherwise might have helped me on the line as I still owe them things in the form of custom projects that were demonstrated working before Paul and Marlene's mold spread to my apartment making me sick period my credit was maxed due to this period my earlier number is about 20 grand worth of stuff being held we're said well being jostled around between locations or during the 9 months of labor it's more like 20 grand paid for in cash stuff over the years since I've left their house or starting in 2004 when I had more than one regular income and 20 grand in credit a lot of this was tools

Narcissistic abuse has been shown to cause brain damage period causes damages in the area like reasoning memory and decision making. The result has also been long-term isolation. Studies from prisons and medicine in general have shown isolation es not great changes in the brain . Starvation and malnutrition does the same . It all negatively affects neuroplasticity which is what's needed to change and overcome for any facets of life

But then there's Minnesota factor as well as I write this about 32° outside that's in Fahrenheit. In February 2019 Minnesota plunged down to negative 30 Fahrenheit. You need to be able to consume calories in the state

To judge someone by how efficiently they use anything given when you've decided outside of the law what they possess and what they do not possess outside of what they've worked for and have it is absolute absurdity

There's also this problem very basic psychology of reward response. Adaptive behaviors like cooking a nutritious meal or eating in general or working should equal some sort of reward like the body isn't hurting or hungry or never mind if I have to explain this you're one of them

What's worse yet is my washing machine is broken. I don't even have the ability to clean clothes at the time Marley and Paul filed I had 20 days to vacate the least they had forced after 6 months jumping between five hotels three cities because eight months after I moved into their house they changed the lock with zero notice despite 6.3 thousand dollars and skilled labor rendered services rendered in lieu of rent. We will grow police awarded them with everything of mine making it negative time and income destroyed credit but four times they were able to empty out cars during that six months.. there was no way I could have had the documents required to defend myself from their claims dating back to the date I moved back in

Everyday now I contemplate suicide shivering my ass off alone with what who was a friend and also a pstd therapy animal dead in the freezer

April 2020 Paul and Marlene came and stole the felony amount from my garage again. I filed a report or so I thought the day it happened. The call above turned into St cloud Police calling me back and wanting a mental hold instead of allowing me to submit that I have it recorded now and text message admission that Marlene and Paul have two of the three items that walked out of my garage at the same time . Odds are they have all of them

If you would like to help anything would be appreciated

I need to set up a personal one but for now this link will do I can hardly keep track of my passwords anymore

The only bright side which really isn't with nothing in it but Samsung pay and PayPal are compatible so I can use it without hassle or transfer fee

2018 probably around February I was told to get away from the mold. In fact when I was able to do that 6 months at hotels all the symptoms cleared up. I doubt what my primary care doctor had in mind was 9 months cleaning a moldy car with starvation frequent. Have you ever had athlete's foot and thought that the course of lotrimin makes you immune for the rest of your life? Trick question it doesn't period systemic antifungals carry a high risk of liver damage. It's best not to need them. It's also known that malnutrition and starvation decrease the efficiency to disable the immune system. This might as well be murder

one of the creepiest things Paul Wuethrich has said to me is 
"I decide what hurts you"  
in lieu of police enforcing laws without discrimination that may in practice be true but one mustn't look far to find science says otherwise


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