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GiGo and heat

 garbage in garbage out.

and closed source proprietary but the larger point missed... causal factors can be identified to the point a computer can rank people... psychology knows causal factors for violence addiction personality disorders... 

Yet instead of prevention or harm reduction via algorithm, we shake a closed source magic 8ball till it outputs a list of citizens to anything but intensively surveil to accost and harass.

The point I feel is missed here is we're turning police into an industry. And at that point they are essentially a gang. 

If you can predict these things with algorithms you can also predict that police doing things like separating someone from everything they ever owned putting them potentially on the street allowing another person to threaten them there's things etc etc allowing another party to control another Citizens Bank mail property physical location by threat well I would hope that it wouldn't take a convoluted esoteric algorithm to understand such Basics like you've probably just limited their access to fluids food and shelter AKA threatened their life by police activity

But no let's feed it data from the internet. Let's not mention to the public the chance that all it would take to defeat this might be as simple as browsing every random thing you can or as simple to get on a list would be either purposely or otherwise browsing violent things

What's the probability that police overly confident decide rights don't matter anymore or Constitution search and seizure probable cause don't matter anymore because this black box elder of them pump them up with confidence?

At what point do we turn it into thought crime? We lack any checks and balances in many States on police power. 

In Minnesota it's not uncommon for police to kill a person and not face any charges but alone conviction. Police are not supposed to act as executioner especially skipping trial. 

I wonder if there's already a correlation between this software and increased use of force by police

If there was any audits by external agency checks or balances I would say the safest way to make sure this is never used is to band together or someone create software that will create a record that anybody who runs it will work their way to the top of that list. It's hard to say if that's possible what I mean is if they're getting feeds from Big Data other than info police would normally have like just arrest records depending on how they're weighted like browsing activity purchasing activity and exactly how they're sourced or that data's collected it may be possible to just alter some of those things from a completely legal mode to push someone high on the list

If enough people ran that it would create absolute chaos at first one would hope it would also create liability for false arrest but as I've seen in Minnesota the police can not only play executioner quickly but they can stand back and watch you starve to death getting involved only to defend the people creating the problem I think it's too late

but big data 


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