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 Some questions that I find myself wondering:

 in cases where police have been found liable for damages who pays?

Is there any history of a county having cupability?

That would be a plausible explanation for why family court was so eager to get the OFPs in before the covet shut down.

This isn't much more than speculation but I'm wondering what the potential conflict of interest is here 

Other than Minnesota in general appearing to have Peyton switch advertising on how safe its citizens are

Although maybe there is some evidence that it's just a Hennepin county problem.

Dspite the fact that the OFPs passed in my absence The Stearns county sheriff department for whatever reason refused or made no attempt to serve them

Which I could take a lot of ways.

 One of which would be they found it funny I had no record of anything previously and relevant or much at all. Truth of the matter is in 32 years one hand held up has fingers left over ... plural ...for how many times I've ever been to a court...... It could be they preferred to act with an abundance of caution considering what they knew or the in full available to them

They could have their own agenda that I'm not privy to

They could also have acted out of not wanting to be involved in a potentially huge civil rights violation and or more.

Let me be the first to say though if anyone in my family I don't know who could or how wrongful death would work. There's only one family member I haven't heard from. Or heard from and/or been in proximity with life when I was invited to Christmas only to have the cops show up without me having left private property or being told to leave

What I'm getting at is if anybody saw it or could for wrongful death if I'm found dead thrown the f*** out of court or hold them in contempt 

Actually my uncle Mike has remained pretty quiet. I was originally thinking of my cousin Kim. She doesn't even have a Facebook at least last time I looked. It's funny because her sister Kay one time at her and her husband's new house I watched my Aunt Carol pull something that I wasn't fully aware of how to define it yet but I identified as Kay had a massive prickly feeling from the boundary violation and/or backhanded needless emotional play. The only two people who haven't told me to get over it or judge me for obsessing would be Uncle Mike and cousin Kim. Important to note that it's been literally years since I've seen them any of my family The ones calling me up their story comes from the same source that also knew very little other than I could have proven and still can what I was doing was under an agreement third parties were involved it worked before the bleeding started

Everything has been taken


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