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Friday, October 23, 2020

Gaslight needs

 I know my body, I'm not just hungry. I'm hungry and craving dark greens like spinish and or sauted kale and garlic with high protine like a steak cooked medium rare.

I have no kitchen . Rather I have a kitchen. But the only thing in it is Clyde in the freezer. 

Meanwhile I haven't been out more than a day in the summer in 5 years and Marlene and Paul steal even the bottle of vitamin D3 I bought.

This much isolation on top of malnutrition nothing bodes well for living long enough to get through this

My rabbit friends are any example... Rabbits have been known to die of heartbreak.

Prison studies have shown brain damage from inmates kept in solitary for extended periods.

General population human studies have shown nothing good comes of any of this purpose in life does affect how long you live

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