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Families Need and MN predatory police

 Arbitration or an impartial negotiator Not Court.

In Minnesota the official stance is once a young adult reaches 18 the parents have no responsibility for the well-being. 

In practice at least in my case this has turned into police will allow or look the other way as robbery of everything ever earned (through working ) happens and then subsequent theft.

 Throw in two assaults and an attempted murder forced labor death of therapy animals who happened to be my friends as well 

For good measure add check fraud mail fraud and forgery of my signature without Court granted custodialship of another adult

Much like how anything you say may be used against you it seems that in Minnesota an adult relation with your parents the only thing that can happen is they can harm you at least if they decide to step out of moral and legal bounds.

It also is a bit messed up that in Minnesota a parent can kick a child who has never left the house out the moment they turn 18 and the only qualification for a one-sided hearsay-based restraining order is family member forever having lived together which still applies to the young adult now having reached the age of majority.

Most of the time if I recall correctly to even have a checking account before 18 you need to have a parent on it. Maple Grove Police acted on a lie told that I had never worked before when in fact I hadn't lived at their house since 2006 and I was regularly working multiple jobs since 2004.

2006 upon graduating high school, I paid for a trip to Europe for 45 days; which included staying with two wonderful families but the majority of it was hostiles if you count the  connection in Iceland five countries were visited this was me traveling alone at the age of 18 nearly 5,000 mi from Minnesota.

Then I left for Fargo North Dakota and NDSU. The longest I stayed at my parents Maple Grove residence since wasn't even intentional . I had meant to move from Fargo to St cloud . Actually first I was thinking about the state of Virginia. I didn't get a job I applied for there and things changed but I still want it out of Fargo. I intended to scope out an apartment by driving about 45 minutes from Maple Grove and intended a month maz that my parents house. That was 2014 and the first time their house made me sick. It turned into he's too crazy to leave and about 6 months if I recall correctly. The mold pro was hired January 2018 it was determined that the problem was due to decisions they made finishing their house in 2001. In other words while I was in middle other words the problem existed when I thought it did in 2014.

But this treatment by police in 2018 coupled with everything else I've seen..

This leads me to believe that a less than ethical or moral parent would likely be able to drain a young adults checking account at 17 years and 364 days by then have police show them the Street next day. especially if Maple Grove . It's a little bit sadistic I remember in high school even after you turned 18 they still wanted your parents signature things. Turning 18 doesn't mean school is over either even if you can legally drop out but the way it's set then from what I've seen there might be people out there who don't have their high school diploma from such an ordeal.

I never intended to leave their house August 2018 in a move out sense. in fact the amount of services rendered at market averagecoupled with the market average of a square foot of residential space per month in that town rent is still current as I type this in 2020.

$6,300 is a pretty fair estimate and it's about $1.32 a square foot for what was a moldy 10 ft by 10 ft room. actually I didn't do the math on how many months have elapsed but it came to something like 42 months if I recall correctly.but instead of that even securing something like 30 days notice police have told me things like I can't file that I gave them my things moving out and that I'm supposed to drive an hour and a half from the least they forced under threat to my things to family Court. Which was absurd enough the first time but in 2020 a month after creating the restraining order court date and ensuring I couldn't have made it...

My parents then came to the apartment and stole another felony amount worth of personal property.

In general with what I've seen of Maple Grove Police and how family Court works. We seem to have forgotten human life is fragile and especially Minnesota should know better. Survival times without shelter in the winter might be measured in minutes.

We also know more now than we ever have about human psychology groups families organizations psychology and sociology have been applied everywhere else accept this court created relatively recently seems to even disregard lessons In justice probably written in blood.

They call the left here revisionist or history revisionist. I think in that Spirit you can well describe what was made of the Salem witch trials. when I search for info on it now it often comes up as a woman's issue adjusting so much as the Holocaust only killed Jewish people that might be true... Or in other words no it's not

I would say one of the key issues was the burden of proof was on the accused and the standard of evidence for accusation was hearsay

Jill here says that Karen is a witch

Karen prove you're not a witch.

The type of restraining order they use started as a violence against women's law for as far as I can see.

But the standard is did you make someone feel threatened.

Now prove you didn't make someone feel threatened.

Been trying to absorb as much info as I can what I find striking is how little of what is really listed. The people who filed also told me one of them they want to make me suffer another that they own me.

Wouldn't be much of a lie to say threatened his property might escape.

The year and a half in between police enforced 0 notice eviction and OFPs contained 6mo of hotels 5 hotels 3 cities and a mental ward, the death of Bonnie rabbit then a forced lease in a still empty apt forced labor for 9mo on a moldy car and the death of Clyde rabbit. 

The moldy car part made sure that I had 20 days to vacate as i was served with the summance for the ofp hearing at a court they picked. A court they picked an HR and a half away from the apt they picked on a day with out traffic. An HR and a half away by car. They knew the car broke down 6 days before filing.

Don't even have glasses let alone my kitchenware in my cupboards. I would have been homeless if not for the eviction ban

This is insane. Companies don't usually do this as a first measure. Usually arbitration . It also seems that police will do anything to force people into this. 

Evidence of that is found a few posts before this post 

But the year at this still empty place hasn't just been do labor on our car it's been why isn't it done faster. Pretending to lose Bonnie's ashes. Which are also a held USPS parcle (see federal crime) false promise and demands like find a rental location to finish the projects other people paid for while starving because no budget for both car and eating let alone prereqs to be able to do that work . Stuff like we said we would buy u a couch u just have to go to that store (they said name of once) write it down and call us.. again commanding get in moldy car and drive more . The pic at top of blog is the sunroof in said car. I said from the start it was dangerous , not something in qualifed for, would likely drag mold up to living space etc etc. 

I don't just feel threatened they creat a still persistent threat to life and good credit 2006 to 2017 was destroyed on top of it. 

Roughly 6mo of that year lease they held or then stole one of 2 forms of ID required to look for even min wage employment (federal law) also this goes forgotten to many Americans and people from other parts of the world might not know this but the us is not set up for getting anywhere with out a car. Having a car that causes a random length nose bleed every time you get in it is not exactly congruent with getting or maintaing a job.

The computer stolen April 2020 had what was needed to put together a portfolio with CV and resume and look for better than min wage. I'm still in the past lease apt with out furniture or my kitchen stuff. No telling when the eviction ban ends and that means presistant terror

Renting requires a credit and background check here. Now despite fact that I haven't laid a hand on anyone (can't be said of them to me ) I'm labled a DV abuser by aforbmentioned court... My credit is shot, any job requiring security clearance is out of question and I'm hesitant to look for min wage and burn a bridge I'd say I then end up on street in a month right after training.

 Also washer broke around the time mold car 9 mo ended. Find a job several days hungry for interview in up to 3 week old clothes like 3 years malnourished 

There are apps now for even earning via renting out tools. I could have increased the safety factor by something like epoxy a tile key finder and a few other methods..can't do that with tools stolen. Can't finish projects other people paid for and I had working when this started.

My vengeance tech site which had maybe 30 percent target audience content and is hosted through my dsl connection was slated to make 10 dollars a month 4th to 5th month of being up. 2 days hungry pushing myself I screwed up and deleted the database. Every month since it's been unclear if I will be here next month so it's been hard to justify time to recovering the content. It's hard to make any commitments involving me showing up anywhere in 3 week warn clothes and taking things to work on is out of the question if upon theft even when I have strong evidence terroristic bio terrorist murder attempting parents are responsible and fellony amount police won't do anything.

Any job with responsibility and higher pay from a Corp employer usually involves a credit check as well.

.but taking the computer also hurts my ability to budget or use even multi thousand dollar software suites I legally purchased . (Lik adobe cs 4 master collection ) either for profit or coping mechanisms (like finishing my painting of Clyde and add Bonnie )(I had a Wacom intuos pro drawing tablet)

But on top of that here's my desk or actually my living room before and after

Here's my desk

Getting grands or loans for school would see the same issues . For any budget efficiency I need at least my kitchen but then there's things like my graphing calculator 150 to replace doesn't seem like much till you are also dealing with toxic mold Mal nurished for 3 years plus and realize they could just steal it again

So . Get a min wage job? X days hungry x week old clothes on interview? To what have them once again steal fellony amounts while the police tell me I can't file a report but they are concerned about Mee and need to meet to evaluate my mental state ? Or the solution is drive on budget I don't have to court an HR and a half away every time only to get back things destroyed and or growing their mold and requiring me to spend to clean it ?

The 9 mo with mold car and not met budget I was made to detail expenses 2x with receipts while up to 4 days hungry 

The mn starvation experiment during WW2 showed not only is malnutrition Likely to cause emotional instability and blunting... Recovering from it comes with it's periods of depression and anxiety. That's with out having lost 3 close pets and MN police not even concerned about the loss of my bike. Aka something 2x admired is mine in front of Maple Grove police and agreed I should have it back.

That translates to trapped in this shit hole or a set by mpg fuel cost to leave it.

They alternate between what started as he need drugs for his delusions of mold to he can't care for himself and needs drugs for his anger. My mom hides her abuse and lies in the fine details and at the bottom of an e and js bottle. At least once I've seen her go into children's NICU intoxicated. 

But they have createded conditions anyone would have a hard time functioning under, blocked all escape routes . Every day my life and life span are threatened. My hard worked for opertunities are destroyed.

This is near slavery , extrajudicial execution, police enforced bio terrorism. 

Worse yet none of that deals with Clyde in the freezer or the 5k dental implant I was told not to wait more than 6mo for in dec 2017. I had a baby tooth that died maybe 15 years before but was wedged between 2 teeth and never actually fell out. 8mo into bleeding from their mold while moving out of apt back to their home.. life has comedic timing. 

The other thing relevant to why families need arbitration with an impartial observer is despite societal belief today studies have shown and it makes sense with evolution children used in The offspring sense not necessarily the age sent want a good relationship with their parents they want to please their parents they will make excuses for abusers. Which is only enforced doubly by the fact that our society has things like mother's day and Father's day and honor thy parents. If you honor someone who doesn't know how to care or respect t you and is willing to break the law that's bad eno iss1 Zekeugh but these one-sided ofps it's unlikely that young adults really know about them for a while I believe they were a woman's only thing . Police had an excellent moment to have informed me I had the option but chose to instead tell me it's not illegal to say you own someone while overlooking even attempted murder..

but the very nature of it is even a neurotypical normal person in a romantic relationship it's known that narcissists have this tactic that other people describe as walking on eggshells. It's basically attack and blow up over little things to nothing at all but I chose this as a reason to blow up period because what it does is they count on the fact that a normal person who likes them wants to make it up to them. It's gained power by putting the other person down and or making them feel guilty. Everything about how these one-sided hearsay accusation restraining orders work it's highly unlikely a child files on a parent but it's quite a bit known parents of the narcissistic persuasion will even try to sabotage into adulthood period what should bind that is enforcement of criminal law but in my experience with Maple Grove they want everything deferred to family Court even as they are enforcing threat to life potentially lethal for me situations where everything I worked for for 16 years is destroyed because my parents decision when I was in middle School and how to finish their basement ended up spreading to my apartment making me sick f****** for existing f*** you for going home to your f****** suburban house and your significant other while you enforce forced labor destruction of a decade and a half or more of things work for everything ever given by anybody and incest f****** murder

United Sadists Of America 

Land of the fucked


Land of 10k lakes... How many bodies they would find dreging them I'll leave up to the readers imagination 

State bird is the loon also an idiom for crazy is Looney

While police threaten civil emergency medical holds for trying to report fellony level crimes 

If God has blessed us I think maybe it's time to vote for the other player ..

Venus or something like that 


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