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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Games with games to some life to me

The one thing I noticed and I'm very disturbed at the thought of is lawmakers law enforcement and some branches of courts seem to be playing these same games. Shift around what's relevant at any given moment feign ignorance as to basics such as a dollar amount is only as large as or as meaningful as what it enables. Officer Hanson on the Maple Grove police force also seems to feign ignorance to the word allegedly or that he's wearing a uniform not a robe.

Lessons learned in blood as far as the justice system is concerned : were people lie, Powers should be separated or more commonly put judge jury and executioner with police leading that group. Presumed innocence and with that comes burden on the accuser. Evidence needs to be objective and of quality.

When police can stand in the way of recovering even an ID while putting you on the street or damn near or in my case poisoning while deciding what someone has and doesn't at any moment through felony level theft after attempted murder

In my case they'll tell me things like well you just have to drive to this court. Which veins ignorance to the fact that my things are being destroyed and that cost time and money I don't have but it covers their mistake in illegally evicting me and everything going on. If I die on the street or die of being poisoned or I'm directly killed by the parties they support that liability goes away.

The game that would seem that the states play with justice or at least Minnesota does is it's now about what's in the state's interest not about protecting and serving the lives of its citizens

The irony is this is done through an offshoot of civil court known as family court. At least as far as I can see that's what it would be classified as. If we went for a direct name to meaning or title to meaning it might be more appropriate be labled criminal court. And no I'm not referring to the people that appear in it.

The burden of proof being on the defense isn't much different than having to prove you're not a witch.

Paul and Marlene play their own games one is with that dollar amount they tell people like officer Hanson and me. Another is with the period in which it's given and amount. They also feign ignorance to concepts like cooperation generally reduces total cost and actually facilitates the not being a burden to them as they would put it. and you would hope a rational mind would see if you do things like take everything necessary to basic adult life on top of stealing and/or holding ID. ID and two forms of it are required to seek even minimum wage. If you're complaining that someone is a burden while taking actions to prevent them from not being a burden you have burdens yourself. If these actions also endanger or shorten the life or quality of life and life of your alleged burden you're really reframing the argument when you're in fact a slave keeper and a murderer

Paul and Marlene try to shape the narrative to that of:

 they give me everything.

 The truth is closer to everything that I have earned.
 everything I have taught myself, everything I learned from friends and social connections that I had made. Some of which by spending cash or credit I had earned. everything I was good at that allowed me to earn things on my own

 they have taken away. Including opportunities I worked myself nearly to death for

What they give me poison exhaustion forced labor and the threat of more.

What they give me material object-wise isn't even in my name. The problems they give me spend most of the money given.

 I am not in my twenties anymore.

 which medically speaking is considered the invincible age. what they give me is start from nothing minus 32 years or minus  14 years since you turned 18 or stay with nothing while we take away anything you earn while we try to make sure you are alone in danger and terrorized.

I personally have no doubt they did this to my aunt Mary as well.

Difference is she has her own money. But I have no doubt the terrorize her as an easy target. From a position of trust

The other difference or why this isn't what they say. Without me it's highly likely my dad would be dead in 2004. Have they listened in 2014 the mold would have been gone then. Everything I have ever earned everything I figured out about myself and optimized my health itself is about to be taken maybe my life

As far as I know their house is paid off. Last I checked it's worth $430,000

50 ft of wall came out of the basement 1500 ft² of carpet and pad the deck from the other side. I don't think you can honestly say that without being aware of that the house would be worth anything in the future

It probably extended their lives too. 

There's also the fact that in junior high or end of elementary my mom couldn't be bothered to learn how to turn on a computer. She was teaching at St Catherine's and needed to upgrade her curriculum from overhead projector to PowerPoint. Well I won't claim that something I could have done in the teaching aspect because that'd be crazy. As far as enabling her to have that income as far as I know she used the PowerPoints I ended up making for her for several years to come

When I moved back in January 2018 that put them in control of things other people had paid for things I had worked for basically everything. They not only still destroy it they violate laws to stay in control. They got a safe house out of it they literally tried to kill me my mom tried to push me over the railing. they f***** with my medical records via false police reports. they have ruled my life in ways that are trying to send me under the ground or into a pile of ashes ever since. The bleeding started shortly after Cosmos (cat) died in 2017. 

I transferred their mold problem when I was going to see him before he died

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