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Thursday, October 1, 2020

For officer Hanson


weird, plant a seed flower...

the mgpd version seems to try to plant the seed of insurrection. 

90s version is also considerably less fascist and by my estimate only 25%of the lethality (ears probably bleed at some point if u put it on repeat)

 wonder if they understand "allegedly"?

judging by what I saw in that officers eyes and 32 years with two cluster b parents.. I doubt he would pass a rigorous psychological evaluation . Maybe the intelligence is there to fake it. maybe I am wrong it is of course just conjecture. 

his voice was officer friendly may 22 but at one point his eyes betrayed it. 

my dad slips his mask the same way.

i  find it funny we require psych evals for enforcers abroad but not for the domestic enforcers (military/police)

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