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 what I think goes on is they fight back and forth and usualy find a mutual enemy in me.

usually one or the other or both in non rage times is obsessed with finding just what's wrong with me. 

especially if im doing well. it's a bit desire for attention that is natural but in failure to comprehend that you can't both make flaws pick at dig for expecting nothing but work and that...

or more neurotypical one is suposed to comprehend as a parent that if you want your child to succeed and achieve you need to deal with your lonely ness and own issues or likes for a while. let go as they spread their wings vs

tie a chain and yank down once precarious takeoff looks ready to cruise. 

in this case I don't think I'm making it up again

, I know some of the things I say are harsh. If you judge me for what I say while being starved hoping gas-lit will be in infantilized well the person who most adamantly has is my cousin Katie. I haven't seen 20 1314? Talk to you on the phone not even they don't think I think it was twice text messaging one day I was four days hungry clyde died. 

She's a good example for what happens if you don't think it through. Court-ordered anger management twice by the end of the conversation just threatening to kick my ass. So what it's just a stupid rabbit was somewhere in the middle. Which or sandwich by I know I watched you grow up I know you even though I don't haven't seen you forever have no story but your mom's. I mean I'd assume or start to those Grass Is Always Greener but then she flat-out said you have better parents you should be better. You should be further you had better parents you should be further you should be better.

The external appearance of the Bliss she hoped for but didn't from what I understand receive at home. Mine are the idealized ones.

, what's really evidence is the loss of the ability to see it from another perspective Bonnie and Clyde Cosmos just as much my friend has any human has ever been. Projection 101 I say it therefore it is for you. The metal sticker on the back of the IMAX 4K

This is the time I keep mentioning I had just walked out the door. Few weeks later they came up and steal my computer MIG welder and compound miter saw hello last car they have my vacuum cleaner the battery for the drill one working drill which was a waste anyways because in that storage garage I couldn't get the address to or the help that he knew was needed and used to shake one of my friends is a Dewalt drill but as of now I can't use the vacuum or the Ryobi drill. Isolation Transformer one of the few friends I have left propane tanks 54 volt battery or maybe 56 worth like $200. Got to decide for me that I don't have friends got to decide for me that I can't make anyting commitment wife to anything but death now because I've offended his Royal fucking perverseness. We tell anything to the police then if things are as they seem the police as willing to let me die rather than risk I would go after them instead of trying to just to fill my commitments if they would even respect property rights to a basic extent where life is concerned


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