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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Game Labels

I say what you mean (Because i said so and insist this isnt incest mind rape) 

 Suggest things I know are the opposite of what you need or want as if you want them or its your intent to have it done this way you dont want it

hypothetical, say your father is

a control freak fetishist mind rapist and more than likely thats his natural qualities. 

he took things from you, you've listed why u need them and what you need with more urgancy.

"so you probably dont want those back until after you find a new place"

i have communications dating back to like march about the need for some of these things back. 

hes currently taken things i need to fix washing machine

things taken to have good face with about the one social connection i have (a $250 56v lipo cordless blower battery and a $70 30lb propane tank)

my desktop computer 

my mig welder

my compound miter saw. 

various other tools and things and all this is 2020. my id was taken and held right before march 18th (ofp trial an hr and a half away) 

regardless i have


why do you send texts but not answer them?



hello? you sent me a text? 

What do you want?

often after hello hello. sometimes instead its you didn't say hello. doesnt matter if you have talked 20 times previous sent 10 texts of the same and on the same day, play games till i scream or hang up.

if i dont hang up and manage not to scream


usually after setting the phone down and making it very audible that either of them has (they both have some of their own and a set of shared abuse tactics) 

wait arbitrary period like 30 seconds or more... then often hang up. alternatively pick it up and bein back at "i love trying to rape my sons mind"...derp that would be way to honest. 

more like back to "what do you want?" , "hello? hello?" 

Emotional Bomb

some days hes been known to go from "are you going to cry about it?" to "you know i wont be alive much longer" he will also often tell me im going to jail or prisons. im not gay(no issue with it either) but one day hes insisting im going to enjoy prison because i can have a boyfriend. 

tonight im trying to stay on track "you for 11 mo wouldnt give me the storage garage address"(he gave it a month before i was supposed to be out despite knowing a month before the garage he had picked 2 years before was packed to the ceiling. knowing it was a two person job or risk injury. 

"you keep me in s state of terror then start court cases as i have to move out of forced leases then you steal even some of my things given back or bought since"

then he responds along the lines of "you wouldnt want anything to do with me if i wasnt giving you my retirement" which is a lie and an emotional play. well a disingenuous statement. he gives me enough to make sure i cant escape a problem they caused and paid to have removed from their house its not all of his retirement and i have him recorded 2 years ago admitting the time value of money is a concept he understands. some point in between ive walked through the, 

this problem is a health hazard, it grows in a mater of days. its burning money and wearing me down to starve me between giving enough to half ass it. 

its also spinning me out to condion helplessness.. but even after filing the ofps, they come up and fucking steal 1k + from my garage a month later. aka going to a court where im on trial to be a witch... nope expart racketay and will not modify their behavior but will legally codify their harm. 

i guess kill myself or be starved and poisoned to death with clyde in my freezer. 

nitrogen asphyiation was being considered last time pharma wanted more from the prison system. 

hes so fucking sick hes taunting about why dont i have a good job knowing the computer they stole is both covered in his mold and has the portfolio of work...after 2 years of giving me story after story to feed friends and clients stories about when they get what they pay for. which was proven working before the mold bleeding started. 

if you want to give someone mandatory psych services and or social worker visits, paul, marlene, the two officer who told me if they put unreliable witness on record the department might be liable (as i was saying i have a recording indicating the dv report of allegedly me shoving my mom was her trying to shove me over a railing...im looking to get these false reports to stop)

that was 6 mo pre ofp filing. clearly when it becomes we dont want paid leave or to risk our  meal, cops will let someone poision another if it destroys evidence. 

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