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Forced poisoning body and mind

To further the concept that Paul and Marlene forced the worst possible I'll come in the highest level of dependence. Some of what we're saving bonds from my grandmother did my name we're spent on things at their house that I still cannot touch. Some of which were plastic stands to elevate the mattress. Other things that I had bought long before like Clyde's cage. Between Paul and Marlene and the police they have insured that I have a problem
Three times I bought desiccant beads. My friend had one shown me how to use those bed elevators that create more space as keeping your mattress free of any bugs just good precautions in general because it really shouldn't be convertible into an attack because if your sleep is interrupted the rest of your life will suffer.

By allowing this alldeniable unless it's usable as an attack all you're not sleeping you must be on oh all you must have a psychiatric disorder we literally allow people and police to cause the problems we then damn people for

that I have a problem Paul and Marlene caused by decisions made with their house when I was in elementary school

a problem which facilitated the need back to their house and then eight months later their decisions in dealing with it or rather not even after it was professionally confirmed

They did in fact have it dealt with 3 months after they changed the lock

Minnesota has enabled the system where police can put you out on the street take everything you ever earned via allowing someone else to hold it and standing in between you and it

In this context and refusal to acknowledge the poisonous problem

This is insane

Why would you have any animal let alone the therapy animal if police can contribute to the death of both of them and then your words in anger after someone has created the death of someone you care about can be used to further hang you while police taunt you over why can't you get over it while ignoring continuous or repetitive felony level theft

this state recognizes oral leases it's in the home line guide for police in Minnesota it recognizes service for rent

It seems to me we're hell vent on making people's slaves to a system that if the traditional law had been followed the people very well would have been just fine

They have taken everything I ever earned worked for including my credit. A maple drove officer will refusing to put on record that I possess evidence in the form of recorded calls indicating that the only domestic violence charge I'm aware of in my life because I'm not a violent person that only charge was actually my mom in fact trying to kill me

But after saying if we put that on record we might be liable they refuse to let me report the mail fraud or check fraud. Instead telling me or rather asking me why can't you manage your own finances. Well if someone's opening my mail signing my name and tried to kill me then reported it as me getting visible and aggressive what the f*** am I supposed to do officer physically take it from her or call you to have you tell me the same line?

Down for existing meanwhile I bet you go home to your suburban house your significant other and your consumer f****** trash

Minnesota land of the debris and human property


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