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Distract it tactic

I see a danger to our species possibly from conscience intent possibly our own inability to in general see complex interactions even when long supported by sound science. Its been said that absolute incompetence would perhabs be nearly indistinguishable from malice

In general the threat i see is whats in the publics mind at any moment. more so the lack of how thought through any of it is. If it works for you and you stay fed... great that doesnt mean you dont cause harm to others etch. this grew out of splitting level phrases tossed in my direction and a lot of past reading on psychology, logic, philosophy and systems theory or the like. 

i need to clean this up its rough for now. but the general idea is with out thinking things through or time to do so its easy to lose track of what our survival interests are let alone what is healthy to do to another and where we begin where they end or substitute the subjects (in Latin) . 

(whats that say about psychology/health care granted powers of gov to detain people... and a diagnosis for claming anyone might work togeather to harm you?)( being being frightened and abused hungry and or scared and mistakenly bluring independent parties actions, esp when we once had concepts like "being framed" as part of law and public conscience and theres hardly a way to define any hospital, police department or psych ward as anything other than a collective of people working towards common goals. conspiring? so really id say anytime thats applied it would come down to (probably doesnt but i would hope) an objective differential diagnosis criteria and objective dr... otherwise its more so 

saying that if you have the subjective opinion someone might have colabarted with someone else, we are going to justify locking you here. notice how i haven't even gotten to the concept of harm yet? or all the iterations like is harm objectively keeping the person from eating? last i checked un human rights didnt include food. go a month without food and get back to me (if you are still alive) on if thats harm lol... ive 2x gone 4 days 2x 3 days and am now faced with my words allegedly (and sometimes actually said (but with no regards to context) are apparently the harm. cant inspire fear insomeone trying to kill you i guess, and if they got there first we should probably assume they felt that fear or the system can tell they they should have and justify it either way lol... esp if we forget the feels vs actual crimes that actually deprive someone of potentially life, what mn theft law would define as property and several times freedom..

it puts the lotion on its skin and shuts up about it again. put the lotion on and die. if you say something and 

I think what got us here was keeping up with the jonses. aka the shift from logical advertising 

this product is 2x more hp, 1x weight, 2x warranty to do you want to blow by John Jones driving that hatch back or struggle to keep up with, also side curtin airbags ensure that your loved ones done end up brain matter on the windshield ... you wouldnt want that? 

i might edit this later i was trying to work in something else at the same time lol.  but its criteria vs danger will robinson and why not be cool and avoid it? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

(this statement was not intended for MGPD , though consent or otherwise... lmao) 

also media knows polarization and drama gets return viewers and if it works as stated that translates into ads viewed and revenue streams secured. 

these are somewhat well known and accepted uses of basically propaganda. 

what i think we miss in the noise is they reshape how we define concepts. Esp in the short news cast covering and or nudging concepts like racism and sexism. 

if we dont see discrimination on demographic lines and hate on it (lumped as racism and sexism) as stateless (capable of being applied or executed by either side) concepts at best WE CREATE THE WRECKING BALL or pendulum America is described as on social issues. 

but in the mean time as far as individual actions and how we are to our selves and our loved ones...

if Sally belives sexism is men vs women and she cant sexist cause she no has penis. 

how likely is sally to see Dale her husbands actions as this concept news constantly pushes? aka think she has recognized the deamon in her daily life? 

more importantly, has this asked her to review the fairness of her own actions towards him? 

most brain scans show in the area you read this in your mind... the non primitive parts of the brain, sometimes there is no discernable difference between a male and female at random or in a sampled population. if they are there its harder to find them than it is across personality types. 

so where is this suposibly omni present behavior coming from in men for one?

two what makes women immune to it? 

whats the danger of being so caught on deamons broadcast? 

reasoning that you wouldnt do that if you read this today... during the covid pandemic and subiquent slow down.. maybe not. 

that said usual pace is where the danger is greatest. inflation cost of living, maintaining a death grip on your son, all these things require a lot of time and energy. then you unwind and try to stay informed for a little bit on the couch at night and consume some programing. consume some programing with out thinking it through. tv has a numbing/trance like property. its not mind control by any means as in its not absolute. it does influence and its greater when you dont have time to think while you consume or later during the interactions. 

glbt crowd has made us aware of triggers. its the same concept. something in your day to day with a loved one ends up triggering a partial recall of that news cast or a event u linked from your past... possilbly just the negative feel of it. you bite their head off possibly undeserved in a laps of emotional inhibition, do you know the healthy way to make it up? anomicity? revenu streams for divorce lawyers? dv job security for all the involved? or you lose someone you cared about? potentially you never knew youself getting into it. its still a loss nothings to say you wouldnt have found him or her and still been compatible. get outside of absolutes if you are going to argue otherwise. yes that might be harder with another person. tell me why it cant work. i dont think you can. esp if the other person is somewhat aware but this is a long string of ifs and im outside of scope at the moment. 

what makes life not seem worth living is the nihalistic drain that people adopt to avoide those ifs. 

fuck over others and do it first. they were going to do it to you. 

that may end up true and or increasingly is the truth. sliperly slop is a fallacy is a fallacy, it can be... splitting or all or nothing thinking is pathological thought. 

this world is fucked and im not out to change it. i dont deserve to die or be harmed for the events that transpired in my own life. by an objective view I did everything agreed on and more. their 430k paid off house is safe, i lose everything get a label on a label on a disfiguring and or disabling

we cant hold people accountable for things they did not have the power to decide.  it needs to start with birth. gift of life? no two teenage or older humans got off. 

but the other thing i see is probably the worst. some people make financial success at least to the level that depending on their loan... they might have a house as long as they have a job. a lot of this set ends up burned out or busy and distracted. a lot of the damage was done child to teen in burning them out. 

govs and people that would attempt to rule and harm large pops have always feared united masses. see the french revolution...

the American psych Association:

Cluster Bs all feature damaged sympathy empathy conscience and or concept of self vs others. 

if there was a desire to make a pop rulable or unlikely to overthrow, id say you first feed them issues and or the image things are being done for justice. mass media is great. Im sure its real im also sure racism and police brutality mean little if police can leave you on the street at any moment...regardless of race or gender. 

but this idea that via encouraging damage we might burn out the ability to feel for another human, then further pollute it with men are from mars women are from ... toss in some sexists definition of sexism and racism the same... add 40 to 80 hr work weeks...

we are slaves and most have no idea. but you are happy right? until that time off or it breaks through and life is empty.

as a note to someone i hope reads this if i dont see them again... something about a reptile tongue. look what they take find you before you take yours. fuck hats.  


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