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Sunday, October 25, 2020

easiest to describe

 Imagine someone was hell-bent making sure you accomplished nothing have nothing know no one and police ignored every law but only for them

That's a slight exaggeration but not by much if at all

Imagine they understand how violate you better than they understand themselves or when they're projecting

Imagine that despite so many Americans having next to nothing and savings everybody just asked why you can't deal with being homeless imagine America at the end cuz I think we're pretty close I really hope it's personal by is clouding my judgment but I don't think it is

Imagine they had no concern for taking away something you work to self nearly to death for for something that's your passion for something that you're good at 4 something you taught yourself. Imagine them telling you they love you well increasing the odds you die before they do and or you die on the street and poverty because they couldn't see you even get to a level close to them despite what they tell other people

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