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Domestic Terrorism

it might not be a traditional use of the term but I'd say any state that has no independent oversight for police activity had the potential to engage in creating it.

the police have no obligation to protect individual citizens. we give them boat loads of power and often under pretense of making the needed job safer. yet how needed is it when they have no obligation to actually protect? 

they also have little to no oversight. there's an old saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

a more modern realization is there are people with damage that results in damaged concept of others, Black and white all or nothing reasoning, impaired sympathy, empathy, conscience and these people often seek out positions of power over others.

seperation of powers and external oversight audit and complaint handling (checks and balances) should act as a stop gap for their power being absolute but instead states like mn  struggle to impart any reform and as recently demonstrated needlessly taking a life through excessive force is unlikely to result in much often no lasting consequence.

From what I've uncovered there might be some liability for when police action creates adverse outcomes that inaction wouldnt have but the reality is if police initially act in a way that allows someone seperated from everything they own and forced around under threat to it..

reality is police refusing to act or allow reports can create a situation where o e is unlikely to survive let alone arrange a afford and find a lawyer, arrange a court date and attend it. 

They not only have a lot of power, with no oversight they have the power to prevent any potential liability either directly or by refusing to act after initial endangering action. They have enough power where if we wanted to it's unlikely anything happens if they just end your life

A while back I saw some news that Supreme Court Justices were warning that tyranny is encroaching in the US. I think that ship has long sailed

With the ability to control what the prosecutor even besides on through censoring police reports and no alternative it's a pretty bleak situation even in the less extreme cases of Injustice and police created risk to life

But instead of realizing let alone honoring things like separations of power create more of a just system States like Minnesota are giving more power traditionally reserved for other entities to corporations such as medical organizations. Which is disturbing because there's little to no requirement at all for a doctor to review evidence but they are put in charge of whether or not you can walk away when you can walk away they have the ability to drug you and potentially profit from it while detaining you and if you manage to escape the people with guns Badges and Authority 2 as South Parkwood say yell it's coming right for us then shoot your 10 times in the back well those people will come and bring you back to detainment

But it's like we had to one-up it somehow even if we're one-upping our own descent into tyranny but clock this behind things like protecting battered women or the image thereof. Instead what we redid is turn civil and family court into a court from Salem Massachusetts cira 1600. AKA the burden of proof is on the accused and the standard of evidence for accusation is low to non-existent. Instead of creating direct penalties we strip the need for Warrant to arrest and Second Amendment rights

The actions are the band created by the hearsay accusation is entirely one-sided in theory you can then go to jail for your phone pocket answering I call you refuzor is not limited in making but you are barred from answering. Have yet to find the direct evidence that this is due to Federal money awarded for certain arrests and programs

But I have found documents where the state discusses these lies being about protecting women even though they're now described as gender-neutral and unbeknownst to me before this but what I found digging is there are federal violence against women grants to States.

There's Financial incentive to discriminate based on gender and the people carrying it out have little culpability or responsibility for their actions but practically speaking nearly unlimited power to act.

This is going to attend us one way or another. When we hold people responsible for things they might not have done or limit the context of what's considered in why they did something as I've described it in the past we create a Silence of the Lambs situation akin to it puts the lotion on its skin and then it gets the police and court again

When you factor in people with certain mental illness sleep positions of power and control over others and that might not impair their intelligence or ability to play the system to create it

states Minnesota have stacked the deck in a way where people who could have otherwise been productive contributed to the economy and or innovated might end up virtual slaves to the state or in prison either actual prison or medical when I say one way or another this is what I mean the people who would either knowing or otherwise seek to control another person end up with a tool set via civil and family court even if the police with no checks and balances don't make the situation worse it would seem the state has handed the ability to enslave others to the posers and control freaks

We know now that not just eating keeps you alive but what you eat can greatly affect cognitive state all the way to win and what you die of. Being able to make choices when you can't even expect repeated theft will be addressed but can't expect that word said in anger or allegedly said my equal police coming to put you in some form of detainment?

Well if time is money and things like eating advancing learning all of that is dependent on nutrition which requires again money and all of the above require things like Transportation housing but all of that is on the line anything bought with money earned can be taken what are the odds that Average Joe or Jill benefits from their work or can make choices with money earned?

 What I see as worse is US forgetting that police don't create order. At least not directly.. laws create order especially those that Outlaw harming others. Most people will not act in ways that harms anyone and especially not strangers unless significantly abused endangered and disenfranchised by the systems advertise to help turning blind eyes or encouraging the behavior. Yet every time that happens we use it as an excuse to an act more far-reaching right limiting police empowering tyrannical laws.

It's a sad day when Marilyn Manson understands this but government doesnt or feins ignorance and Healthcare doesn't care but does nothing to gaurd against abuses of its newly granted once state reserved powers either.

The manuals informing state government or local governments how to deal with random acts of mass violence actually repeatedly State it's usually not someone mentally ill but then rather than to find the issue further they basically instruct that you maintain good relations with those in control of news broadcast and if the perpetrator is apprehended alive they probably need mental health care or anyone suspected should be brought to mental health care

Meanwhile mental health care might as well practice cock and ball torture because CBT without addressing the narcissistic wounds well let's just end with what Marilyn Manson said

I wouldn't say anything I would just listen

I think the bridge between yes many artists sing about violent things and yes the media can influence but why somewhat personality dependent from the Entertainer and the specifics of the content are actually important to not demonize but allow.. 

You don't need to just listen someone needs to identify with and validate. That's probably not the best to get from a one-way communication in the form of music games TV but it's better than not having that happen at all. Eminem says it as if I write one line that some kid going through a hard time can identify with or something to that extent then he's glad he helped

As I was getting at earlier most people if not endangered by others don't seek to harm anyone furthermore if other people don't intervene or judge without knowing without trying to put the responsibility into finding out if they're going to inject themselves Mass violence is likely unlikely. I'd say we have created the situation where it's most likely we have state actors civil courts allowing other people or citizen actors to judge in front of a court actions or behaviors of another and have the state enforced penalties for it we have a culture of Spin and Demon ization largely for profit and or keeping information even about modes of thought and healthy interaction esoteric or encouraging the opposite because it appears we've established an economy on suffering mistrust distrust alienation and imprisonment well after weapons manufacturer

But even if it sounds violent having someone identify with them and or thoughts they might have every right to have because someone is being harmed video game artist whatever I only think that helps the Springs cases where it might not but looks The Beatles and Helter Skelter it's like No Child Left Behind except existence is except getting beat to death and don't say anything about it or get beat more by the system that claims to be there to help you

And the terrorist is probably that system not the citizens or the artist. I'm not so sure it's government either because we seem to have decided that they have to run like a business what appeared to me that those who control the money have the ultimate power

The history of Minneapolis Police suggest that in they beat citizens for striking shortly after their creation. Police in America also used to be tasked with bringing back escaped slaves. now we call them peace officers, push the belife they are all you need (911) ignore and gloss over they have little to no incentive or risk in harming and no requirement to protect. while for profit corps and Gov push everything but how to not feel, create endagemnet and harm or need for protection and or give you every reason to belive everybody but you and your buddy gov or industry is going to harm u or needs mental health.. up to might be plotting to kill u and others.

the reactions and modes of thought those in power push with labels of abuser to terrorist combined with abandoning standards of justice.. it all creates the issue it suggests it needs to exist to prevent. often plays what it caused to grab more power. 

but ultimately gov or Corp is still a bad dichotomy. I think the risk is in letting damaged indivigual lead but it gets pretty hard to unravel when sci and psychology is filtered and school that warps understanding is compulsory or the vast majority a formative years and Adolescence to Young Adult. Programming or computer science cause of garbage in garbage out what are we doing to the minds of people? They keep asking if a tree falls in the forest but I think the question is if slavery has been redefined what's your average serf unaware?
Apparently nothing as long as they're busy for most of the day and programming in their free time for the rest of the time allow them domain to abuse and neglect  their children where the school would have left them behind. Child runs away the police will stay true to forgotten history and bring them back. In the meantime school will normalize or gloss over abuse

Well also teaching normalization positions of power leftist glbt and feminist issues. It would be funny if this wasn't abuse in and of itself

Microsoft actually gets lauded 4 meaning of its policies I know it's Lyme's but it was until recently I looked up Melinda Gates. She was management at Microsoft quid pro quo whoa that's a balance.

like holy shit that's a balance capable of having 10 nimits class carriers and airwings in cash. 

Which isn't the only example of the double standards. Bill Gates before covid-19 was on YouTube lecture in the world about how the problem is he sees it is a simple equation


If I have the terms abbreviated correctly. The gist of it was population time Services X carbon per service.

Yes if you look up his history while he was making the money a big way Microsoft was able to raise its profit margin was Bill Gates was personally Lobby in Congress for if I recall correctly the creation of the H-1B visa and then more and more of them. In other words why over hundreds of thousands of foreigners to pay them less than an American citizen would have been.

Minus the national aspect the double standard point was how much carbon did that generate?

But no people or population people not him are the problem it's in these double standards I think we can identify what harms Humanity in general


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